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  1. Just saw they confirmed 2 found deceased this morning, I’m hoping that’s all but reading the tea leaves of information I’ve seen I think the total is going to go higher. I hope our member from Cruso on here is alright and avoided damage.
  2. That’s probably it, only one I’ve seen cutoff thus far. That’s Hominy Creek.
  3. Road washed out, this neighbor in Candler is cutoff from the outside world now. FD setup when I walked down there to get people across. I was working just upstream from here when I stopped for the day yesterday before it hit the fan.
  4. Good to know. Crazy is apt, I’ve experienced some crazy weather this summer between today, a hailstorm above 10k feet in the Rockies a couple weeks ago and the tropical storm over the 4th ag the beach. We definitely don’t need another tropical system up here anytime soon.
  5. Absolutely unreal Met, my mind can’t fathom that I was on “dry” land there at 1-2 pm only for it to be completely underwater in a matter of hours and then on into the night. I hope they got the goats and chickens out from behind the hardware shop on the banks of the river. I’ve enjoyed watching them when walking by on the greenway the last few weeks in the evenings.
  6. Same. Places I was working after lunch were under water just like that. I’m fortunate I had a truck issue and had to go to the Toyota dealership or I would have most likely been caught up in it. Praying for safe outcomes.
  7. This was 112 at Hominy Creek, turned around instead of trying to cross that. Not as bad as what’s going on in Haywood but shows that even Buncombe is getting hit hard in spots.
  8. Stay safe man. I’m stuck in gridlock over here on the west side of Asheville.
  9. I was just in front of the Flying Pig like 3 hours ago. Water was running ponding but the creek must have blown out after that first storm rolled through.
  10. Holy crap. I was working around all those places last week and yesterday, crazy to see it flooded like that.
  11. Hominy creek is out of its banks and running over 112. Had to turn around.
  12. Pouring rain in Candler area and street flooding everywhere
  13. Ended up on Bear Creek Lake, it was a good day. Largemouth were biting pretty good.
  14. I’ll be floating the Tuck most likely depending on the flow
  15. Woke up to frost here in SE Ohio. Bank thermometer I just passed said 30 degrees. Should be the same for y’all tomorrow.
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