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  1. Looks like I got a slushy coating, which is now beginning to be washed away as we’ve flipped back to showers.
  2. Elevations still best, I can’t count on more than a few inches.
  3. New BGM map. Once again 15-25 minutes is pretty much the difference from next to nothing to >=3-4”.
  4. BGM first call...looks largely reasonable. @sferic you could get 3-4” from this. Not looking for more than 1-2” where I am in Narrowsburg.
  5. Whatever the NAM 3k is on, can I have some? Tossed.
  6. Interesting map. Assuming this combines the elements of today, tomorrow night, and then the LES. At my lower elevation in Sullivan I’m guessing the under, but it’ll still be an inch or so. Elevation driven event regardless.
  7. Pretty interesting map. Seems a bit overcooked but elevations can probably cash in 3-5” before the LE train begins.
  8. Could sneak in an inch or two up here in Sullivan on Saturday. Not overly counting on it but it’d be nice before the lake response kicks up.
  9. figure I’ll toss this out once again. The theme of rather scary analogs for tornado season continues. While obviously not implicating any one event this year matches the ferocity of those, the potential very much exists. It should also be noted that in some of these examples a TC would then eventually ride up the East Coast, most notably (and recently) Irene.
  10. Well, while this weekend’s threat is pretty much gone now; next week is starting to look pretty interesting at this point.
  11. Watching the trees begin to self-clean themselves. It’s actually quite fascinating to see.
  12. Yep, finished with 4” on the dot here.
  13. Been lightly snowing for hours while areas west of me are getting the banding. Doesn’t look like more than 3-4” while 1500’ elevation areas are getting over 10”
  14. And we are now underway with more moderately heavy snow here in Sullivan. 32/30