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  1. January gone, already? That’s funny. My calendar says it’s January 5. Seriously folks, get off the ledge. Things can change overnight. You guys depend too much on worthless long term computer models. Rarely are the models right.
  2. If you have lived here long at all, you should know to live north of 85. There is something magical about that interstate. The next line is north of Hwy. 29.
  3. I hope the trends continue toward a no ice event.
  5. In the Upstate of S.C., there no such a thing as "meaningless" flurries.
  6. From the GSP NWS discussion, for late next week. “The forecast becomes very complex late in the period with significant uncertainty and guaranteed changes in the days to come as another strong shortwave trough marches east across the eastern CONUS while a closed-low finally ejects from the Desert Southwest and interacts with the northern-stream energy as it approaches the Southeast.”
  7. Dropped to 33 this morning, with moderate frost.
  8. Got 1.40". Maybe another inch tomorrow night and several inches next weekend. Starting out to be a wet fall. What a turnaround from 3 weeks ago.
  9. I'm looking at the satellite on the Hurricane Tracker app. The storm looks like its moving more east than northeast. Any chance it goes across the middle of Florida and entirely misses Georgia and the Carolinas?
  10. 0.60" at my house. More than expected. Grateful.
  11. So far, we've had 0.60" of beautiful rain.
  12. Praying for rain. Was walking the Furman Lake yesterday. The lake is way down, but even worse was the view toward Paris Mtn. Acres of trees on the west side have died. It’s not from leaves dropping. These are large patches of many dead trees. It is sad to see that happening so quickly. I hate to say it, but it’s a disaster in the making if someone drops a cigarette.