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  1. From a HAM radio friend of mine just a few moments ago:
  2. Will have to see how this tracks. Could be very memorable ice event for parts of central Virginia and the southern Shenandoah valley. zr with temps in the 20s is bad news.
  3. Nice imagery from CIRA this evening!
  4. It's slightly better than the Jamaican.
  5. The Euro soundings is almost a deal breaker for me.
  6. Slightly offtopic, but how does Weatherbell compare to Pivotal? I cannot find a list of what plots Weatherbell provides.
  7. Found it. CIPS Historical Analog Guidance (slu.edu)
  8. There used to be a site that you could view the top 10 analogs in detail (upper air, surface, measured snowfall, etc.). Does anyone remember what I am referring too? If so , do you have a link?
  9. Made it down to 32/29 last night and squeaked out a trace of ice. 33/32 now with light rain falling. Higher elevations of the Blue Ridge hanging onto upper 20s in some spots. Going to be a beautiful sight for anyone brave enough to travel over them this evening. I suspect Skyline Drive will be shut down for quite sometime after this :/
  10. One thing I will point out. Lower QPF isn't necessarily bad with borderline surface temps. With borderline temps, light QPF will usually slick things up more than heavier QPF.
  11. LWX has watches up for the extreme western zones.
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