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  1. 47 up top at home in Upper Crabtree, around 50 down in northern Catawba/southern Alexander counties where I’m working.
  2. Nasty looking storm complex. Over in Pigeon Forge today and it’s knocking on the door about to come through.
  3. 44 for a low, 63 for a high. What an amazing weather day in mid-May. Down to 56 with a breeze stirring, fire going in the fire pit and flank steak on the smoker.
  4. That line means business, gonna be a rough night
  5. That storm that hit Bat Cave is nasty. Wouldn’t be surprised if I had some rotation go over me based on the uplift I was seeing in leaf litter “falling”, nickel to quarter size hail. I swear some were bigger, was afraid windshield was going to get broken.
  6. Hearing any damage reports? It just hit the fan here in Bat Cave
  7. That is one ominous looking and sounding storm due north of where I’m working around Chimney Rock.
  8. Storm that rolled through last night put down the rain. We are not going to be hurting for rain after this week is done.
  9. Was on Jocassee yesterday and hardly a drop fell on us. Sun actually peaked out as we were paddling back to the boat landing. Caution: Don’t go chasing waterfalls just because of the pretty lady you are with, you’ll bust your bust multiple times after warning her about the slick rocks
  10. 38 on my ridgeline this morning, frosty down in the valley
  11. Wind ripped all night, had to break some limbs this morning on the way to work to get around a tree that had fell on the road down the mountain. Had some sleet pellets and flakes mix-in in a passing shower this morning around 6:30.
  12. Currently in NM but trail camera photos show heavy snow at the house at 11:30 and now the ground covered, hard to tell with infrared but maybe a half inch to an inch.
  13. By my unscientific and unofficial visual measurement, my place got more than a trace but less than what I would call a dusting overnight. I think that pushes me to or just above the 10” mark for the”season” . Cataloochee slopes are covered, get a good view of them on my way out to the highway.
  14. Well looks like I’ll probably be hitting the road west to Phoenix Thursday morning to watch my Wolfpack while snow is falling.
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