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  1. We’ve had 4.80” since 9:00 last night. That gives us 6.40” for the week. Drainage issues all over the Upstate.
  2. We just had storm that dumped an inch of rain in the past 30 minutes. Steady rain still coming down. Beautiful!
  3. I like the warm weather too, but a hard freeze is needed for the peach and apple farmers. Bring it on.
  4. All he is doing is giving the viewers the possibilities. We are smart enough to know what he is doing and we appreciate his contributions to keeping us safe in the Upstate. Chris is one of the best in the business.
  5. Still light snow, but the sun is peaking through the clouds.
  6. Yes it does. In fact, the moisture west of us seems to be less every I look at the radar. Despite that, it’s been a beautiful storm.
  7. Snow mixing in with the sleet. It’s coming back!
  8. We got about 6 inches of snow before the sleet mixed in. It's now 26 degrees with all sleet and howling winds. This storm has gone from fun and games to downright scary. Also, I was looking at future radar returns. If that moisture out in Alabama holds together, look out. We are going to either get hit with another round of heavy snow or a crippling ice storm.
  9. It looks like that dry slot is beginning to fill in.
  10. Just dropped to 32. Moderate snow.
  11. All snow. Ground turning white. 34 degrees. State Park Rd., about a 1/2 mile from the entrance to Paris Mtn. State Park.
  12. I love the GSP NWS, but they seem defensive and confused with this storm. They posted a tweet in the last few hours with a graphic that only shows a Winter Storm Warning in the mountains of Greenville County.
  13. At this point, as a novice, I only look at the radar and the movement of the low pressure. The low seems to continue its movement south, while the precipitation is building eastward. It is going to be a good snow for the areas north of Wade Hampton Blvd. in Greenville. Somebody in Greenville County is going to get 6+ inches.
  14. Our heat came on this morning for the first time in 10 days. I don't ever remember not needing the heat for that many days around the holidays.
  15. It's down to 44 this morning. Wonderful.
  16. Ended up with 5.20” of rain for the week. Impressive. This has been a gloomy week. Ready for some sunshine for at least the next week or so.
  17. GSP got almost 4 inches of rain yesterday. Meanwhile, we got a trace at my house near Paris Mtn. State Park. I’ve lived her over 35 years. The mountain seems to split up any rain storms coming down from the north, heading south or southeast.
  18. What a nice surprise this morning. We are up to 0.85” of rain as of 1:30. A couple of stations at the foot of Paris Mountain and on the mountain are over an inch. Seems to be a train effect of rain moving north from just south of Paris Mountain to western N.C.
  19. Radar is a bust for the Upstate of S.C.
  20. Surprising 2.3” in rain gauge so far.
  21. It’s been 48 degrees since about 8:00 this morning. We finished with 1.15” of beautiful rain, slow and steady, all day.
  22. It looks like a prolonged dry period is ahead for us, right?
  23. Record low of 27 at GSP. I found temps in the low 20's in the apple orchard area of Hendersonville. I pray the apple, peach and strawberry crops have survived.
  24. I've never heard of a warm snow. Give me a 32 degree snow scenario right now. I'll take it.
  25. Dumpster fire. Is that a weather term for a warm rain or cold and snow?
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