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  1. Forecast to be below freezing each morning for the next 10 days IMBY. That will get rid of what bugs remain. Unfortunately, it looks dry. Very Nina like...
  2. Looks like mountain peeps get some November accumulating snow Wednesday night and Thursday. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GSP&product=AFD&format=ci&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  3. Looks like some could see their first freeze next week. NAO looks to continue in negative territory where’s it been for a while but the PNA is heading back down also.
  4. 39 this morning. Our first morning in the 30s here in the western Piedmont. 66 this afternoon. Great day to be outside.
  5. Nothing much in the long term to indicate our first frost in the SE before at least third week of October. However, in a shocking development, the west is progged to be much below normal over the next two weeks. Maybe this signals a reversal in winter fortunes this year. Last year I remember taking some cold rides in October and November. https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/threats/threats.php
  6. Read where the CPC is predicting 70% chance of weak La Nina from November through January. Weak La Nina's, generally speaking, are much better for the southeast than moderate or strong La Nina's. Years with weak LN's that produced bouts of wintry weather in the Southeast include 95/96, 83/84, and 00/01. Interestingly, 10/11 and 84/85 were moderate LN years and those were pretty active winters for the SE. Who knows. Not sure what I will see next...A SE snowstorm or a Clemson touchdown.
  7. I am by no means the ENSO expert some on here are but it seems there is significant cooling in the 3.4 region of the pacific which would indicate another La Niña for late fall through winter. CPC has issued a Nina watch. Last winter was frustrating for winter lovers in the SE. It seemed the plains, Midwest, Tenn Valley and even mid Atlantic and NE had significant winter weather while we were under the curse of the SE ridge. Hopefully there is no repeat for this winter.
  8. Left Myrtle Beach at 1130 AM and drove home to Cherryville. Temps were 92 or 93 from Florence through Hartsville, Pageland, and Lancaster. Rose to 95 in Rock Hill. That was highest I saw all day. Arrived home around 330 PM. It was 91 here in Cherryville.
  9. Haven't you heard...it only snows now when it is 34 degrees F or higher
  10. Your comments about the NAM should be bolded. Ignore the NAM from here on out at your own peril. I've been burned too many times trusting other models when the NAM is the king of warm nose forecasting.
  11. I know this is salt in the wound to many but below is the US snow cover map as of 06 UTC 02/15/21. It shows 70.49% coverage. Will likely increase today as Mississippi and Tennessee fill in more. This is historical territory. Previous record is 70.9% on Jan 12, 2011. 1966 and 1978 also were in the 70% range.
  12. I know it's been a frustrating weather week in the SE, especially when Dallas is expecting blizzard conditions Monday morning. There could be snow covering most of the U.S. next week except the SE and southern half of the West coast. However, another round of anomalous cold air builds in Canada the last week of the February and is poised to move south. I am not predicting another March 1980 storm but as crazy as this year has been, I wouldn't bet against anything at this point. Heck, I am not even confident with what falls from the skies next Wednesday and Thursday.
  13. 32 degrees this morning in Cherryville. Apparently we had some geographical upheaval overnight. Always wanted live in the mountains
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