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  1. Nice one! I caught a 16-18” one in an undesignated section of the Pigeon the other day while trying to catch a smallie. Hoping to get out and catch a few tomorrow for dinner.
  2. Woke up at 8 and it was 9 degrees up on Lynn Lowry and right around 20 here, probably upper teens first thing this morning at day break. Wind made for a cold walk with the dogs at 10.
  3. Don’t think we broke mid-30’s under full sun today
  4. Sunny skies here after a freeze this morning (no clue on temp but solid hunk of ice on the truck bed cover so I’m guessing upper 20’s maybe). Might try to find some snow over in Harmon’s Den area later while doing some hiking.
  5. It’s crazy, I just knew you’d hit 80” with the pattern we were looking at. Then it shifted west...
  6. Frosty in Balsam as well this morning. Gorgeous day thus far.
  7. Y’all stay safe tonight, think it’s gonna be a nasty evening.
  8. Past two days have been amazing, too bad the rain comes back stating tomorrow.
  9. Sounds like a river float is in order this summer!
  10. They are just gonna cause March to be above normal and then have a crappy April again. I say March be wintry and transition right into a great April and Spring lol.
  11. You’ll jackpot often on there if you get up in the Mountains west of town. Cumberland/Deep Creek area would get more than Harrisonburg.
  12. Little less than Maggie Ace on the other side of the Plott Balsams from the pics my wife sent. Power out around us but our neighborhood kept it on which that used to be the other way around. So that’s good.
  13. Maybe we can get 40’s and rain instead of 30’s this go round lol
  14. I’m just not getting what the models are seeing, about all want to put ice down in Haywood and I just don’t get it.