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  1. I don’t think we dropped down in the 20’s at all this cold snap, no frost either that I saw and I know we hit at least 32 (probably lower) a couple different nights. Sheltered in the trees and a slight breeze helped on both accounts I think. Plus it seemed there was a bit of an inversion some we were in between the valley and top of the ridge line.
  2. Shetley shakes his fists in anger at you
  3. No frost here on our wooded place when I left around 7ish, just dew, but looked like a light frost once I got down just a little lower in elevation and I the more open areas at the orchard and rest area on 74. Think we bottomed out around 35, I really need a weather station vs looking readings on the closest one on wundeground. Low 40’s now, would like to see some surprise mixing for my side of the Plotts and this elevation tomorrow night if possible just so I can say I’ve seen flakes fly in May with my own eyes.
  4. You can get above 5000’ on 276 and 215 as they crest the Great Balsams but not sure how they look for this weekend’s setup. If the parkway wasn’t closed you could get up above 6000’ above my house in the Plott Balsams as well as along the crest of the Great Balsams between my house and 276 and 215.
  5. I’ll probably trout fish for sure, but lake fishing for bass is off the table this weekend. I just think this cold-snap will have them shut down. Trout should be biting great though!
  6. Upper 30’s here, mid to upper-20’s up above us around 6000’. Gonna be interesting to see how low we go this weekend, ruined my bass fishing plans. They are gonna be so confused
  7. Got pounded by hail in south of Brevard earlier when those storms rolled through.
  8. I was on Santeetlah today and lost what would have been a new personal best smallie. Otherwise it kicked my butt outside of a few small largemouth I caught. For a river kayak, can’t go wrong with a Jackson Coosa or Native Slayer XC but they are both over $1k. Usually can find used Coosa’s for a decent price. All depends on what your budget is. I’ve had a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 and Jackson Kilroy. Both good , all-around kayaks when it came to different water types. My next one is gonna be a Slayer XC since I’ll be fishing moving water in it more than anything else up here.
  9. I’m not sure we broke 50 here today, maybe around 12 while the sun was out but it’s been windy and raw all day. Definitely doesn’t feel like late April!
  10. Windy from the outflow, it’s just skirting us. Looking up towards the top of the mountain it is DARK.
  11. This weather was the past week or two has been killing me and looks to continue through next week. Like you’ve said before, needed this pattern in January!
  12. Awesome shot, I need to take some night time pics, got a great spot for it where I camped last week. Have to wait for them to reopen the Parkway or hike in like 3 miles uphill the whole way instead of a mile slightly downhill.
  13. Coworkers neighborhood in Seneca
  14. Had heavy rain from probably 8 pm to 5 am, lots of lightning at times. Winds at our house weren’t as bad as I was prepared for, working down here around Franklin and both rivers are out of their banks in spots and have seen some trees down. Co-worker down in SC got brushed by the Seneca tornado, they have some damage but nothing like in town he said.
  15. Backpacked in a mile and a half and camped at 5000’ overnight. No clue on temps but put my new 5-degree sleeping bag to the test and it shined. Was a beautiful day covering 6 miles today even though I didn’t hear a single turkey. Here’s a pic of camp yesterday evening.