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  1. It's been years since anyone has forecast clippers around here. That's so nice to see.
  2. Nah, Christmas is better when it's ~60° so I can go out and do stuff when there's no one in the way.
  3. I saw 4 or 5 graupel pellets on the ground in the shade. That was nice.
  4. A half inch of rain last night seems so insignificant anymore.
  5. 24° Did anyone get out last night and see the meteor shower? I thought it was gonna be cloudy so I didn't try.
  6. Yup. That makes such a big difference but we've been getting enough to keep the surface moist and blocking the lower level moisture from evaporating. Meanwhile the western 40% of the state is dry to very dry.
  7. Not dry here. Sure it hasn't rained much this month but the ground is still wet and muddy and the Croton River and all of the reservoirs here are as high as they can be. It's wet right up through Dutchess County and NW CT.
  8. We had already been skiing in the high country along the Divide for almost 2 months at this point. There had been a few storms that dropped a foot or more. This storm was the final push the ski area needed before opening day a few days later. The area opened to the top which almost never happens and the conditions were more like midwinter than November.
  9. @JustinRP37 what day was it that you got that light snow?
  10. The guy in Patterson did and Julian did too.
  11. It was super light. I wouldn't even have known if I hadn't looked at the light just right and then put a piece of dark metal down to see the micro pellets bounce. I'm betting most observers would've missed it.
  12. I thought the raindrops felt kinda firm a few minutes ago. Good call Walt.
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