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  1. Those storms blew up right over me basically. Half an hour’s worth of heavy rain has stabilized things here. Radar presentation almost looks like an MCS beginning to bubble up. 72/71
  2. It's pounding out there already. 53/46 is this Memorial Day weekend or the 1st week of March?
  3. Temperatures tumbling down as the main line comes through but no noteworthy storms happening. 70/64
  4. First severe watch for the season for me:
  5. rapidly becoming muggy. 78/66 for a rise of about 14 degrees in two hours
  6. 64/62 @ 8:23 AM. Gonna feel awful today, hope for a storm to cool things off. Window for storms here will be around 2-3 hours earlier than points SE of here, between 4-6 this afternoon.
  7. Today does seem like the first real severe threat we’ll see for the summer; not everyone will see storms but I imagine areas that do could generate some reports. Meanwhile, the Midwestern states have a good chance to begin derecho season over the next two days. Very strong instability will be present both days coupled with other factors = likely evolutions both days into intense MCSs
  8. cloudiness and showers around after the slug of rain Friday afternoon/evening?
  9. Temperatures tumbling. 73/61
  10. Front/windshift beginning to creep in, 79/64 while Binghamton has fallen to 68.
  11. Mostly cloudy so far here, 72/63. Severe threat is marginal but worth watching the skies today.
  12. Memorial Day plans looking at this with an unsteady glare
  13. Significantly more cloudiness today. Despite this, slightly more humid at 83/60 right now.
  14. First 90 of the year here @ exactly 90 degrees at 4:31. Dew points aren't awful though but just enough to make it feel like the inside of a toaster out.
  15. Rain was absolutely crazy last night. Picked up about 2" here with another .3 or so today. Rivers around here look pretty angry.