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  1. Dodged a bullet, that Pineville cell went a couple miles to the south of me. Had a tornado hit my neighborhood a year ago. No thanks again.
  2. Tornado warning South meck near tega cay area. Heading my way 5PM eta.
  3. 74 here in South Charlotte with a 68 dew point and both are starting to drop after highs at 310 and 210, respectively. I think the tornado threat is greater further south based upon what I've read and seen but who knows with a line like the one coming.
  4. 44/32 here in South Charlotte. Dew points have been going up over the last couple of hours due to cloud cover.
  5. Big chunks of sleet started mixing in here in S Charlotte. Daughter proclaimed it was hailing outside!
  6. Here's the cc for KCLT. Much more defined than GSP. Cold rain here in S Charlotte matches.
  7. I was there in August. I don't remember there being any parking garages. He's going to have a hard time finding a strong structure for protection--there's not a ton in Mexico Beach.
  8. 8.5 inches here in southern/SE Mecklenburg (12 miles south of Charlotte) for the entirety of the storm (6 inches today). Local elementary USGS rain gauge says 9.1 inches. Would be in between a 100 and 500-year storm for us.
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