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  1. I was just playing around with that site but don't see a place to see historical info. It would be nice to compare now with the same time last year. Yesterdays p&c had us dry for the next 4-5 days other than some showers today, now it's wet more than dry This sux, I want to be outside doing things not stuck inside with the wife and kidz all the time.
  2. No no no, this April needs to be 70 every day. Nunathis backdoor cool and cloudy with occasional drizzles stuff, we need to be outside and away from the people in the house and it needs to be nice. Yard cleanup and garden buildout happen over the next few days then more projects, bike rides and golf at the local course and it needs to be nice. Heck, we can't work or go places so it needs to be nice.
  3. It is strange because it tried to start so early and then it stopped. I drove to Key West and back in the first week of Feb and leaf out had reached all the way up to the Maryland eastern shores by 2/10 and random bits around here softened and greened but then the leaves never popped. I was just saying to my wife yesterday when we were out that it started but never took hold and that I'm really looking forward to stick season ending if for no other reason than to add some life and freshness to a world that feels terribly damaged right now. It's garbage can blowing down the street kind of windy up here right now, what's it like further east and south of me on the CT coast and LI?
  4. Take a ride, many courses are open in NY. Driving ranges are closed. This is right down the road from me and the course is beautiful, easily worth the travel time and the $35-40 it costs to play right now. I'm sure there are plenty of others on the west side of the river so you don't have to pay the toll at the bridge but if you'd like to come up you could probably talk me into going out for a round.
  5. So go out. Ride your bike, play some golf, go for a hike... Dry and comfortable is perfect. Golf courses are allowed to be open because they have to be there maintaining the grounds anyway so as long as they practice social distancing and all that they're good to go. A couple of the courses around me are open and not terribly expensive.
  6. I'm good with normal to slightly above but not "hot" at this point, especially if it's dry(ish). After two very wet springs it sure would be nice to get a dry April.
  7. We really don't need the potential problems severe weather brings with everything else going on. I dread what will happen when tropical season fires up with such warm temps on both land and the ocean and GOM. No really hot stuff either, some of these portable hospitals that have been set up would be horrible if it was really warm out especially for the sick and those in full PPE.
  8. Many long low rumbles here with a short bout of torrential rain.
  9. Well that was a nice little t-storm with a very quick half inch of rain. 44* and miserable out there
  10. Try 21 year old twin daughters that are stuck with their old parents.
  11. This dreary weather isn't helping being stuck at home.
  12. Well, settling into our new normal doing some bike riding and starting to clean the house. Slowly. I could live with weather like yesterday and today for a month straight, see what y'all can do about that would ya.
  13. In all the chaos leading up to being stuck at home I forgot to check the oil, doesn't it figure that the last cold shot with snow is the night that we run out Not sure if we can get a delivery today but they said they'd try otherwise I have to go out and get 5 gallons of diesel. I really don't want to go anywhere right now.
  14. I have birds fly into the windows pretty often. We have a big picture window that kills a half dozen a year and injures many more. The sunroom windows get beat up by birds flying into them, I think they see the plants inside and go to land on them but find a sheet of glass in the way.
  15. ^^Pretty much the same here but I don't think I got over 1" at any time. Areas that melted off after the morning batch got covered again with at least another half inch so I'm comfortable calling the total 1". All rain now making for a wonderful slush consistency that soaks your shoes in seconds. Mmm yum