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  1. Coming down pretty good out there, we’ll see what I wake up to.
  2. Got a dusting with nothing falling right now.
  3. I came home yesterday evening and we had 1/2” or so laying around. My wife said the sun came out after it stopped snowing and it just “defluffed” lol. Pretty sure being we are south facing and the temp in the 20’s with a real dry snow resulted in a good bit of sublimation of what the actual total was which I know was at least an inch (I’m gonna guess we ended up between 1 and 2 as we had 1/2” when I left before 11 am and she sent me a picture 1.5 hours later of double that with it still ripping). My rough calculations puts us at 12”+ for a season total which I think is a touch more than what we ended up with last season. No clue on the exact average here but my estimate based on what I can find is it’s something like 20-30”, so I’ll call it halfway there. Thus far we’ve had cold, one decent flow snow for my location that was more than the typical dusting to an inch, snow on the ground Christmas, snow multiple times a week, etc. I’d call that a good start considering we are still in mid-January, especially when you look at the past 5 years.
  4. Flurries off and on here above the Pigeon. On top of a waterfall at an undisclosed location up above 40 and the river.
  5. Real heavy, it was putting it down when I drove through. Wife sent a picture of the deck and looked like we are past an inch and working on a second now at home.
  6. It’s coming down good. Definitely at half an inch-plus now. 23 on the truck thermometer. Headed to Mt Sterling area to do some exploring.
  7. Was coming down better than at any point Monday while waking our dogs earlier, solid dusting getting up towards 1/2” now.
  8. Crazy you had snow since 5 and down below you it didn’t start up til 7:45-8ish. Coming down steadier now, comes and goes in steadiness. Light dusting on everything here as well.
  9. Yep, light snow started falling about 20 minutes ago here. Really more like big flakes flurries.
  10. Sun ended up coming out here, wind has a bite to it otherwise another pretty, albeit colder, day.
  11. Damp day so far, just had a sleet shower but that’s about it. Winter feel to air as opposed to sunny and 50’s yesterday over at Bear Creek Lake. Good afternoon to finally try out my new kayak.
  12. It’s been foggy the past two nights here too, nice and icy this morning like you said Met.
  13. I’d say that’s an accurate map. Here on the Haywood/Jackson line we were probably around an inch total if you added it all up. Accumulating snow, it would melt and then another band would put down accumulating snow and so on.