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  1. Y'all keep doing this to yourselves time after time, year after year... There's a reason models can only give us an idea of what's to come more than about 3 days out. Until all of the factors are in a zone where they can be accurately sampled the data is insufficient to lead a more accurate solution. I see that they were flying off the west coast getting samples earlier and the result was nearly instant. Maybe someday we'll have a better way to get accurate data into the models sooner but until then all you're doing is making yourselves nut(tier).
  2. I wouldn't complain if that happened, I'd be bummed to miss a good one but if it warms up next week like everyone is talking about the sting of not dealing with mud and slush won't be too acute My truck has been DOA for over a month now and I need a stretch of warm and dry weather to deal with it. I'd take it to a shop but the only ones that want to do this job are backed up for 2-3 months so I'm stuck doing it solo. Anyone here ever pull a supercharger off a Jaguar motor want to come help?
  3. Yeah but you're only seeing the numbers after the fact. You know that being "in it" can be a much different experience than it would seem to have been "by the numbers". We had some events that were more significant, cold that was deeper and more pervasive, some ice events that don't even show up and, on LI in particular, it just generally felt like winter more than it does now. I'm curious, does the lake at Grant Park still freeze up sufficiently for skating? That used to be a really popular place for us kids to go for weeks straight every year.
  4. @BxEngineHaven't been but we will probably take a ride up to check it out one day this year. I keep trying not to get too invested in this potential but I kinda can't help it sometimes. Even if you cut the Euro down by 75% it's still a nice storm if you think outside the last ~20 years. Setting your expectations low is a good way to get through much of the current world we live in.
  5. Umm? No. More than a few minutes inside the benchmark and I ice/sleet/rain. I would much rather you guys get fringed than I get fkd
  6. And now it's flurrying and backlit by a low angle sun against a dark grey cloud backdrop. It's all crystally and sparkly
  7. Maybe you should try napping more often? Ya know, a little power nap around model release times... Couldn't hurt
  8. Hey I'll take this, it's been beautiful all night. Twinkly, slowly accumulating snow falling slowly then enhanced towards the end with bigger flakes taking their time getting to the ground. Now, the bright moon is flickering through windows in the fast moving clouds making the air sparkle for a moment at a time.
  9. It's still snowing here. There's easily .3 and it may be .4. This enhancement at the end is pretty cool as the flakes got big and fluffy a little while ago.
  10. It has been snowing nicely for about 2 hours now with about .2 down. Snow surfaces are staying white and fresh looking. I'll take it. @wdrag nickels are good but this is still just 2 or 3 cents.
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