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  1. Well this forecaster at the CPC certainly is a . We shall see I guess. "For those celebrating the Christmas holiday, travel conditions should be favorable, with the likelihood of a major winter storm looking minimal for most of the central and eastern U.S and the influx of moisture starting to wane in the west. Those dreaming of a white Christmas are likely to be sorely disappointed; temperatures over the eastern two-thirds of the contiguous U.S. are forecast to be anomalously warm."
  2. Hey look I am in the 44" to 48" range or is that a .01 near the 37? Not bad for an Apps Runner. Hope that's a high ratio and not a 6:1 or we are in trouble lol.
  3. I was writing this weekend’s storm off as a non event but now that the blue turd has appeared I am heading out back to test my generator.
  4. Headed to Gatlinburg Sunday through Tuesday. May get to see some NW snow accumulation. From KGSP AFD: At first blush, this one appears to have a lot going for it Sunday night in the operational model runs. Deep moisture, mid-level forcing, sufficiently low mid-level thickness, favorable thermal profiles for snow, and a Great Lakes connection all point to the potential for our first real NW Flow snow event of the season Sunday night and Monday.
  5. Could be headed for our second below average November. The November average at KGSP is 52.4 degress F. November 2018 had an average of 47.8 degrees. So far in 2019, we are averaging 47.7. BTW... the record November low at KGSP is 11 degrees set on consecutive days in 1950. The lowest monthly average was 43.2 in 1901.
  6. As always great job! Well researched and supported forecast. Hope it comes to fruition as your data suggests.
  7. What are we? A bunch of Johnny Come Late-lies??
  8. Just saw live report from Denver. 610 EDT and it 12 degrees and snowing in Denver. Pretty impressive for late October. They will break record lows and record maximum next couple of days.
  9. Not as good as Eyewalls. Camped at Black Mountain campground last night. Really good color near Mt Mitchell.
  10. As someone else, said "what a difference a couple of weeks makes." After this week's cool shot, looks some more cooler weather next week and around Halloween plus some rain opportunities too. Love seeing the "Below Average Temp. Forecast" for the SE. I'll take it after that brutal September!!!
  11. Seeing some highs in the upper 20's this week in the northern Rockies and northern plains for the first time this fall. Hopefully the we see a flip in the troughing and the death of the SER soon.
  12. We arrived yesterday for our first OBX trip and this had just occurred. Very very sad
  13. GRRRRRR!!!! After tomorrow, about all we could hope for over the next 10 days is a back door cold front or CAD. For Friday September 27 - Thursday October 03: Analysis of today's mean 00Z 500-hPa height field during Week-2 depicts much better agreement between the ECMWF and GEFS models compared to earlier this week. Both models suggest an amplification of the upper-level pattern, with anomalous positive heights centered over the northeastern Pacific Ocean, an expansion of anomalous negative heights over the western CONUS, and stronger anomalous positive heights over the central and eastern CONUS. Over parts of the Northeast and eastern Maritime Canada, some disagreement is evident in the model guidance, with the GEFS showing a stronger negative height field extending into the central Atlantic.
  14. Starting to feel like fall of 2016. Hope we don't start seeing the wildfires like we had that year. Remember the all the smokey days?