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  1. Fished some wild water around 4000’ for maybe an hour but no natives caught it or seen. 4-5 miles and 1700’ elevation loss/gain has me beat. Ready for next Saturday though!
  2. Was a bit breezy and chilly yesterday morning above 5000’ while listening for turkeys gobbling. Headed back up there later this morning to pick out an area for a campsite for next Friday evening, scout for the turkey opener next Saturday and do a little wild water fishing.
  3. Light, fine mix on my side of Haywood
  4. Off and on grapuel showers and snow flizzards here lol. Trace on the ground, working on an official “dusting”.
  5. Flurries starting to fly here in Robbinsville, another Friday, another work day where flakes are flying.
  6. I like to fly fish for then or even when using my spinning gear I’ll throw flies. Trout magnets work good too and I don’t see why a brown wouldn’t hammer that. Bet it’s killer on the smallies.
  7. Mountain posters fishing trip in order it sounds like. I’ll probably hit some wild water Saturday after doing some scouting for turkey season. and take the boat out on Santeetlah on Sunday to finally check it out.
  8. Wish that band would have set up shop over my area of Haywood lol. Going with 1.5“ total from what I measured. 1” during the day and then we had .5” overnight after I got back from making a run into town. Beautiful morning though! Either right at 10” for the year or knocking on the door of it.
  9. Picked up a quarter to half inch Overnight it looks like.
  10. Congrats on your guys in that band, skies are clear here now. Hoping for round 2 later tonight.
  11. Well that didn’t last long, back to small flakes. About an inch in spots that stay shaded and half an inch in spots that don’t. Good base for tonight though if we get some good rates and flake size. Might hit that 2-3” forecast.
  12. Light snow here since I’ve been home, flake size is anemic but we have about a half inch accumulated so far.
  13. Around 1” at Topton, huge flakes coming through the gorge and basically accumulation stopped when I got to the NOC until I got to Bryson City and a trace to dusting there. Light snow with tiny dendrites from there all the way home with little accumulation until coming up the mountain to Balsam Gap. Light dusting here with lots of tiny flakes flying. Wife said it was instant accumulation when it started due to big flakes and coming down hard. Just need to get dendrite growth fired up and get better size.
  14. Starting to accumulate in Andrews, calling it a day and heading home. Gonna be interesting going over the gap in Topton I bet.