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  1. Trail ride was cancelled so we decided to take a trail walk. Elk Knob outside Boone. 23 degrees and snowing at good rate.
  2. Good comments. We all need to understand that model watching/commenting is not meteorology. Meteorology is understanding atmospheric science and having the ability to forecast the weather based on that understanding of science. Meteorology is best left to the Mets. Fortunately, we also have some longterm experienced posters such as yourself that offer great analysis. That’s why I enjoy the board. Therefore, I have no issues with someone posting/commenting on models/maps as long as they offer us a little informed context. On the other hand, just posting comments such as “12z is a dumpster fire” or “the Euro is a boom” bring little to the forum. Now off my soapbox....back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  3. Well 12 GFS isn't great but not a dumpster fire either. Will see some real cold this weekend and mountains likely to see some measurable snow. I am heading for a 2.5 hour trail ride at Blowing Rock Saturday. Hope to ride in a little snow. Monday - Wednesday next week will see a southern storm. Looks mostly liquid but things can change. Guess best news is artic cold builds back in Canada W/O 01/18 - 01/27. Too soon to tell where it dumps but just having the cold in Canada is a positive. Remember, it's not over until we say it's over!.....or at least until Burns says its over. Guidance&model=GFS&area=NAMER&ps=area#
  4. Can someone tell me where to go to whine about the 2021whining thread? TIA!
  5. Hardest snowfall rates we’ve seen all day in CHERRYVILLE. 34 degrees
  6. Yep. We moved up here 4 years ago from SC. When I took the job in Gastonia, one of my staff said “y’all should look for a house in Churval.” My wife looked at him and said “where in the world is churval?”
  7. Still not convinced Monday/Tuesday event moves through the Tenn. valley. It certainly could, we'll see. Regardless, there will be other opportunities ahead. Only wished we had more cold on our side of the hemisphere. GSP AFD: GFS 06: Guidance&model=GFS&area=NAMER&ps=area#
  8. Good info on the GSP AFD. Hard to complain about the near term and mid term forecast discussions....
  9. KGSP (That's in northwest SC...the center left corner of state) still cautiously optimistic for 2 storms. Synoptic forecast still essentially the same.
  10. That’s what I’ve been saying about the west and the winters they’ve experienced the last few years. Maybe you’re on to something. If OSU can finally beat us maybe be we can finally get a Miller A in the middle of January . Best look over the next 10-14 days we seen in several years.
  11. Well....I got my heart broken last Friday night so I am due a better Friday this week.
  12. GSP still honking on both systems in this afternoon's AFD LONG TERM /THURSDAY THROUGH MONDAY/... As of 230 PM EST Monday: No significant changes in the overall thinking for the Thursday night into Friday winter storm. A strong upper low at 500 mb will likely pass just to our south Thursday evening into Friday. A leading surface low pressure system will slowly strengthen Thursday night before more rapidly strengthening into Friday thanks to a stronger baroclinic zone near the coast. Steady moisture advection first off the Gulf of Mexico transitioning to off the of Atlantic combined with deep lift (strong isentropic lift at lower levels and large scale ascent aloft) should support at least moderate precipitation at times, possibly with periods of heavy precipitation during the best overlap between forcing and moisture Thursday night into early Friday. Temperature profiles should support mostly snow across the mountains and possibly into the I-40 corridor with a transition zone probably setting up between roughly the I-40 and I-85 corridors outside of the mountains, with mainly rain south of I-85. That being said, the latest EC showed a jogged a bit north with the upper low in its latest run, which would support warmer profiles and a bit more in the way of liquid precipitation should this trend continue. A brief period of northwest flow snow showers are possible in the storms wake late Friday or Friday night. High pressure will build in this weekend with mostly sunny skies and below normal temperatures. Another colder storm may be on the horizon for early next week.
  13. Been a longtime since we have seen this kind of negative NAO in January. Even though GFS wasn't great today, still feel like timeframe after New Year's has potential.
  14. Yes, looking at the 12Z GFS, that appears to be our next legitimate shot with a east coast storm showing up during that timeframe and lots of southern stream energy. On a side note, how about a 964MB low crashing into Alaska on Christmas! That'll make Santa's ride a bumpy one.....