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  1. Felt amazing outside this afternoon, topped out at a hair under 62. Rolled back into Haywood at 6:30 am and promptly passed out once I got my camper in storage. Time for the first fire this fall tonight!
  2. A crisp 44 this morning out here in western Kansas, ready for these temps back home with a fire going and leaves falling! Had to race a huge storm complex back to my truck the other evening, crazy lightning! Here’s it approaching:
  3. No mountain vistas but a wide open space for you guys from out here in western Kansas. At least it’s a dry heat and radiation cooling at night makes things nice til like 11 am. Hoping the forecasted 70’s next week hold true! And looking forward to returning to the start of fall colors, already had some change taking place when I returned from Cincy/left for here.
  4. Fog over Canton this morning. I’m sure @Met1985 knows this view well.
  5. Smoky Park Hwy was flooded at every low spot when I drove through the middle of that cell earlier. Crazy amount of water, luckily a relatively quick hitter but reminded me of what I drove in during Fred.
  6. A little salt always on my sliced tomatoes (used to eat them like an apple when I was little fresh out of the garden lol), cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.
  7. A good, sweet watermelon is a summertime must
  8. I just think he’s taking over rainfall eyeore duties for Shetley.
  9. All the rest of the week spoiled me to the point where 61 in mid-June at night is hot now
  10. It really is. I think in regards to temps sometimes my being 200’ higher gets me into the inversion band more sometimes and I’m not sure how but I think also being on the county line ridge affects me somehow, thinking in regards to orientation as I’m on a north-south ridge line facing WSW. Obviously flow snow depends on wind orientation and I’m sure 5000’+ peaks and ridge lines in Crabtree and Sandy Mush Balds being within 3 miles might Rob some moisture depending on that.
  11. Got me by 9 degrees, 51 at my place according to my station.
  12. Earthquake woke me up at 6 when it shook the house. Strongest one yet at 3.2, first one I’ve been home for.
  13. Gorgeous morning down on Glenville, managed to get a few largemouth to the kayak but more than double what I caught got off. Figured out a decent post spawn pattern by the time I called it quits at noon. Getting the same shower as Met right now.
  14. Weather station shows a low of 43 for yesterday abc this morning so I’m guessing that was at midnight. Sitting at 46 with almost 1.7” this far. No rain up here in northern Ohio but have had some chilly mornings and evenings.
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