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  1. No it usually doesn’t as there aren’t many high enough peaks around HVL to cause such.
  2. Keep in mind there could be differences in what constitutes a WSW vs a WWA between the forecast offices. GA only requires something like 2" of snow in 12 hours for a WSW (maybe a little more, can't remember). I've had plenty of WWA events up here that would have been warnings back home in GA. That could be it, but I thought the GSP had a uniform criteria for their area. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. I have a feeling it will change. Honestly, this makes no sense with regard to warnings in N. Ga, yet watches literally right across the border in N.C. at HIGHER ELEVATIONS! Make it make sense?
  4. Jason basically taking the NWS stance. Lol.
  5. That tells me they’re skeptical of the details right now but that they need to get it posted. “Dusting to half a foot for 1/3rd of NC. Outside of that we’re really not sure.” Lol.
  6. Couldn’t save AVL though. Lol. being sandwiched between the Black and Balsam mountains makes it a desert, comparatively speaking.
  7. I can be in Balsam Grove in roughly 30min, Little Canada is further. I expect that area to do really good....
  8. Looking at the Kuchera ratio is more realistic and personally, I feel is still too high, but I think the areas shown are the favored areas. Red circle is the highest elevation along the southern escarpment and will wring out plenty of moisture. Green circles on the map are the French Broad River Valley and the Pigeon River Gorge. Asheville is notorious for being a victim of downsloping in this setup. It's the same reason why it tends to be the driest area in NC and Transylvania county the wettest. Those Balsam Mountains are just a bear to overcome.
  9. No I am not, that is all public land up 276 from my side of the Parkway. I haven't seen anything in the models to indicate that moisture or temp will be an issue in Transylvania. Obviously being higher helps. My expectations are not on the totals the models are spitting out but I do fully expect accumulating snow as the signal on the models is too strong to expect otherwise. The 64 corridor from Highlands to Hendersonville has consistently been shown as a good spot for this storm.
  10. Not if this becomes a predominantly upslope/downslope compounded event. Not much different than we see with NWF and snow holes on the leeward side of the of the TN/NC line. I expect the southern escarpment and the higher peaks to wring out the most moisture, and for there to be some lower totals within. I think some of the blue in Haywood County is due to downsloping from the Balsams from a storm of this setup. We shall see but I don't see anything inherently glaring from the 3k map that says we should toss. I am not expecting a foot of snow in those favored areas, but I do think they are favored areas.
  11. While I agree, there has been a consistent storm signal for WNC. Amounts vary, but accumulating snow has been shown, run after run.......