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  1. That's insane lol. I vaguely remember that event but it's hard to even comprehend those types of rates. I've been in some good blizzards growing up in MA which presumed to have 3" (maybe 4") rates at times and that was pouring dendrites. I can't imagine more than that. So cool.
  2. I know lol but my glorious name is being tarnished.
  3. Yeah it could stay all snow, will be close! Warm nose could still be subfreezing I'm using it more in context of a warm air intrusion around 850mb that could bump down good snow growth is what I was getting at.
  4. I think we'll see between a T-2" in the Metroplex. Best lift is below DGZ (which is shallow) and that warm nose is going to ruin any shot of good ratios.
  5. Most folks west of 95 should do pretty well, but "well" still may not be enough for some here.
  6. As Will Nilly said coastal folks in MA are gonna get taint. 95 and west deal.
  7. My brief thoughts on the first half of February:
  8. I haven't looked at the specific dates for those years in particular but despite it being difficult for snowfall in N TX, it's even more difficult during La Nina unless you get some sort of an anomalous pattern earlier this season (more El Nino like) or we are in the right place right time during some sort of pattern transition. Plus as you know there are other factors as well such as SSWs which can throw a wrench in things. Either way, near term, not looking great as synoptics are finally settling into more of a La Nina regime.