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  1. Anybody else seeing flakes this afternoon? I've got light flakes and grains falling intermittently.
  2. gravitylover

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Boy 1938 was a heckuva year around here...
  3. gravitylover

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Reading comprehension and paying attention aren't Toeknee's strong points
  4. So, another inch or two on Tuesday appears to be in the cards for us. Whaddaya think?
  5. I got 10" the day before Thanksgiving 2014 here in Mahopac. That's the most wintry Turkey day I remember, I was in Steamboat CO in '89 and we had a beautiful, warm one out there that year.
  6. gravitylover

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    I'll keep it weather related Last winter when it was so cold for those few weeks and the roads were nearly brittle it was such a hoot to slide around and get all drifty with on bone dry, salt covered roads. It put an absolute hurt on my winter tires though, I'm in desperate need of some new ones before I even think of taking it out in the snow this season, heck they're barely even passable in the rain anymore
  7. gravitylover

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Yeah my BRZ does more sitting than driving from now until ~April because we have a couple of other more winter appropriate vehicles in the driveway. I certainly feel safer in my 06 Durango when someone is sliding towards me
  8. ^^In a way this was a bit stranger than 2011. That was after the atmosphere had experienced a significantly turbulent event (Irene) and wavelengths were messed with bringing a higher chance for an anomalous cold air intrusion. This was just sort of "in the course of things".
  9. gravitylover

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    It's not the cars that can't handle it it's the tires they come with and the tires that people buy to replace those with. I have a few neighbors with Subarus and assorted other AWD cars and they struggled with the conditions yesterday. They fought through it last year too and just can't seem to understand why. I get around just fine in my BRZ with rear wheel drive and ~4 1/2" of clearance and nobody can figure out how I do it. Tires people, tires. The LRR pieces of crap that come on your cars get you decent mpg's but suck when it's cold and slippery, the car companies have to spec them to bring their fleet averages up that extra 1-2mpg but you don't have to stick with them. Then you have all of these people that go with UHP's or Max Performance tires because some dude on the internet told them that's the best for the car but they never seem to think that the recommendation is coming from someone in Texas. The whole thing gets me so frustrated...grrrr.
  10. The crust on this stuff is pretty significant. I expect that with the cold temps tonight it will be pretty supportive, maybe even enough to hold my 45# dog up. That was some heavy work shoveling the driveway.
  11. gravitylover

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    Quick burst of heavy sleet followed by about 20 minutes of heavy snow with another quick burst of sleet as it wrapped up and now the sun is coming out and the wind is up. That was a fun storm to watch, glad I didn't have any reason to be out in it after the first hour or so, sounds like it was a mess out there.
  12. Haha me either, I actually haven't been outside other than stepping out the back door to stick a ruler in the snow last night since I got home around 5:30 yesterday. I'm so not looking forward to cleaning this up. It's heavy and frozen and the plow pile at the end of the driveway looks like it's totally gonna suck
  13. Well, now it's heavy snow again.
  14. gravitylover

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    Flipped to heavy snow a few minutes ago.
  15. What a mess out there now. Freezing rain overnight and heavy sleet this morning has put a 'nice' crust on everything. I wonder when the trees will start coming down? Not looking forward to it, I have no gas for the generator