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  1. gman

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    I heard Joe Bastardi say there is a direct correlation between fall Gulf hurricanes and cold/wet winters for the southeast. Is that true?
  2. gman

    October 2018 Observations

    It’s a beautiful day at N. Myrtle Beach, 81 degrees with low humidity. The ocean is a rusty and brownish color. There is no way I would get in that water. Also, coming down from Greenville, we passed over the Pee Dee at Galivants Ferry and on 22 over the Waccamaw River. The stench was terrible, almost sickening. I guess that’s from all the contaminates in the water.
  3. gman

    September 2018 Observations

    Our high today is only 71. It’s been an overcast and drizzly day. Wonderful!
  4. gman

    Florence Observations

    We ended up with 1.8" of slow steady rain.
  5. gman

    Hurricane Florence

  6. gman

    Florence Observations

    1.1” as of 9:00 this morning. It’s been a nice steady soaking rain.
  7. gman

    2018 Banter Thread

    Someone just posted on the other topic about the EURO being the worse model so far. Why are so many fixated at which computer model was right? At this point in time, isn't what is happening right now more important?
  8. gman

    Hurricane Florence

    Looks like it’s headed back over the Atlantic after it cuts through Southport. That’s bad news for MB.
  9. gman

    2018 Banter Thread

    Trump? Is that you?
  10. gman

    Hurricane Florence

    I feel bad for the folks holding the World Equestrian Games in Tryon. Tens of thousands of visitors are in the area for at least the next two weeks. https://tryon2018.com/
  11. gman

    Hurricane Florence

    Up to this point, I was trying to get my son and daughter in law to leave Chapel Hill and come here. Now it looks like there is just as much potential for worse weather here than in CH. I guess it will be Thursday before we know where it’s going after it hits near the N.C./SC line.
  12. gman

    Hurricane Florence

    Our local WYFF guys are wondering if the disturbance just west of Key West might be enough to push Florence a little more east and north. That disturbance is moving north. They are not saying it will have an impact. They are only saying it’s something to keep an eye on.
  13. gman

    August 2018 Observations

    1.90” at my house yesterday between 5:00 to 6:40. It was beautiful.
  14. gman

    August 2018 Observations

    We just had a hour long storm that gave us 2.2” rain.