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  1. Yeah, it packed down some with the sleet, but not that much.
  2. Moderate snow falling again in Hickory. Large flakes.
  3. Right at 5 inches now in NW Hickory. We've gotten an inch in the last 30 mins. Very heavy snow falling. Some sleet starting to mix in now. @calculus1
  4. Up to 4 inches now in NW Hickory with heavy snow still falling. @calculus1
  5. About 3.5 inches with heavy snow falling and blowing in NW Hickory.
  6. They are also putting brine out around the Hickory area as well.
  7. Streets are now covered in Hickory.
  8. All snow moderate to heavy at times.
  9. Ha Ha! Well when the sun was out today they were shaded.
  10. Heavy snow in Hickory. Sticking to the trees and cars and starting to lay on shaded areas of the parking lot.
  11. About half and half snow and rain here in NW Hickory.
  12. Snow reports coming in on mPing just north of Atlanta.
  13. This was northern Catawba County Feb '96
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