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  1. That wedge boundary in CLT is pretty amazing-was 75 at Carowinds Blvd while it’s 58 at my house in Denver. It dropped like a rock once I headed up 16 off of 485.
  2. All snow here now and the ground is turning white.
  3. Snow mixing in here in Denver, Westport area.
  4. Westport area of Denver. The heaviest snow I have seen in a couple of years.
  5. Mod to Hvy SN in Denver, nice coating on the ground. It would be nice to have a couple of hours of this.
  6. Seeing a lot more snow work in now in Lincolnton so it’s headed your way.
  7. Mix of RN and IP and the occasional snowflake in Lincolnton with a temp of 36. Had some decent flakes mixing in coming up 321 in the heavier returns.
  8. Working in Gastonia currently and seeing a lot sleet mixed in 50/50. Temp is 38 on the car therm.
  9. Nice flizzard going on the west side of LKN.
  10. Driving from CLT to Nashville today. Thought I would pass along this pic from a few hours ago up on the plateau near Cookeville. Pretty good snow event going on up there.
  11. Mod SN/IP still here. A compacted 4.5” on the ground.
  12. I thought Uptown and the South Park area picked up more than what’s showed-watched Brad P live feed last night and the ground was covered.
  13. Wow, SE CLT metro screwed again it looks like.
  14. Last ob of the night for me-SN/IP mix 33/29.
  15. Didn’t take long to cover the deck with this band coming through.
  16. Snowing finally at a good clip here on the west side of LKN!
  17. Finally some flurry action-hopefully the beginning.
  18. Waiting patiently for the the frozen after some sleet earlier. DP continues to head south 37/27 with a stiff NE wind.
  19. Amazed how long the precip is taking to get north. Was at 16/73 between 5-6:30, wet roads with continued rain and some IP but once i got up to Westport roads were barely wet.
  20. 37/30 here with light rain and IP mixed. Waiting on the heavier returns.
  21. Should work itself down your way soon, especially with the heavier returns finally moving in.
  22. Was at South Park all afternoon, all rain there but just got up to Denver and sleet is mixing in here. Temp at 38.
  23. Not too worried about temps, here anyway, at 40 now but winds have picked up from the NNE and my dew point now at 28 has already dropped 4 degrees in the past two hours.
  24. It is amazing how consistent it has been the past few days.
  25. Windy is a really good site. The Ventusky app is great as well.