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  1. Had the Bills won that toss, the shoe is on the other foot. Too much of an advantage rests on a flip.
  2. That would be better than the current format.
  3. The OT format for the NFL is long past the need for revising. Too huge of an advantage for the coin toss winner. Chiefs/Bills was literally determined by a coin toss.
  4. Quantum Super Computing in Weenie Hut, Jr. labs.
  5. Big time. Even heard thunder that night. That was the first time our sons experienced snow as we had just moved to Lyman from Charleston.
  6. Just explain it like it's the Pirate Code. It's really more guidelines rather than rules.
  7. This might be a rare case in which the emphatic statement is probably true. I think most people on this board would agree - ice progs just don't usually pan out in reality. That should be good news.
  8. I wasn't watching when this was posted on air, but surely it was meant to demonstrate the difficulty in forecasting due to such model disagreement, no?
  9. Boy if there was ever a time the Euro homers need it to be right…
  10. Lyman ended with 7" (sleet in between). This was the longest duration of falling frozen precip I can remember. Performed really well imby.
  11. I'm really rooting for you CNC and ENC folk. Izzy was a major hit here, so I'm all good and would be juiced to see this be an eastern Carolinas thing.
  12. Haha I've grown to old to not tell the truth. Never was one for bollocks and nonsense
  13. I certainly smell a lot of salt
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