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  1. Current temp at 54 headed down to low 40s. It was a great Mothers Day weather wise. As I mentioned in another post, yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of GSPs latest snowfall. I remember sitting at a red light on Woodruff Road in Greenville headed to work that morning when snow and sleet started hitting the windshield. I was thinking today that it snowed in 1992 only 8 weeks and 2 days before the 4th of July! Crazy when you think about it.
  2. 34 this morning in Cherryville. Oddly the winds were calm but there was no frost anywhere that I could see driving into work this morning. Shame we get these patterns now in the spring instead of Dec-Feb. Makes for cold beach and pool water when I make my annual pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach in mid- May. The flip side is these are some great golfing and riding days and the cold mornings are keeping the bugs at bay. Maybe we have a repeat on the 30th anniversary of the great snowstorm of May 1992. Remember sitting on Woodruff Road in Greenville May 7, 1992 with snow and sleet falling. Latest snow ever at GSP. Remember friends driving to Mt. Pisgah to see the 5' of snowfall that fell there. It stayed relatively cool all summer.
  3. Just got back from Tampa St Pete. Was much warmer and more humid there this past week but cool at night. We actually rode horses in the bay and water was tolerable.
  4. We may not see another area wide winter storm this season but the pattern over the next 2 weeks could very well produce a significant storm. This winter has defied many of the expectations from a typical Nina winter in the SE. It has certainly exceeded the last 2 winters in the SE. If we don’t get anything out of Mondays setup, there is another deep storm predicted to role over the Midwest at the end of next week that should drag a strong cold front south. This would be the next timeframe to watch.
  5. Nah. Sounds like Clemson football. Season started with great promise, every Monday I felt good about our chances, but each weekend just brought disappointment.
  6. 30 and freezing rain in Cherryville this morning. Grass and trees covered in ice, broom straw bent over. Did not encounter any issues on my drive to Gastonia.
  7. Still liking the set up for the period around the 12th - 14th. This overall set up has been pretty consistent on the GFS. Why not go for 5 weekends in a row with wintry weather in the SE? That would be rarity in my many years including the late 60's, 70's, and 80's.
  8. Light snow and 34 in Cherryville. 3rd weekend in a row with snow Imby
  9. Trying to remember a time in my 46 years of SE winter watching that true arctic air was in place before we had a winter storm. The only 1 event I recall where arctic air arrived 48 hours before the event (single digit lows and highs in 20's) was 1/13/82 storm. Two other events I recall where arctic air arrived 24 before the storm was the great President's Day storm of 79 and the big overrunning storm of 1/7/1988. Point well taken that with true arctic outbreaks in the SE, we generally need the cold air arrival to coincide with the low pressure development. I might add that I have seen arctic air arrive at the same time as a storm such Jan 87 and March 80 where temps fell into the middle teens during the storm.
  10. The GSP AFD link is broken. What did you guys do?????
  11. Burrel, was about to post the same thing. Ridge looks to build back after 1st week of February with cold still in Canada. It will have to come south and east. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of winter 22. On a positive note, maybe I can a round of golf in now. It's been about 3 weeks since I have been able to play.
  12. Agree. The 06 had another winter storm next weekend in the SE.
  13. 29 and light snow in Cherryville. Happy for all the board members in central and eastern NC and SC who look to cash in tonight. Maybe a week from tonight we all can cash in!!!
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