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  1. DT final winter weather outlook -- https://www.wxrisk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/WINTERFINAL1718.pdf Looks somewhat good for us
  2. Any precip Days 8-10 in the area? At work so I can't check
  3. 00z GGEM at the end of its run at 240 hrs with the SLP and h5 positions looked intriguing to me... but its the GGEM at 240 hrs
  4. EURO decides to do nothing down in GOM from 144 to 216... it looked like a SLP was going to develop at 168, but EURO decides against that... Though 240 looks... interesting... I think
  5. So... who is staying up for the 00z EURO tonight to see if the EURO keeps the threat going?
  6. You mean Thanksgiving or the 24th?
  7. Its still digging/moving SE if you look at 228-240
  8. lol... 4 weeks from now would be beginning of December and 6-10" to start the month would be grand if it came to fruition. I would only complain if Bob got 10" and I got 6"
  9. Most of us would take that (6-10") and run... I don't think anyone would really complain about that
  10. 850mb winds of 50-60 kts as well at hr 144... decent mixing would prob suggest wind gusts to 40 mph along with the heavy rain
  11. Go big or go home lol
  12. Correct
  13. Excellent write-up... though we might not like it lol
  14. 84 hr NAM is where its at