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  1. That means the beach or a good pool has to be accessible. Sure there are some nice beaches on the lakes but when it's 90° or more they're just as unpleasant as the backyard. I'll take 75 any day.
  2. ~I80 corridor = the new sunbelt
  3. Shhh... They'll hear you and move here.
  4. You guys are fkd up 70-75 is so much nicer than hot and steamy. I understand appreciating the extremes but why root for unpleasant?
  5. Lol. Yeah it started with such promise and turned meh too quickly. I guess it saves $ when the ac doesn't have to run...
  6. Pretty good day to mow the lawn though, not all hot and sweaty.
  7. The healthier you eat the juicier the pharts therefore the more frequent and intense swamp ass episodes... You know thise times you just sit outside and so nothing because it's so nice? Yeah...
  8. It's just wonderful out here right now.
  9. That's inevitable, shoulda just gotten it out of the way.