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  1. Will that move away for the weekend? We have an outdoor event on Fire Island that we've already paid for.
  2. Thin clouds ruined it last night, tonight looks like a fail too.
  3. Stellar day. Tonight looks dry and clear, perfect for some celestial viewing. I know Saturn is in Capricorn in the southern sky somewhere and Jupiter is a few degrees up and to the east. What's up with the meteor shower(s)? Perseids should be building but what about that other one from last week, is it still happening too?
  4. I've seen 3 and hear fewer than usual for this time of year. Brood X has been a non issue here.
  5. This hasn't been severe or even stormy but it is the most rain I've gotten in one event in a long time. Approaching .7 and it looks like it might even get heavier before it moves through.
  6. Is that what stunted the melon vine growth? They were going gangbusters gaining up to a foot a day and completely stopped yesterday. In two days cabbage worms just about devastated the brassiccas that survived the early season onslaught. I'm going to have to pull all of it and bag it. Sad
  7. I didn't even manage to hit .2 for the two days. The NNW side of my hill is around 1.25", over an inch difference! Soil moisture is very low in my yard.
  8. It tried to clear over me but the really thin clouds were to my east. The light under and across that part of the cloud deck turned yellow/green for a few minutes and some storms fired up and moved off to the NE quickly. It's rumbling and breezy with the occasional windblown raindrop and very muggy. My garden beds are dry 2" down and parched at 4" (again). One the upside I pulled over 5 pounds of potatoes today Gonna plant more now.
  9. Just wet or stormy also this afternoon?
  10. It barely drizzled but being on the edge of a dynamic front like that is always great for cool cloud formations. This one didn't disappoint.
  11. Smoke wasn't bad at all today but the mugginess... Blech. Garden was looking a bit dry this morning so I gave it a good soaking, now it looks like some wetness is headed this way. I hope I wasn't too quick with the hose. How much you wanna bet that rain gets here right after I light the grill? lol
  12. I saw 92 in a few spots and 93 once earlier in my travels around northern Westchester and it's smoky, hazy and muggy. Yay Looks like I'm gonna get wet in an hour or so.
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