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  1. not overly likely with snow falling into 33-34 degree air, but then again I did say that before the snow event last April. Got 2.5" of slop here and wouldn't be shocked if something similar did happen.
  2. It legitimately feels like deep winter out there this morning. 26 with a dusting of snow OTG and currently light snow showers.
  3. mood flakes. 34/33 nothing sticking (shocking I know)
  4. Of course, comparatively speaking I only have 750-800’ whereas Liberty is 1500’. 1-3” for the far NW people still works with him probably winning the jackpot at 4” or so
  5. 6z came back west also I doubt you get 6” of snow when considering this is happening in the morning. Gotta account for sun angle killing ratios. Even if you get moderate snow for 4 hours or so. You need some impressive rates for this time of year to make it stick
  6. Either way it would seem WWAs would be needed for the rest of BGM/BUF WFOs probably by midday tomorrow
  7. Preferably even closer to Syracuse. They’ll get smacked up there. Pretty high ratios for them too at up to 14:1 (after the initial transition being closer to 4-5:1) so snow growth should be very favorable.
  8. If the low was further SE that’s how we get into the 2-5” range for snows here
  9. Still possible but CNY is all but locked in for a more significant snow. If we get lucky we can see 2-5” here
  10. Good luck up there everyone, hoping for at least 10 flakes
  11. That is actually a pretty sizable nationwide outage. The SPC had to post the day 2 severe outlooks in the form of a picture taken of one of the meterologist's phones.
  12. If I was chasing snow from this system I would probably be setting up near Syracuse
  13. only UKMet has much of anything and even that doesn't get snow close to NYC