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  1. WYFF’s Chris Justice has his own new YouTube Channel. He is coming out with this detailed winter discussion at the end of this week. In the second part of this video (at the 10 minute mark), he discusses the possibility of snow for the southeast this winter.
  2. The hot and dry forecasts have turned into cloudy, warm and humid days.
  3. I hope the smoke is gone by the time summer hits.
  4. We have added another 1.64"so far today.
  5. We got 0.55 inches of rain today. Some areas of Greenville County along and just south of I-85 got over an inch. No one had any measurable rain in the forecast as of late yesterday. None of the computer models showed measurable rain until a slight chance after 3:00. It starring raining here about 4:00 this morning. How could the short term forecast be that bad?
  6. It’s been a cold, windy and wet winter. The forecast for Thursday sounds like heaven to me. Bring it on!
  7. I think it is time to "stick a fork" in it. This one is done.
  8. Beautiful today. Sunny with a high of 58. We better enjoy this sunny day. It might be the last time we will see the sun until next Saturday. Depressing.
  9. The worst part of the system seems to be coming through Greenville now. We got about 10 minutes of heavy rain and some pea sized hail. The winds were not too bad, probably staying below gusts of 25 mph. Hopefully, the worst it through us. I hope it is no worse for those east and south of Greenville.
  10. We are already up to 3.20” of rain just since midnight, and it looks like the worst is still west of us. In looking at the radar, the front seems to be moving extremely slow toward the east, with the thunderstorms training toward the north and northeast. Am I seeing it correctly? If so, that is a scary and dangerous scenario for the Upstate of S.C.
  11. It was 45 degrees at 4:30 this morning at our house near Paris Mtn. State Park. It had dropped to 26 degrees by 6:00. It is now 23 degrees. The winds were scary, topping off with a 45 mph gust. It seems as though the worst of the winds are behind us, even though we will still get 25 mph gusts. We are already dripping our faucets.
  12. The dry weather continues in western S.C. At my house, we've only had a half inch of rain in the last month. The long range forecast shows no measurable rain for at least the next 3 weeks. Does anyone see a pattern change that will give us some much needed moisture?
  13. Interesting article. “How a trusted weather model fumbled the forecast for Hurricane Ian.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2022/10/07/weather-models-hurricane-ian-gfs/
  14. Okay folks. I am throwing in the towel for the Upstate of S.C. I don’t see us getting any rain from this storm. Hope I am wrong.
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