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  1. Wife sent a video of the snow at our house, so it’s made it down to 3350’.
  2. Radar seems to backup what I’m seeing of the heavy rain having moved past down here but you are right, that wind is no joke. Even in my protected spot it is howling.
  3. Rain switched to sleet and now snow fairly quick here in Valdese where I’m working. Surprised by it.
  4. Deck is wet and I can see a few sleet pellets laying on it, that’s about it here.
  5. When I left the house it was like a real light powdered sugar falling from the sky lol. A few hundred feet down from the gap and could barely see some snow on rooftops. Elevation is a good thing!
  6. Yep, looks to be the same amount here as well. Just some flurries right now though.
  7. Drove back from Maggie Valley on the Parkway this morning, pulled in at Waterrock Knob and was treated to strong winds forcing moisture up the the southern side of the mountain and creating a cloud right before our eyes. That was an awesome scene seeing a weather principle at work in person. Might have to make a drive up there in the morning before I head to Wilkesboro for work to see if winter is able to make a return at 5000’+ feet overnight. Hoping to get lucky and see a few wet flakes down the mountain if the forecast still holds for tonight, if not maybe I’ll luck out and catch a few Tuesday in Wilkes.
  8. We have a great winter view of the mountain across 74 from us (sunrise this morning was amazing to wake up to - lots of windows on the main upper level) but otherwise we are in the trees tucked in a little cove on the side of the mountain. Can’t wait to check out the views on the parkway above the house.
  9. Can hear the wind howling outside and rain is back, really need it to stop and sun to come out so my fence contractor can finish my split rail out front.
  10. WxKnurd

    2019 Banter Thread

    Officially a resident of Haywood County. Always said I’d have a log home in the mountains one day and am proud to say I’m a log homeowner at 3350’ now, hard work still gets you what you want!
  11. Thanks, We will have help tomorrow and it’s not too far from driveway to door, so shouldn’t be too bad (knock on wood!)
  12. Of course I get to move in to the new house in rain this weekend . Going to try to get most furniture in today after we close at lunch so all it is Saturday and Sunday is mainly boxes
  13. Yea, they are in a prime location for that. Canton was getting it pretty good on my way up around 11:15. There was still a solid dusting in the sheltered areas when I entered the “neighborhood” around 12 but our future lot and house has a strong southern exposure so most of what had fallen earlier had melted up there. Looking forward to providing obs from there.
  14. Just left from doing an inspection of the house I’m buying over at Balsam Gap, sun is out in full force on that side of Haywood but the closer I got to 40 the more you could see the snow showers are banked up on that side of the county. Fines Creek looks like it’s getting hit pretty good from what I can tell.
  15. We are under contract on a house on the north side of 74 right before the Parkway, elevation is a touch under 3400’. Figured we’d be limited on flow snow in that location, had looked at some houses on the other side of the mountain around Maggie but this one met all our needs. Thanks for giving me some info!