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  1. Better but the AQI of ~170 here still sucks.
  2. ^^ I thought so too. There's also less bird activity.
  3. We need one of those too. Which one do you have?
  4. What are the chances that the smoke hinders the heating just enough to keep the storms down?
  5. Oh boy oh boy, .01! What little I did for a garden this year looks funny (sad?) with all of the plants leaves cupped and reaching for more.
  6. It's so weird, it's raining (with thunder and lightning) right now Too bad it won't wash the smoke away.
  7. I drove up to Rochester today and the smoke got progressively worse. Visibility is well under 10 miles where I am now in Seneca Falls. AQI is over 150 and my eyes hurt.
  8. I'm resisting flipping the switch at night but it might be necessary. It was 54 in my living room this morning. That's enough to make a body achy. Here comes the smoke again
  9. Yeah 1 mile west got pummeled and ~1 mile east got almost an inch of rain in the second round. Nada for me
  10. And that's what happened. I didn't even get .01 but the street is wet. Not so much under the trees The lightning and grey sheet is a mile and a half east, down the hill so I can watch it sliding by. Yay
  11. 14 with 42 although I should probably say 18 with 38 so I'm old enough to drink. Showoff
  12. Between the super warm ocean and obviously dry land conditions I'm thinking that eastern Canada is going to have an outsized influence on the east coast pattern the next few months. How would that affect the wind patterns, more days with NE winds than usual? A few around here are down 1-4 feet now with the big one in Westchester still bank full. That won't stay up there for long, New England is pretty dry too. That's hysterical. Not really but...
  13. A severe missed me by 1 mile. Apparently it had 60mph gusts with quarter sized hail. It dark and banging away and windy in the treetops but no biggie. Let's see if this next cell slides by to my east or gets me. It looks to be more intense than the one that missed.
  14. I've been there (and Crescent City) a few times and only seen perfect COC weather. It's actually one of the few regions I'd love to move to when we can (finally) leave NY. I've also been to Seattle a few times and never saw anything other than sunny days.
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