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  1. I’m sorry, I have no ability to gauge wind speed/gusts outside of Boone, but last night and tonight off poplar grove area above the campground has been crazy with the gusts. In the 10 years I’ve been in this spot, these are the most long lived winds. I’m not a local, so I’m sure these winds aren’t notable but dang. Also, I made sure to watch in person from 421, the procession come into Boone this afternoon from WS. I don’t know when I’ve been as sad and more proud to see people come out to support their community. I lost count of the different counties/ towns/ college police, etc. I don’t know if any of the mountain people from this area are on here but a huge thank you and hugs if you are law enforcement or if they are your family.
  2. This side of town is getting slammed.
  3. Gully washers welcome, severe nope
  4. Storms on the NC/VA border didn’t do much here...piddly thunder and piddly rain.
  5. Tornado warning for NE Surry County, NC
  6. That came through Eden about 45 minutes ago. Heavy rain, skies were very dark and several decent gusts.
  7. I never saw the temp get higher than 54* here in Eden. It's 53* now and I hope that keeps tornado potential at bay.
  8. I rarely venture into the severe thread but what’s up with no update from Blacksburg/ Roanoke since 4:30 this morning? I apologize if it’s been covered in the severe thread.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions Lol
  10. I saw in the threat thread that people are planning ahead. So, in that vein, what items are suggested? It's not like snow where you put down salt or sand. Other than having gas on hand for the generator, charging items, and getting batteries, what am I missing? TIA
  11. Whee doggie! Literally the dog is trying to get under the covers and app says lightning hit within 1 mile.
  12. Well the light and noise show just showed up
  13. I logged in to report my current stats to see I was beat to the punch. Lol to follow that... My report from Eden is that it’s freaking pouring buckets and has been for an hour or more. We didn’t even get thunder or lightning, just mind numbing constant rain. Ugh!