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  1. The thing is this time it's dry a foot or more down. It's going to take a few wet weeks with a couple of multi-inch days mixed in to soak things down sufficiently. At this point I expect a terrible foliage season because the flora just can't produce the sugars needed for good color. My beans look like they're growing but they're half dessicated and tough skinned like leather.
  2. We'll be out of town so it's do or die time, if it doesn't rain the entire garden will die. The peppers might make it but everything else is too water intensive, celery, squash, tomatoes, etc.
  3. She came home sweaty and happy. I got uncomfortable looking at her. Looks like the front washed out and we are barely even getting any clouds. Meh...
  4. Out and about around town the car was hovering between 96 and 100 but I can't find anything (reliable) here in the hill above 97 and one that's pretty well sheltered didn't quite get to 90. There were dewpoints as high as 81 on 2 stations but there has been enough breeze that it's not totally unbearable in the shade. My 23 year old kid went for a run
  5. All it took was a wee bit of moisture the last few days and the mosquitoes are out in force
  6. I just had a 2 minute sunshower roll through. I love how the sun fires up the back of storm cells this time of day, it makes it look all black and sinister with splashes of color.
  7. Starting off cool and moist 66/66. I guess I should be appreciating the fog.
  8. Ya gotta love when plants are wilting because the roots are thirsty but the leaves are dripping wet and happy green.
  9. .3" The ground under the trees is damp but not wet and under the bigger garden plants it's totally dry.
  10. In public Rubber band snap theory and all that...
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