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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Lol
  2. I saw in the threat thread that people are planning ahead. So, in that vein, what items are suggested? It's not like snow where you put down salt or sand. Other than having gas on hand for the generator, charging items, and getting batteries, what am I missing? TIA
  3. Whee doggie! Literally the dog is trying to get under the covers and app says lightning hit within 1 mile.
  4. Well the light and noise show just showed up
  5. I logged in to report my current stats to see I was beat to the punch. Lol to follow that... My report from Eden is that it’s freaking pouring buckets and has been for an hour or more. We didn’t even get thunder or lightning, just mind numbing constant rain. Ugh!
  6. I’m on the south side of town near the river. Roads aren’t covered in my neighborhood and ground is barely white, not enough to try and measure.
  7. Yep, it changed over to snow. Mulch is white. Temp dropped to 35.6*.
  8. Never made it below 36, lots of rain with some sleet mixed in.
  9. There wasn’t much to see in my backyard. Trace of snow on the grass but mainly on the mulch; a little more snow on the cars. As for ice, the only build up I noticed was on the tips of the rhododendron leaves at my kitchen window, and that didn’t last long. I didn’t notice anything on trees in the yard away from the house. It stayed between 33-35 all day here.
  10. Upstate Tiger, kudos to your trek at Elk Knob in the snow. It’s a beautiful hike without snow on the ground but I’m sure the snow made a great memory. Great pic! I was happy to make it up for the amazing views on either side and also happy to reach my car at the end.
  11. Sorry for sideways pic, it was a miracle I figured out to add the image. That is looking towards The Cottages off 105 then beyond that is Howard’s Knob.
  12. Intensity has picked up, nice snow coming down, surfaces that weren’t covered earlier are quickly turning white.
  13. 32 degrees outside of Boone off Polar Grove Road at 4000ft. Snow on the ground, nothing currently happening.