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  1. Got up to watch the lunar eclipse. Perfect view out my bedroom window for it and perfect conditions with no clouds or light pollution in my are.
  2. Not supposed to get above freezing where we will be basically from when we get there Thursday til we leave the following Saturday according to all the ensemble models I’ve looked at. Yesterday was ridiculous, close to 80 in Asheville while I was walking the greenway. Felt great once the sun went down even if it was more like late April.
  3. Supposed to be cold while I’m out in Nebraska hunting, so hopefully I can bring some back with me to keep it entrenched!
  4. Looks like I need to come hunt the NF land that borders your neighborhood in a few weeks. Great pics @Buckethead!
  5. Met is 200’ lower in elevation than me, is maybe 2 miles away as the crow flies and seems to just about always bottom out a little colder than me. Gotta love how our topography and its orientation play a role in all aspects of our weather.
  6. Just now saw this. That bag is the Hellbender, picked it up at the Park City Total Archery Challenge back in July, replaces my .22 mag for my daypack and 1-3 night bag. The gaiter are Outdoor Vision’s. I have their originals but needed a new set. They are sweet but tore a hole in the upper material navigating a burn area (not as durable upper material now IMO), should be able to sew them up.
  7. Amazing weather this past weekend, so glad I was home to experience it.
  8. Colder back home for the highs than out here in the Colorado mountains this week! Was cold this morning at 20 degrees down in the “lower” 7000’ terrain but shot up to the 50’s and 60’s quick. Hate I missed the first taste of winter l but the views out here while chasing elk were hard to beat.
  9. Storm rolled through at my place while I was in Waynesville, could see it lightning while I was driving home. Was greeted to this tree being down and the transformer flashing about 1/4 mile below the house, had to cut it out of the road with a machete since I didn’t feel like walking up to get my saw.
  10. Had 44 when I left the house at 5 am, coldest I saw on the parkway was 37 between 5 and 6k feet, Richland Balsam I saw 43 and then it was 41 when I left the truck at 6 at Black Balsam. Great Fall morning and the crescent moon looked spectacular!
  11. Wind was howling up around Sam’s Knob this evening right before dark. Temp was 51 when I got back to the truck and 49 around Richland Balsam. 56-57 when I pulled here at the house around an hour ago. I’ll be way up high there again tomorrow morning, gotta love the first strong cold front in Fall!
  12. Pouring this morning from South Asheville to Hendersonville, 26 is flooded right before the hwy 64 exit due to construction runoff. If there isn’t a wreck there after I came through I would be very surprised.
  13. Was a raw morning up above 5000’ doing some recon and hanging a stand for hunting season. Socked in with clouds, some wind, off and on rain and low to mid-50’s.
  14. Where’s Shettley? I’m tired of it raining every day for what seems like the past 3 weeks, be glad to share some with anyone complaining about it being dry.
  15. I noticed that flow aspect to it yesterday, absolutely hammered at my house all morning and then in downtown Waynesville til after 3 pm.
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