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  1. It is west, but ENC and the Piedmont appear to the take the brunt of the rain right now. It'll be interesting to see if the westward trend continues however.
  2. The only way to coexist is to accept what bears do. They don't have the ability to reason, they don't know that your car, your house, your bird feeders, your trash are off limits. To them, they're just trying to survive and it's free game! Bear populations have exploded in the mountains because hardly anyone is hunting them anymore and until bear hunters are welcome again, it will continue to explode and human/bear interactions will continue to increase. That's just the harsh truth.
  3. If this verifies and we can ride this pattern into mid-October, there's a good chance we could see our first flakes flying in the higher elevations in less than a month. I've seen it a few of times in my lifetime here.
  4. Gut feeling based on years past but I believe we're finally going to get a real fall this year.
  5. We're officially heading toward a La Nina winter. That's not a bad thing for the mountains (obviously El Nino didn't do anything for us last year) depending on it's strength. We've had some decent La Nina winters in the last decade.
  6. Looks like today and tomorrow could be the last days in the 80's for the majority of the mountains.
  7. I honestly think it'll land somewhere between. Seasonal and dry. I'll take that.
  8. I think you're right. It has been a sloppy freaking mess all summer. Ridiculous. Hard to believe it was just 4yrs ago that we were building toward conditions that would lead to the costliest wildfires in our areas history. Feast or famine around here.
  9. I'm gonna punch that John Fogerty in the face. For the love of God, we've SEEN THE RAIN!