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  1. Recorded a wind gust of 47mph at 5:05pm. Haven't had power since around the same time.
  2. Just .03". Watching radar I thought for sure we would see some decent rain, but like you I watched the storms split only to reform to the south and east.
  3. Crazy amount of lightning with the storms to my north and west.
  4. There was enough hail (mostly pea to penny size) to cover the ground in some spots today in Eden . After multiple thunderstorms and showers moved through the area beginning in the late afternoon, I've measured 1.33" of rain through 10pm.
  5. Moderate snow with gusty winds just northwest of Eden. 32.2/19.6
  6. Checking a nearby traffic cam it looks like a light dusting along Hwy 29 up that way.
  7. 35.2/33.5 with a rain snow mix just NW of Eden.
  8. That map is off for sure. For some reason the season to date totals are higher when you use February 2nd as the end date.
  9. Deleted comment. I was looking at the wrong chart.
  10. I'm right at 700ft above sea level compared to 500ft along the river, so maybe the extra elevation helps at my location. Starting to see some slushy accumulation in the grass and on top of elevated surfaces now. Temp has dropped to 32.3.
  11. All snow at my location just NW of Eden. 33.6/33.4
  12. Light snow in Eden despite the lack of returns on radar. Accumulating on elevated surfaces and turning the bare spots in the yard white. 31.8/31.2
  13. Seeing some mPING reports of mixed precipitation in Surry, Stokes, Yadkin, and Forsyth Counties.
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