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  1. It’s good to see the usual faces showing back up in the mountain forum. Talking mountain weather with mountain folks is best, the other site with all their negativity is becoming unbearable.
  2. I'll play the other side a little. It's not that we have forgotten, it's just that in my mind those truly great color years aren't as frequent as we like to believe. At least not in my lifetime. 2015 was absolutely spectacular but it seems to be on par with how frequent we get those years.
  3. There must be a distinct difference between what you're seeing in the northern mountains and what's going on in the southern mountains. Down my way it looks fine, and according to WXKnurd, the Balsams look fine. However, the southern mtns are the rainiest region in the state, so even when in drought conditions, it's typically not as bad as it appears on paper.
  4. I tried to tell everyone that it wasn’t a bust. The color is progressing very nicely out my way.
  5. We hit 42 here this morning. It damn near took my breath away when I opened the door in a t-shirt and shorts at 6am.
  6. Down here in Brevard, everything is still green and it’s still raining. I see no way it just browns out now. I think it’ll just be a delayed peak and I’ve seen some good ones every now and then...
  7. The mountains aren’t in as big of a drought as many believe. Everything is plenty green, we just need sustained cool nights.
  8. Better but still green. I think the colors will be fine just delayed.
  9. Did anyone else notice this? I'll take our chances in the mountains for some of that cold in the NE to CAD it's way down the mountains and give us some overrunning events like we've had the last few winters. While the Northeast braces for snow and cold, the Southeast is more likely to experience a wet couple of months. Water temperatures from the Gulf of Mexico to the Southeast and mid-Atlantic coasts are running higher than normal, Pastelok said. As storms move into the east early on in the season, the warm water could generate a significant amount of rain. However, it’s not out of the question that the region could experience a winter storm, similar to last season, which brings snow or ice to areas like Winston-Salem, Charlotte or Asheville.
  10. I'll take those chances in the mountains most definitely.
  11. I don’t think so. Have a little faith!