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  1. What about tomorrow? SW portions of the LWX CWA are in MRGL for tor and wind risk
  2. I thought this was your boat
  3. Figured we can pull some of teh food and drink disco out of the banter thread... and so that we can all learn new foods and drinks. @Mrs.J -- what types of cheese do you use for mac and cheese? I like to use sharp cheddar
  4. Negative good sir. Pasta shells and three cheese mix is where its at. Adding anything else makes it worse
  5. Do you have a boat for that?
  6. We need a dedicated food thread. Really. @Mrs.J could be the lead teacher in the thread and teach us all the secret recipes and ways to make food
  7. I don't mind the boxed stuff -- but I LOVE homemade mac and cheese. All the different cheeses to go with the pasta - usually I use shells
  8. He will be chasing to the beach to watch all the recurves
  9. SPC did model disco in the new Day 2... went with the Euro over NAM/GFS and even over the ARW ... but they explained why That's a whale of an enhanced risk too
  10. Any soccer fans? https://mobile.twitter.com/PhilaUnion/status/1379952899187470337
  11. Great... now ravensrule will be here soon
  12. Don't make me go Mercutio on you