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  1. I noticed that flow aspect to it yesterday, absolutely hammered at my house all morning and then in downtown Waynesville til after 3 pm.
  2. Sitting at about 3.75” since Saturday according to my weather station and it hasn’t been online the entire time so I’m sure it missed some.
  3. Was down the mountain in Conover and had a cell move through that dropped nickel size hail on my new truck, ugh
  4. Pouring sleet up here in Blacksburg, VA at 36 degrees.
  5. Came back from Waynesville and had 1/2” on the deck. An easy 2” for the event, probably close to 3” total if I had kept track of measurements throughout the day since I woke up. An overperformer when looking at the forecast for my area. Over 30” for the season at my new place and that’s just since Dec 28th when I closed on it.
  6. Poured snow off and on down in Waynesville today. Pouring small flakes when I left the house to head back down to town and everything was covered in 10 minutes. Crazy April day.
  7. Got 1.5, maybe up to 2” on the deck this morning
  8. April 8th and biggest flakes and best rates I’ve seen all season. All I can do is laugh.
  9. Started pouring snow a second again, one of those squalls comes through overnight and I might wake up to a dusting.
  10. Had some flakes and graupel for a second down in Waynesville earlier at 48 degrees. 39 when I left my place.
  11. Wind was brutal yesterday, dry and sunshine let me get some small tree and shrub cutting done though.
  12. 24 hr temperature change for yesterday ended up being -40.6. Got down to 7 this morning, very impressive for mid-March!
  13. Measured 4” on protected areas of my deck, so that’s what I’m going with. 27-28” for the season. Hovering around 14 degrees after dipping down to 13 earlier. Hiked up to the top of the mountain (4100’) and got blasted by the wind, made for a frozen beard. View from the little lookout up there.
  14. Man when you get under one of these squalls it puts it down. How’s this for a 12 hour temperature change. Went from 51.4 at 12 am to 14.2 at 12 pm for a delta of -37.2.
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