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  1. Seeing a lot more snow work in now in Lincolnton so it’s headed your way.
  2. Mix of RN and IP and the occasional snowflake in Lincolnton with a temp of 36. Had some decent flakes mixing in coming up 321 in the heavier returns.
  3. Working in Gastonia currently and seeing a lot sleet mixed in 50/50. Temp is 38 on the car therm.
  4. Nice flizzard going on the west side of LKN.
  5. Driving from CLT to Nashville today. Thought I would pass along this pic from a few hours ago up on the plateau near Cookeville. Pretty good snow event going on up there.
  6. Mod SN/IP still here. A compacted 4.5” on the ground.
  7. I thought Uptown and the South Park area picked up more than what’s showed-watched Brad P live feed last night and the ground was covered.
  8. Wow, SE CLT metro screwed again it looks like.
  9. Last ob of the night for me-SN/IP mix 33/29.
  10. Didn’t take long to cover the deck with this band coming through.
  11. Snowing finally at a good clip here on the west side of LKN!
  12. Finally some flurry action-hopefully the beginning.
  13. Waiting patiently for the the frozen after some sleet earlier. DP continues to head south 37/27 with a stiff NE wind.
  14. Amazed how long the precip is taking to get north. Was at 16/73 between 5-6:30, wet roads with continued rain and some IP but once i got up to Westport roads were barely wet.
  15. 37/30 here with light rain and IP mixed. Waiting on the heavier returns.