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  1. LWX seems more gung ho with their take this morning
  2. damn it... it was so enticing... and pulled away at the last min
  3. PW says 3 to 5 inches snow and 0.25+" ice... i'd take it
  4. well... at least we stay frozen on 06z GFS
  5. Everyone better have their parkas on for next Wed... such forecasting confidence this far out
  6. H5 low is in NW AL at 240... with SLP near the GA/SC border at 1005mb ETA: mod snow down by CHO at 240... no precip to DCA yet
  7. 00z UKIE politely declines... says I'll stay in PA for my snowstorm thanks
  8. Driving rain to snowstorm lol Well then... didnt expect that on the 24 hr snow map... wow
  9. 2 to 4 for N VA and DC... 4 to 8 MD on 00z CMC But next to nothing down by EZF
  10. Yes... just surprised it is snow with that SLP position