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  1. Saw this on Saturday from the Ingles in Mills River looking back towards Edneyville. This is the Poplar Fire up on Green Mountain that is now up to nearly 500acres. Hopefully we'll get some rain this week.
  2. Yep. Add to that 10-20 mph winds with higher gusts. Going to be downright chilly!
  3. Looks very nice. Wind chills shouldn't leave the 50's the entire weekend. Low temps, low DP's, cool breeze, can't wait!
  4. Have at it! I am burning some sage trying to resolve my bad juju from last year.
  5. It’s October 1st, who’s firing up the Fall/Winter thread? Can’t be me!
  6. WLOS tryin' to get the juices flowing around here. https://wlos.com/news/local/noaa-predicts-el-nio-to-bring-increased-snowfall-to-western-carolinas-this-winter?fbclid=IwAR0S1czHOl8ohB7VkqAPQKI22jFZayiVgQLBkxtQKGIjaIr_NdUJF1eyOrY
  7. You aren’t kidding! Need some different mojo this year!
  8. Yep! Didn’t have to deer hunt in my parka once this year but you can bet your sweet @$$ I’ll need it for Turkey season.
  9. Sweet setup! Love the Kifaru bag. Which gaiters are you wearing?
  10. Yep, I remember mid-70's and near 80's up until mid to late October. Seem to flip cool around the week of Halloween if I am remembering correctly.
  11. Agreed. Going to be a lot of waffling in the near future. I do have my eyes on Fiona.
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