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  1. Yeah the 24-26th window has potential for freezing temps.
  2. Many will probably see their first freeze date occur in the upper 15th percentile (later than normal). Growing season continues.
  3. I can already envision the New England forum scrutinizing where snow gradients orient themselves compared to the former (if it is still publicly available for a bit). It would probably be wise to keep it running through the winter to see how it verifies even if it isn't expected to be as accurate.
  4. It's the new ECMWF deterministic model set for release in 2 days.
  5. Not sure what you're talking about Boston got 81" that winter. It's on the graph...
  6. Yeah just saw that. Doesn't increase our tornado chances here though but wind chances now 30% which is reasonable.
  7. Here is a good visualization of how today will materialize per the HRRR model. 2m dew points overlaid with 10m winds and reflectivity. You can see the surface cold front overrunning the dry line triggering tstms west of I-35.
  8. I agree it's good to see La Nina strengthen per guidance but you also don't want too strong of a Nina either imho. In my head I've always told myself a weak Nina to weak Nino is ideal for good SNE snows. I found this graphic as a visual and it actually mirrors this line of thought, with moderate Nina also proving favorable. This is for Boston:
  9. Rightfully so. You need to copyrat I mean copyright that!
  10. Just checked it out. It's apparently legit lol. I may throw my hat into the ring for Dallas snowfall. I'll set the bar real low so everyone can feel better about their totals.
  11. Based on some research I did, early SSWs tend to favor snowfall here in Dallas but I wonder how it fares for you fellow New Englanders. I did some digging and early SSWs appear to correlate with below normal snowfall for KBOS.
  12. Yeah Boston and areas just inland are around 11:1 roughly. Here is the chart: http://www.eas.slu.edu/CIPS/SLR/slrmap.htm
  13. Some activity of interest in the stratosphere...
  14. I can't seem to locate this graphic on weathermodels anymore. Anyone else know where to find it? I thought it was in the same place as the city charts in the Lab.
  15. I'm offended. I was at Trillium last Saturday you can see BHO right from the brewery is was awesome. Perfect weenie drinking spot.
  16. Norwood has 36" Yeah Concord has 70" Nashua with 50" also, same as LWM
  17. Toss Blue Hill. Not a rattah but nearly half of their normal seasonal total.
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