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  1. Hickory airport reporting freezing rain. Temperature 32 dp 30.
  2. Just 10 miles to your NE at Riverbend Park, we are at 36.6 and DP of 22. Wetbulb at 31.
  3. Light snow, northern Catawba County.
  4. 7.5 inches in Hickory at 7:00am. Still snowing moderately.
  5. Heavy snow in Hickory. Roads are covered.
  6. Has switched over to freezing rain with a little sleet now in Hickory. Cars are covered with ice already.
  7. Moderate to, at times, heavy snow falling in Hickory.
  8. Light snow starting to fall in Hickory. Surprisingly, pretty large flakes.
  9. NCDOT treating roads in Catawba and Lincoln Counties.
  10. Hickory forecast high is 30 Wednesday.