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  1. It’s gotten windy with these storms approaching the northern neck… Edit: that was a really good storm. I don’t know if a better one will occur at all during the summer. As I was writing this, some lightning just crawled across the sky.
  2. Congratulations! Must have been very hot in those clothes.
  3. That’s an impressive looking storm for here. Hopefully not too much damage.
  4. 10 minutes ago there was nothing on the radar, now there’s a nice red cell to the southwest. Surprising.
  5. It’s been cloudy all day around here. Not sure what that means, but I’m looking forward to at least a little rain.
  6. Ah, I did see that. I missed that storm though, as it went to the south.
  7. Does anyone know what this feature is? I kinda assume it’s just some sort of visual glitch, but not sure.
  8. This isn’t a photo from winter is it? This is from today?
  9. D for my yard. Couldn’t make it to the new lower average. It gets participation points though.
  10. Maybe another rotation to the southwest of current warning in RIchmond?
  11. teacher was like: BuT whAt aBouT tHe EsSay!?!!?!
  12. Tornado warning in class… yay.
  13. Rain missed to the East, now to the west. It would be nice to see even though it’s rained a decent bit recently.
  14. Where did the 2” amounts happen? I’m still west of the city and I’d say it’s generally an inch, maybe slightly less. I can understand 0.4” for the airport though. Edit: I saw i95 got covered for a bit, so they definitely had some heavier snow than I saw over that way. Weird. Guess I was unlucky.
  15. Nice heavier snow for awhile now. Maybe get to an inch on the usual places like mulch and grass, whatever leaves are still around from fall because they haven’t been removed…
  16. Getting a brief snow tv for a few minutes here. No accumulation, but I did wake up to the sound of thunder this morning, which was cool.
  17. Hopefully after this it can get be warm and keep the bugs to a minimum. I’m excited to hopefully see some flakes tomorrow though, so warmth can wait a little longer. Edit: and it’s spring break, so what isn’t there to enjoy?
  18. Just had a really big windy rain. Definitely heard some trees break outside. Probably gusted to 50mph Also, the long image above broke the page on mobile, I had to go to the previous page to post this.
  19. I’m ready to grade this winter whatever I gave last year, maybe less, and move onto the warmer weather, maybe some thunderstorms and stuff. Skip the pollen though…
  20. Is this going to be another where we won’t reach the lowest amount expected in the advisory? Edit: It will be funny to see SE Virginia double (or more) our snow amount for the year.
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