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  1. Close. It came out to a +23 for NYC and 2nd to the +25 on Jan 12th. Just for Newark.
  2. The 53 min yesterday in NYC came very close to the all time warmest min for the month of February of 55 degrees set in 1985.
  3. The last run of the weeklies had above normal temps through March 5-6th. But the week 3 had temps closer to or below normal March 7-13. You can see the latest EPS run trying to go to a change to near or below normal temps around March 7th. Yes the earliest 80's on record in March.
  4. SE ridge holds on right into the first week of March. It's rare to see so much agreement between the EPS, GEFS, and CMC for 2 weeks.
  5. We only missed by 9 days last year when Newark reached 82 on March 9th and 81 on the 10th.
  6. It's tough to use past analogs since the weather patterns have been so much warmer and extreme here during the 2000's.
  7. I still remember how warm it was out on the playground during recess for that April 76 record heat.
  8. 66 at JFK and 67 at EWR. Newark has a good shot at topping the record number of 65+ Jan-Feb days this week set in 1976. 5...1976 4...2017...2008...1997 3...2000...1985...1932
  9. My only snow on the ground now is the larger piles left by the plows. It really feels like spring out there. Highs of 64...JFK...63...FRG..63...ISP..through 1pm.
  10. Don, it will be interesting to see how warm it will have to get to start seeing a reduction in our seasonal snowfall.
  11. Long Island will be warmer today with the developing offshore flow.
  12. You know it's going to we a warm day in February when NYC is 56 and 7am and LGA is 58.
  13. Maybe we'll get a significant squall line to track in about a week.
  14. 65 now at Newark. This is the 3rd 65 or higher reading since Jan 1st....1/12...67...2/8...65....2/18...65 so far Officially in 3rd place for the most 65 or greater days in Jan-Feb with the potential for more coming up. 5...1976 4...2008...1997 3...2017...2000...1985...1932
  15. Toms River is close to that at 68.