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  1. It looks like the upper level low is beginning to pick up some good moisture. The radar is really filling in in north Georgia and northwestern S.C.
  2. Got the dusting the locals said we would get. Getting light snow right now. Sure wish the upper level low would get wound up, but it’s not happening.
  3. GSP NWS calling for thundersnow!
  4. Ended up with 4.8" at in my rain gauge. Need a couple of weeks to dry things out before the crane arrives to take out a few trees damaged from the tropical storm.
  5. Surprised to wake up to see 1.55 inches in the rain gauge. Nice. We needed it. Although, I have to admit, mushrooms are popping up everywhere, especially those sticky ones. Maybe a couple of weeks of dry weather could rid of them.
  6. Three days ago Chris Justice on WYFF talked about the possiblity of strong storms coming in around 1:00 on Friday, saying he thought the chances were at about 80%. Well, he was spot on. It's been raining for about 1 1/2 hours at my house. So far, we've gotten 1.45" and it's still coming down. I understand it's flooding in parts of Taylors. Temp down to 71.
  7. Getting a bad storm right now, and it looks like it might last a while.
  8. Nice 45 minute rain dumped 0.45”. Temp dropped from 94 to 77.
  9. Sitting on 10.20" as of 9:45. Was expecting much more yesterday afternoon and night. Glad we didn't get it.
  10. Looking at the radar, specifically the area of heavy moisture moving into the Midlands toward the S.C. beaches. Since thunderstorms are beginning to blow up, I am hoping it takes some energy from the upper level cutoff low. Could that diminish the heavy rain for the Upstate?
  11. I am about 1 mile from the entrance of Paris Mtn. State Park, just off State Park Rd, where it meets Mtn. Creek Rd. I am near Piedmont Park Fire Department. Edit to add, this is getting serious. We've gotten another 0.70" in the last 45 minutes. Radar and satellite show the cutoff upper level low just west of us is not moving. Train effect rains for hours to come. Trees fallling everywhere, including on I-85 south. It's going to be a long day and night.
  12. 50 degrees.Windy. Now up to 8.70”.
  13. Sitting on 4.60”. Noticed that it is 55 in Spartanburg and 75 in Anderson. That is a strong front.