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  1. Again this is only anecdotal, but I will be curious to see if the history and data that I've logged with system set-ups similar to this remain consistent. The circled areas for my state are where I'm most interested to see if storm impact is higher. This is only based on my own data from the last 10 years (full disclosure, 4/27/2011 is one of my personal analogs that is included - which I am fully aware is extreme and not the same). I'm certainly no scientist.
  2. This is only anecdotal, but one thing I've learned over the last decade is that I need to pay attention to even the "marginal" hatches. I've actually logged the 5 most destructive thunderstorms that have hit my location - these are storms that have damaged or impacted my property in some way (severe/moderate i.e trees down, power line on the ground, home damage etc.). 4 of those storms occured under "marginal" threat hatches for my area, 2 of which accompanied cells that had tornado warning criteria at some point (either before, during or after impacting my property). I've learned to keep an eye on anything within those risk hatches regardless of risk percentages. I will certainly be watching this closely.
  3. The sad part is you don't even have to @ anyone - they know who they are...
  4. No offense, but all 3 times I've seen snow IMBY - just this year - were preceeded by non-snow forecasts. I don't think any of you know what is going on to be honest.
  5. Alta is great but don't sleep on Solitude and Brighton. You could spend a week skiing Solitude and not hit the entire mountain.
  6. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some of us have been stuck inside with our 3 kids from ages 10-17 for the last year. Doing that without power in very cold temps will be 100% miserable instead of only 85% miserable...
  7. After this past weekend I vote you start the potential thread if it calls for one.
  8. My plan to create a barrier and hold the snow ransom is almost complete!
  9. Then hopefully that will help keep temps from climbing into unmanageable territory.
  10. Literally the reason I just scroll this forum now. Coming here is basically doom scrolling at this point.
  11. Ughhhh. I don't know what's happened to me. The older I get, the more I am repulsed by cold weather. It just sort of happened. No idea why. I still like to watch snow fall. But I don't want to be out in it. That's weird, right?
  12. Imma need one of those sweet Cold Rain maps for clarification please...
  13. Yeah, I know... I've just become a bitter old shadow of the slightly less bitter old shadow I once was.
  14. What a great event. Ended up in that 4.5" swath in SPTG CTY. Good surprise.