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  1. Maybe we can get the severe thread jumping with this storm
  2. Still snow/sleet here... everything white... accumulation close to an inch
  3. Its the same person complaining about the advisory that posted the snow depth maps
  4. Doug Hill? Bob Ryan (even though he retired/is gone)? Topper Shutt? A lot of good mets I can think of off the top of my head in the DC metro
  5. Looks like 00z GFS is same... yay sleet
  6. 12z RGEM says its 24 degrees at DCA at 12z SAT with sub 30 degree temps deep into NC ETA: Might be too fast in getting rid of CAD as everyone is above freezing by 22z SAT
  7. I believe this allows the southern movement of the "accumulations" that we see on the TT maps... i know they are garbage in these types of situations, but you can see the clear south push comparing the 18z runs to the 00z runs on both the 00z NAM and the 00z 3km NAM
  8. Technically he still needs 77 more goals after tonight
  9. indeed it did... for now
  10. DCA sits around 33 from 00z to 06z SUN as the precip is gone on 00z NAM
  11. Finally taking his first loss tonight I see