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  1. A lot of folks also don't realize that Hendersonville is actually higher in elevation than Asheville, Sylva, Marshall, Bryson City and Cherokee and we tend to not associate it as much with it's relative elevation like we do the others.
  2. Yep, French Broad River Valley from AVL to Hot Springs gets rain shadowed from the south.
  3. Looks to be hugging CAD areas and Haywood is not the place to see a good CAD setup. Just my gut, but I doubt this trends west.
  4. Exactly. It ebbs and flows, last 2 winters we had cold and snowy Decembers only to fail in January and February. I'd like to see a reversal for a change.
  5. 1) Is exactly what it says, the TN border area. The TN/NC line is always a wintertime jackpot in the South. 2) Not sure the context here but it could mean the parkway or WNC as a whole. 3) The escarpment is anywhere the mountains meet the flat land but when it's mention in the context of NC, it's referring to the eastern slopes where CAD is prominent.
  6. Anyone see the latest GFS and Euro runs? It’s time to get into tracking mode. We have something.
  7. It’s good to see the usual faces showing back up in the mountain forum. Talking mountain weather with mountain folks is best, the other site with all their negativity is becoming unbearable.
  8. I'll play the other side a little. It's not that we have forgotten, it's just that in my mind those truly great color years aren't as frequent as we like to believe. At least not in my lifetime. 2015 was absolutely spectacular but it seems to be on par with how frequent we get those years.