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  1. Pretty awkward timing given my younger sibling is moving into her (second) college on Thursday. We’ll see what happens. Tangental note, she’s starting at Oswego which means she’s going to get to witness LE events. Lucky kid.
  2. Same here despite you having 200’ more elevation on me, rain never mixed in until this morning, and seemingly no ZR either; 35/33 with just mood flakes now that won’t accumulate anymore.
  3. 6-7” of combined snow/sleet; agreed that the wind forecasts were definitely overdone and thankful for that.
  4. Warning for 5-9” in the Catskills best guesses as to what I see here: 5” snow, some sleet, .05-.1 of ZR, some rain Monday morning, (probably) lose power from gusts in the 40-45 range.
  5. From single digits and negatives to 30s and 40s within roughly 36 hours, pretty impressive swing overall
  6. Would like to believe I can still squeeze 6” before the mess begins but that’s becoming a reach at this point. Better opportunities ahead.
  7. This is getting close to being a fail for even folks like @snywxand I inland. I’d like to think we’d still be set for a front end of 5-8” before any sleet but even that might be a reach at this point.
  8. 8/-3 and hasn’t moved all morning, hard to fathom getting to the 15 degree high for the day
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