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  1. As someone else, said "what a difference a couple of weeks makes." After this week's cool shot, looks some more cooler weather next week and around Halloween plus some rain opportunities too. Love seeing the "Below Average Temp. Forecast" for the SE. I'll take it after that brutal September!!!
  2. Seeing some highs in the upper 20's this week in the northern Rockies and northern plains for the first time this fall. Hopefully the we see a flip in the troughing and the death of the SER soon.
  3. We arrived yesterday for our first OBX trip and this had just occurred. Very very sad
  4. GRRRRRR!!!! After tomorrow, about all we could hope for over the next 10 days is a back door cold front or CAD. For Friday September 27 - Thursday October 03: Analysis of today's mean 00Z 500-hPa height field during Week-2 depicts much better agreement between the ECMWF and GEFS models compared to earlier this week. Both models suggest an amplification of the upper-level pattern, with anomalous positive heights centered over the northeastern Pacific Ocean, an expansion of anomalous negative heights over the western CONUS, and stronger anomalous positive heights over the central and eastern CONUS. Over parts of the Northeast and eastern Maritime Canada, some disagreement is evident in the model guidance, with the GEFS showing a stronger negative height field extending into the central Atlantic.
  5. Starting to feel like fall of 2016. Hope we don't start seeing the wildfires like we had that year. Remember the all the smokey days?
  6. Yeah that was a warm one. I remember some brutal JV football practices in August. Winter of 80/81 was one of my least favorite growing up in 70’s/80’s. From 76/77 thru 87/88 we had good winters with some good storms except one: 80/81. We had 1” of snow in January, a minor ice storm and sleet storm on April 1. That winter was a bad anomaly back then. Today that would be epic lol
  7. What a suck fest this month is turning out to be. I would just settle for 80's! Good someone stated above, this pattern is bad for upcoming leaf season too.
  8. For those expected Chris Justus named WYFF Chief Meteorologist to replace JC.
  9. Saw this earlier. End of an era. Ran into him at a Clemson football game shortly after he came to upstate in 1991. Super nice and humble guy. Us older posters remember that John replaced Charlie Gertz. Charlie was also a true weather nerd. Charlie was also also around for some epic weather in the 80s: Hugo, 87 and 88 snowstorms, 85 cold outbreak and many snowstorms. I guess the highlight for John would be the super storm of 93, ice storms of 2004 and 2005, hurricanes of 2005? He never overhyped anything and was generally right.
  10. Falls you are correct! When I said mid month, I meant to specify mid September. Occasionally we have had cool downs before Mid September but they are rare. As you said, we can at least start looking to the Northern Rockies and Canada for some cooler air to start showing up there in a couple of weeks. Even in the record breaking cold of the 76/77 winter I do not remember it being particularly cool in September. In fact, I remember August 1976 football practice being very hot and it being hot for our games in September. October of that year, however, it turned quite cool.
  11. Yes but with so much of the country AN to our north and west, it won’t make much difference for us unfortunately. Not a big deal really. We really don’t start seeing any relief in the SE until after mid month anyway
  12. CPC out this afternoon with 14 day outlook and is not good if you want a cool down. Large are of central and eastern US in the deep reds. They are favoring the European with strong ridging versus GFS and troughiness. Since the heat always verifies in the long range and long range cold is like pixie dust, I am sure the heat will verify.
  13. Has anyone else had trouble accessing KGSP AFD? It has not been updated since Wednesday evening....