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  1. Tiny random thunderstorm sliding to the south… I want rain.
  2. Did anyone taste the rain if there was enough? I want to know if it tastes like liquid smoke.
  3. CSU Updated to 14/7/3 in the June 1st update. https://tropical.colostate.edu/Forecast/2023-06.pdf 15/7/3 including the unnamed storm if I’m reading correctly.
  4. I wonder what effect rainfall has on Jellyfish. I already saw a few last weekend. I don’t remember them showing up as early last year, but they did get pretty bad.
  5. DCA 101 IAD 103 BWI 102 RIC 105 (Not sure I’m brave enough to keep at 105 though…)
  6. +0.9 _ +0.3 _ +0.4 __ +0.7 _ +0.7 _ +0.4 __ -0.3 _ -0.4 _ +0.7 105 _ 95 _ 98 __ 101 _ 106 _ 101 __ 99 _ 98 _ 96
  7. Congratulations. Thanks for updating us.
  8. Maybe. I like afternoon summertime storms, they can get interesting at times. Organized stuff is cool too I guess…
  9. Happy Birthday @H2O!
  10. Does the storm from January count as a named storm for these forecasts?
  11. Here’s this for later… 692 NOUS41 KNHC 111500 PNSNHC Public Information Statement NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 1100 AM EDT Thu May 11 2023 ...NHC Determines That a Subtropical Storm Formed in the Atlantic Basin in Mid-January 2023... Through the course of typical re-assessment of weather systems in the National Hurricane Center's (NHC) area of responsibility, NHC hurricane specialists have determined that an area of low pressure that formed off the northeastern coast of the United States in mid-January should be designated as a subtropical storm. Specific information on the justification for the subtropical storm designation, as well as the system's synoptic history and impacts, will be available in a Tropical Cyclone Report, which will likely be issued during the next couple of months. This subtropical storm is being numbered as the first cyclone of 2023 in the Atlantic basin and will be given AL012023 as its system ID. As a result, the next system that forms in 2023 in the Atlantic basin will be designated as AL022023, and advisories will be issued in AWIPS bin 2 (e.g., Public Advisories will be issued under AWIPS header TCPAT2 and WMO header WTNT22 KNHC). If the system begins as a tropical depression, then it would be given the designation 'TROPICAL DEPRESSION TWO', and if it becomes a tropical storm, it would be given the name 'ARLENE'. National Weather Service policy (through NWS Instruction 10-607, Section 1) allows for marginal subtropical systems to be handled in real-time as non-tropical gale or storm events in NWS High Seas Forecast products. This was the procedure followed for the unnamed subtropical storm in mid-January. However, the lack of real-time issuance of advisories does not preclude NHC from retroactively designating these systems as a subtropical cyclones in post-analysis, if necessary. $$ Hurricane Specialist Unit
  12. I mean he fixed a crashed 675lt, so I think he can do it. But yes, it will be interesting to watch them toss money at it.
  13. Someone bought a McLaren P1 that flooded during Ian, and now they’re trying to fix it. It will be interesting to watch.
  14. Another brief rain line coming through, on its way out now. No thunder unlike this morning’s brief storm. Northern Neck has had a lot of rain, but Richmond missed a lot of it.
  15. DCA: -0.3 NYC: 0.4 BOS: 1.1 ORD: 0.1 ATL: -1.1 IAH: 0.1 DEN: 0.3 PHX: -0.4 SEA: 0.7
  16. A thunderstorm approaches…
  17. Does this actually happen occasionally or are you using it as a comparison of sorts?
  18. Rain about to start, hopefully a good rinse for everything. There’s a croaky thing outside, probably confused by the dark sky.
  19. So for you, is a “real winter” kind of a rare thing around here then? Maybe I’m just too young to remember much from then, but those don’t seem to happen often. Of course I’m a bit south too… so maybe that might have an impact.
  20. That’s awesome. Hope the interview goes well!
  21. I got in! So excited to start studying in the fall.
  22. Today and tomorrow are going to be the worst! I won’t know until tomorrow evening if I get accepted for transfer as a meteorology major… that’s such a long time! Hopefully it will fly by though.
  23. Interesting little showers popping up to hopefully wash away the soggy pollen leftover from earlier’s moistening.
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