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  1. Kristospherein

    Major Hurricane Michael

    This appears to be the full Brett Adair video of his drive from Port St. Joe to just east of Mexico Beach:
  2. Kristospherein

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I was there in August---Completely agree.
  3. Kristospherein

    Hurricane Michael

    I was there in August. I don't remember there being any parking garages. He's going to have a hard time finding a strong structure for protection--there's not a ton in Mexico Beach.
  4. Kristospherein

    Florence Observations

    8.5 inches here in southern/SE Mecklenburg (12 miles south of Charlotte) for the entirety of the storm (6 inches today). Local elementary USGS rain gauge says 9.1 inches. Would be in between a 100 and 500-year storm for us.
  5. Kristospherein

    February 11-13 Winter storm totals!

    Also in North Raleigh (right near the Falls Lake Dam), we got 3.5 of snow yesterday, 1 inch of sleet, .10-.15 zr, and no accumulation of snow today (although it snowed around 1/2 inch). I wonder why we got so much less snow than you?
  6. Kristospherein

    Over/Under 4" SN/IP Contest