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Found 13 results

  1. If I crash and burn... I crash and burn... But I think it is now warranted for this
  2. I'm already at my low... Currently 32...
  3. Less than a week out and all indicies show both Carolinas getting something... So let's bring this one all the way home
  4. All models are showing atleast some ice at onset of the event, but could be much worse if more precip arrives early! Temps are very cold and air very dry! Needs to be watched! Only 4 days out
  5. A thread to discuss the Winter Storm threat for Feb. 20th and 21st. A large area will start out with Winter Wx on Friday and transition to all rain on Saturday afternoon. The timing and location of the system is still in question, as are the p-types and durations of those types in certain areas. Some areas may experience significant icing.
  6. If it's too early lock it up. I think we're close enough now that someone in the SE is going to get something. Besides all of the PBP for the medium range is being dominated by this storm. My last post in the PBP thread.
  7. A thread to discuss the potential for a Southern winter storm affecting portions of the Tennessee Valley.
  8. Ok everyone, so lets try this again. Its a lot of work, so it will be slow to update at times. However, I think its GREAT for everyone! It should help everyone learn about how models are usually AWFUL when it comes to Arctic Airmasses. Doesn't surprise me that the EURO did the worst, it seems. I will have full finished report on that later today. So, we have moisture increasing on Sunday, question is will be it cold enough in the CAD areas, and when do we saturate enough to see measurable QPF. Will the High hold long enough? will the models bust on kicking out the cold to quickly? Lets test them. Here are some cities. I will list the *Forecasted Low, High. *usually around 12 and 21z* I also want to list the 6z, 12z, 18z, and 00z temps, dew point temps and if any QPF has fallen. Want to test and see how the models are performing with the CAD. Especially the PARA. I will use the 00z FRI, 12z FRI, 00z SAT, 12z SAT and 00z SUN model runs. Here are the cities: 00z Friday Model Runs BHM: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: MCN: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: ATL: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: GVL: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T /Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: AHN: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: AGS: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: GSP: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: CLT: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: GSO: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z: RDU: NAM: GFS: Para: EURO: T/Td/QPF: 6z: 12z: 18z: 00z:
  9. Hey everyone! I know this is a long time away, and we have plenty of time to watch it, but I think we all agree, there is going to be some kind of storm, even if its just a rain filled soaker. Any who, I have been getting a lot of questions about what is the wedge from my viewers so I threw that in there as well. Feedback is great. I don't care if its good or bad. IF you want to like my Facebook page and or twitter page that would rock as well, but you don't need too. IF you do, thank you very much. I am trying to expand those pages and get more interaction with y'all. Please share the video and invite your friends to like the page as well. Anyway, here ya go...Hope you enjoy!
  10. Okay gang I'm determined to join the party one way or another! Since it's looking more & more likely that I won't have obs to post I'm going to go ahead & start the obs thread. Barring a unforeseen collapse in modeling a large part of the deep south is getting winter weather. Good luck to all of you & may the winter weather gods be on your side. Edit on 1/28/2014 @ 4:07 pm with 3" on the ground.......I am going to gladly eat crow about the no obs to report!!!
  11. A warm front associated with the next system out west will cross the area Sunday night/Monday. The associated precipitation is expected to be very light ... with well under 0.25" very likely. Cold air at the surface looks marginal, with upper 20s at the lowest and with southerly flow around high pressure to the East, that will be kicked out fairly quickly IMO. Any precipitation that does fall will be in the form of sleet and freezing rain initially, with precipitation after roughly 13z likely falling as just plain rain. Soundings are also hinting at some dryness around/below h85, so that may end up being a limiting factor early on (when the ice threat is). I wouldn't expect too much from this event ... though given the potential for freezing rain early in the event, many of us may get a freezing rain/winter wx advisory out of it. This would be for elevated surfaces primarily, 80% of the roads should be fine. Sorry guys, not feeling this one. Out west though across the MS River Valley/parts of the deep south could get interesting on the severe weather side of things ... maybe even a few 'naders! 12z GFS for early Monday morning: Sterling, VA GFS Sounding: KSHD (Staunton/Harrisonburg, VA) GFS Sounding: