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  1. 33..8 Driveway and street are now dusted over. NWS/local Met’s forecast was a bust for Mooresville. HRRR location of the snow flow for this area nailed it.
  2. Heaviest snowfall of the evening now. Quarter sized flakes creating a nice white coat over the lawn. Radar upstream seems to indicate that this will continue for another two to three hours. It’s beautiful out there. I’ll say it again, HRRR nailed this I-85 firehose.
  3. And now dime sized flakes inflated to quarter sized flakes are falling and the deck is getting a nice coat. Looking at radar, there is a river of snow flowing my way up the I-85 corridor. Congrats to the HRRR for nailing the location of that stream of snow from 12 hours out.
  4. Temp is only 34.2 at my house but I have a dusting on car and grass tops as dime sized flakes continue to fall.
  5. It appears the HRR was dead-on with that snow band strip along I-85. Accumulations probably won’t verify but it nailed its location 12 or so hours out.
  6. You have shaded areas at 10:00 pm?
  7. It’s now mostly snow in Mooresville. Nickel to quarter size flakes. 35.4 degrees
  8. Big fat flakes starting to make up 60 percent of the precipitation falling at the moment. Edit to say it’s now 70/30 snow to rain
  9. 36/35. Snow mix with rain. It’s all rate dependent
  10. Snow has now mixed into the rain in Mooreaville
  11. He’s been doing this every winter since he moved down to Florida.
  12. Looking like Reidsville and north are going to be under heavy returns for a good while.
  13. Now I see a dry slot has developed from the state line above Roaring Gap down to Hickory. Hopefully that takes its time expanding.
  14. Big flakes now. Coming down at a decent rate. Currently the moisture in Mooresville is coming from the north. Looking at radar out of Greenville it looks like it will end in the next hour or so. However if you switch to Roanoke or Raleigh you can see there is much more moisture upstream flowing this way. Therefore I’m assuming this will end in my area, not from north to south but west to east when this backend stuff starts to move toward the coast.
  15. Flakes just arrived at my place about mile and a half east of downtown Mooresville.
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