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  1. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    3” and counting. Heavy band that has been over us for the last hour is not moving. Beautiful to watch on the radar as I look out the window.
  2. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    The back edge looks to be moving slow, not racing at all. Could that be signs of a heavy band developing?
  3. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    About an inch of snow and 31 degrees at my house near Paris Mtn. State Park. Ground is solid white. Roads beginning to turn white.
  4. Jan 3-4th Coastal Crusher OBS

    WXSouth just posted this to his Facebook page. Batton down the hatches and hold on tight along the East Coast--This thing is about to enter full Beast Mode and is going to max out its energy all along the East Coast in rare fashion from Florida to Canada, slamming the Entire Eastern Seaboard of America, in a nearly once in a lifetime setup. All ingredients are now coming together rapidly with tremendous energy aloft, in the warm waters and incredible barocliinic thermal boundary, with a tremendous negative tilt southern trough about to fully phase in a very unusual spot in the Southeast. The fully phased storm will bomb out as it rides north, up the entire east Coast, hugging the Coast and producing Blizzard Conditions from North Carolina to Maine as time goes by. Heavy snow and ice totals all the way to Florida and Georgia with the biggest snow and ice drop in Georgia to Florida in Decades. The system is pulling further west, having an earlier head start than forecast in the northeast Gulf of Mexico and will rapidly intensify and expand through the eastern halves of the Carolinas and Virginia and now places more areas of the Piedmont in snow totals as well. But the blizzard portion should reside from eastern North Carolina, eastern Virginia and up the Eastern Seaboard late tonight and Thursday, with up to a foot of windswept snow, and possibly thundersnow and thundersleet episodes very near the immediate east coast at times, with increasing winds. If your area was expected to be on the western edge of the storm, pay close attention now and some forecasts have already been changed, many more are likely to be changed and includes some major metros like Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond and DC. This is a dynamite setup and the fuse has been lit, now it's wait and see. Following the storm, more intense cold comes well south, with below zero Wind Chills again as far south as Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. 7 AM Advisories
  5. Ground covered. Huge flakes. In looking at the radar, we could get several inches.
  6. Snow mixing in with rain at the base of Paris Mtn. in Greenville. All snow as you head up Altamont Rd.
  7. Hurricane Nate

    It looks like GSP NWS has bumped up possible rainfall totals. Is there something they see that others aren’t? In looking at the latest radar, the storm looks like it’s making a turn that will take it closer to the Upstate.
  8. Hurricane Nate

    This. https://ed.sc.gov/scdoe/assets/file/agency/os/Transportation/Safety-Information/documents/040927_hi-wind_caution.pdf The state of Florida has a similar policy.
  9. Hurricane Nate

    We’ve had no rain in a month. An inch of rain is certainly not a waste of a storm. I am noticing that line of strong storms in the Midwest. I am hoping that front moves the moisture more east than forecast.
  10. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Is there a possibility that we will get some decent moisture from the tropical system south of Miami?
  11. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    The AccuWeather outlook calls for no rain until possibly October 21. Praying the models are wrong.
  12. Hurricane Irma OBS

    Finished with 2.6" of good steady rain. The yard is a mess, but we lost no trees and the power stayed on. Thankful.
  13. Hurricane Irma OBS

    AccuWeather's Frank Strait just tweeted this. "So far, the peak water level in Charleston from #Irma is 3rd highest on record, worse than Matthew."
  14. Hurricane Jose

    These were questions I asked on Friday morning. "Here is the novice dumb question of the morning. If the Bermuda high is strong enough to keep Irma moving west, why is it not pushing Jose in the same direction? How can Jose make the turn north so much sooner than Irma?" I'm thinking the questions are still applicable. It looks like that high is still blocking Jose too, right?