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  1. Curious to see the westward extent of that band. I think the NAM is on the high end but I think areas that do get banding could definitely see 5"+.
  2. Even with resultant east coast troughing still showing cutters. Has potential though...
  3. Euro not so much. Upper level jet face plants over the west coast lol
  4. Lol just trying to reel in a few snow weenies on the edge.
  5. Snow squall warning currently out for parts of Wright/Hennepin counties. +SN on the way!
  6. MSP could pick up a quick inch, maybe even two later this morning and afternoon with what (I think?) is an anafront (could be off on that). I think a brief period of moderate snow is in the cards.
  7. Agreed, and it had it linger for several hours as well before getting shunted north and east. Cute pup btw!
  8. Nice! That mid-level dry slot hung on once the warm nose eroded which allowed FZRA to continue into early evening. I don't recall the GFS having that but I think hi-res models did. MSP METAR had 0.23 liquid reported during that mixed precip phase so it's fair to assume that would've been around another 2-3 inches had that been snow.
  9. Looks like MSP got around 6". Personally I'm surprised given how much wintry mix they got earlier in the day. Banding did work considering MSP got ~0.2" more liquid than models had.
  10. Yeah it may teeter-tot a bit before it flips to all snow (hopefully) around 1-2pm CT. National Weather Service has it flipping to all FZRA at 2pm through 6pm but I'm just not seeing it.
  11. Pesky warm nose probably going to chip into what was once looking like decent snowfall for MSP:
  12. I'm okay with bringing him back. Red Sox needed some good news in 2020. I think he's a good manager despite the cheating scandal. It's like A-Rod using roids. Dude didn't need em he was good already just made a dumb decision.