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  1. JC getting a good soaking today. Finally...
  2. I've had storms drop west of me and now they're east but I've been in the slot all afternoon. It's been a really great cloud show with comstant rolling rumbles and a stray raindrop or three.
  3. A mile or so away from me got 1/2" hail, I didn't even get a drop of rain.
  4. I was driving around CT today working, it rained moderately a few times but nothing special. There were some great dark sky periods but again, nothing really special. My wife said it rained here (Mahopac) but not much at all, it was dry when I got home at 6. Edit: looks like .12 here
  5. I know that we're down on overall rainfall but this constant wetness is a disaster for my garden that was doing so well. I had to remove a half dozen plants this morning due to a cabbage worm infestation and the slugs are going to town on others but I think I got that under control. I'm also seeing a fair bit of rot happening and there was none at all last week. I can handle intermittent large amounts but not things being wet all the time. Sorry, back to your regular programming.
  6. Don that second pic is fantastic. Print it and frame it. I got .03 and now it's beautiful. See what y'all can do about keeping the bulk of the wetness away from me for the next few days, send it all up to JC, he needs it.
  7. Before the clouds took over I saw some awesome towers to my south and to the west. This is obviously just a guess but I'd say 40k or higher with lightning shooting up and down. My wife even realized the awesomeness which is rare.
  8. I'm getting some really light drizzle. It's really dark and thunder is rumbling just to my west, has been for over an hour.
  9. Damn this rain... I had pretty much dealt with the bugs in the garden but now it's overrun with grubs and cabbage worms It looks bad enough that I might lose most of my potatoes and I'm going to fight like hell not to lose the cauliflower and broccoli but it may be a lost cause too. This morning I sat on the ground pulling slugs for an hour and that's after I treated for them. Grrr...
  10. Try standing outside waiting for them to work on you car, this sun is brutal. Car repair shops all still have their waiting rooms closed so you're stuck with the parking lot. 88-89° with very little breeze is tough to just stand around in.
  11. Nah I barely got any rain, I'm betting it's well under .1" and I'm 55 miles due north of midtown Manhattan. That's ok though I don't want more rain for another day or two, the garden doesn't need it or want it after yesterday. edit: .16"
  12. I got about the same, 90 minutes of steady moderate capped off with a gutter overrunning deluge. Garden seems happy other than one head of lettuce that got crushed and I think I can hear the lawn growing
  13. I just got the heaviest rain of the year so far. It totally overwhelmed the gutters and poured over in sheets.