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  1. They're also doing a prescribed burn around Lake James. I bet it's smoky over that way today.
  2. Say it louder! I've had an enjoyable winter, time for a green up!
  3. I drove up to Laurel Park on my lunch break, it’s definitely a different scene than downtown.
  4. I remember freezing my butt off turkey hunting in April, but deer hunting in a short sleeve shirt on Christmas.
  5. About 60 and sunny here at my office in Hendersonville. Got me itching for Spring. I feel like this winter has been cold with relatively measurable snow every week. I have had my fun and now I am over it! (unpopular opinion)
  6. Not that I put a whole helluva lot of stock in it, but the TWC future radar has it filling in around 3am. I’m not sure which model they use to determine such BUT it did perform well as this storm progressed, I noticed. So I do think there is a great chance we add more in the coming hours.
  7. Starting to rip fatties and stick now. It’s coming guys.
  8. Can't blame them after how bad they got burned on that 09Jan - 10Jan storm.
  9. I aint even mad. This has been a decent winter but I'm ready for a thaw. My bones hurt.
  10. Just drive through Mills River, snow coming down good.
  11. No it usually doesn’t as there aren’t many high enough peaks around HVL to cause such.
  12. Keep in mind there could be differences in what constitutes a WSW vs a WWA between the forecast offices. GA only requires something like 2" of snow in 12 hours for a WSW (maybe a little more, can't remember). I've had plenty of WWA events up here that would have been warnings back home in GA. That could be it, but I thought the GSP had a uniform criteria for their area. Thanks for reminding me.