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  1. Boy it's nice to see low min's rather than hig for a change.
  2. When there's wind? Yeah... I love t-bars and pretty much all surface lifts except rope tows.
  3. Got down to 15 here on the hill, crept up a degree already with a crystally clear and super colorful sunrise going on.
  4. I got stuck behind a brine sprayer truck on Rt 100 in VT for about 20 miles a few years ago. It was one of the worst tasting experiences of my life. Even with the charcoal air filter and recirc on I could still taste it and it made my eyes tear up. I pulled over for a few minutes hoping it would either get far enough ahead or turn off but no such luck, I caught up to it again and couldn't get around it until we got to Rt 4 at Killington. Horrible... I couldn't run the heat after that because the filter was filled with salt and kept spraying it into the car so I had to race down to Rutland to the Subaru dealer to get a new one before they closed so I could keep heading home.
  5. It white rained just enough in some parts of town that there is a slushy, now frozen, coating on cars and bbq grills. Temp is down 28* since I woke up this morning, it's brisk out there with a nice sunset going on.
  6. This says you're pretty close
  7. I just noticed that. There's so much good info on the mesonet network.
  8. The official depth for measuring soil temps is 4" I think. This is a good idea, if it works I could see doing the same thing. That 15* drop in Brewster confirms my suspicions. It's significantly more uncomfortable than it was early this morning.
  9. ^^ Perfect. It looks like winter but the road and driveway are good to go. Hopefully it gets to dry before it freezes. All I'm getting is enough white rain that it looks good against a dark background.
  10. Looks like the precip is ending just as it starts to flake. Nice to see though...
  11. Pretty much looking like we need to head up to Julians place if we want to see more than a dusting tomorrow. The west slope of the Berkshires a little further northeast of there could see a decent little thumpin'.
  12. It's 40 years ago this month since I've seen him on stage. Looks like the first mt bike ride in the snow for the season is coming up this week. Who's joining me?
  13. I lost both of mine and there are a few others either dead or nearly so in the neighbors yards.
  14. 17 on my hill this morning. Strangely enough now that it's back above freezing (36) things that were green yesterday are still green, lawns are still looking pretty good and the trees that hadn't dropped their leaves after the wind a few days ago still haven't.