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  1. The flood threat is disconcerting to say the least, Houston hasn't filled in it's yearly flood quota after all.
  2. The Beta will need to come to grips with it's position, it has too understand that not every tropical cyclone can be the best and the most important thing is to do as much as you can with what you have and ignore the mockery of others in order to pursue true happiness...
  3. I watched tons of fairly odd parents as a kid before I got into anime and comics. Too bad the show sucks now.
  4. Can't come with a rhyme I am just too itchy...
  5. No one cares about Icky Vicky dude...
  6. That's the worst type of development one day, tropical storm, literally 12 hours later it's a cat 2 The new gulf disturbance is in warmest part of the gulf. So that could turn ugly
  7. This will go down history has a weird and interesting hurricane season as we might run out of names before October but with some relatively low ACE.
  8. First northeast impact, tropical storm, Second northeast impact, hurricane, Third northeast impact, Major hurricane? Sounds like 2020 to me!
  9. CMC has the best record for picking up on tropical activity this year. 500 mb vorticity shows 3 areas I am interested in. It could just be my overactive imagination but there are 3 patches of vorticity that could Nana, Omar, Paulette(?) The most impressive one is forecast to be a tropical storm, there another less impressive one behind it, and a weak disturbance that moves in the very high potential Caribbean. This over a week after Marco and Laura so I am sure the waters would have recovered. Don't pay too much attention to intensity after CMC has Laura as 980-something low right now!
  10. Don't feed the troll just ignore him.
  11. This is the most confusing and unpredictable storm that I have ever come across.