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  1. Haven't you only snows now when it is 34 degrees F or higher
  2. Your comments about the NAM should be bolded. Ignore the NAM from here on out at your own peril. I've been burned too many times trusting other models when the NAM is the king of warm nose forecasting.
  3. I know this is salt in the wound to many but below is the US snow cover map as of 06 UTC 02/15/21. It shows 70.49% coverage. Will likely increase today as Mississippi and Tennessee fill in more. This is historical territory. Previous record is 70.9% on Jan 12, 2011. 1966 and 1978 also were in the 70% range.
  4. I know it's been a frustrating weather week in the SE, especially when Dallas is expecting blizzard conditions Monday morning. There could be snow covering most of the U.S. next week except the SE and southern half of the West coast. However, another round of anomalous cold air builds in Canada the last week of the February and is poised to move south. I am not predicting another March 1980 storm but as crazy as this year has been, I wouldn't bet against anything at this point. Heck, I am not even confident with what falls from the skies next Wednesday and Thursday.
  5. 32 degrees this morning in Cherryville. Apparently we had some geographical upheaval overnight. Always wanted live in the mountains
  6. Actually meant 960MB for the the 93 storm.
  7. Depends... President's Day 1979 was a 996 MB low with a 1050 high over the Great Lakes; the March 1993 Superstorm was a 990MB bomb with wind gusts over 140 MPH.
  8. For those who haven’t looked, GSP seems about as confident as everyone else just went out and put a little gas in my generator that I bought during the December 2005 ice storm. Started right up with one gentle pull. Tuesday morning at 200AM when it’s freezing rain and 27 degrees, 10 mules won’t be able to start it!
  9. Gone over to mostly snow in Cherryville and 36. Family in Easley SC said roads covered and snowing hard. Hope precip holds together up I 85 and we get those kind of rates here.
  10. Sorry! My fault. I made a tee time for Sunday after church when I saw sunny and 54 on yesterday's forecast.
  11. Down to 32 here in Cherryville this evening. Haven’t looked back at data but anecdotally seems we’ve had lots of mornings below freezing this winter. Maybe it’s my old bones, but it sure seems like a lot of cold days, especially on the golf course since November. Little surprising for a LaNina winter.
  12. 42% U.S. snow coverage this morning. Little surprised it isn't higher, especially across the northern Rockies and high plains. However, good coverage in the east should aid in arctic air transport next week.
  13. Interesting you mention 79. Late yesterday afternoon the sky had almost completely clouded over except a little outline of the sun. The first time I saw a similar sky was the Saturday afternoon before the great Presidents Day storm of 79. Of course back on that Saturday, there was a stiff northerly breeze and temp was in the upper 20s. Friday the day before it had been 68 and sunny. Sunday was snowy and windy with temps in the mid teens. Wound up with 14” IMBY. I remember listening on the old weather radio for the hourly updates where they would give conditions around the Carolinas and Ga and it was snowing everywhere but Charleston and Savannah. Myrtle Beach reported heavy snow and 18 degrees. One of my favorites!! Multiple events that winter.
  14. Yes. Grill cover on back deck covered. Down to 37. However looks like back end of band coming through Cleveland County unless it redevelops. Still saw more flakes Thani thought I would.