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  1. Here is a table I created highlighting the differences between our new, current normals and 1981-2010. Low temperatures increased the most which was interesting. Here is the table highlighting key precip differences. Our "wet season" is actually drier than the old normals, with 7/12 extreme precip events occurring in the past 30 years alone (not shown).
  2. Yeah I checked their site the other day to see how much rain they got (assuming it was record setting) and couldn't find anything. It's too bad especially since these facilities have the equipment but no data logger (at least available to the public).
  3. I've used this exact link when referencing snowfall records but it only goes to 2007. I'm surprised PSU doesn't maintain their own official record especially since they have a met program there.
  4. This is still on track. Mid to end of May we could see an uptick of severe weather across the Plains.
  5. I thought the same thing until I looked at ensembles and GEFS & EPS showing potentially historic snow for Denver Friday-Sunday. This will be a fun one to follow.
  6. That's insane lol. I vaguely remember that event but it's hard to even comprehend those types of rates. I've been in some good blizzards growing up in MA which presumed to have 3" (maybe 4") rates at times and that was pouring dendrites. I can't imagine more than that. So cool.
  7. I know lol but my glorious name is being tarnished.
  8. Yeah it could stay all snow, will be close! Warm nose could still be subfreezing I'm using it more in context of a warm air intrusion around 850mb that could bump down good snow growth is what I was getting at.
  9. I think we'll see between a T-2" in the Metroplex. Best lift is below DGZ (which is shallow) and that warm nose is going to ruin any shot of good ratios.
  10. Most folks west of 95 should do pretty well, but "well" still may not be enough for some here.
  11. As Will Nilly said coastal folks in MA are gonna get taint. 95 and west deal.