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  1. I think yesterday might have been a little bit soupier but the overall sogginess is depressing. Bring on the sun! But keep the temps in the low 70's
  2. Fourth overnight and morning in a row of dense fog and heavy mist. Yesterday never cleared and dried and it barely dried the previous two days before the wet set in again. The surface of everything is wet and soggy, mold is setting in, mushrooms are thick, skeeters and gnats are happy and some of my garden is too but the slugs and snails are out early this year as are other plant eating bugs. Strange things is it's just the surfaces that are wet, 1/2" or less below the surface and it's bone dry.
  3. Yup we're having another "good" bug year. The exterminator was here today and he flushed all sorts of cool looking critters. Between that, the black caterpillars and the slug and snail babies that showed up in the very wet garden from 3 days of dense fog in the mornings it's just a wonderfully buggy day here
  4. Once the continent dries out for the season the warm air is always away from the coasts. This doesn't bode well for the upcoming fire season, they have so many strikes against them already that this year could end up a real doozy.
  5. I'm very much the same way. If you have time you should head to Somers National, it's a super hilly and twisty affordable (during the week) 18. Yay another misty wet day. This morning with the third dense fog morning in a row the slug and snail babies were out in force in the garden. I spent 4 hours with a tweezer and little shovel pulling them off plants and the ground. Yuck...
  6. I need to get over there, been saying that for years... What's the course like?
  7. I dunno, I thought it was kinda nice yesterday. I am tired of this grey stuff, I was hoping for a brighter couple of days before the Thurs/Fri gloom sets in.
  8. Nice fog this morning. Another day the garden won't need much watering.
  9. Yeah northern NH is spotty in the snowfall dept but strong in the wintry dept. Like much of the north country it can start early and it can run quite late. It's guaranteed to have an unpleasantly cold/icy/mixed up mess period but you'll for sure get your dose of winter every year. You'll also get a couple of bonus seasons - mud season and black fly season that aren't much of a thing down here.
  10. Littleton NH is a hidden gem It's misty out there, it has that kind of eerie B movie feel to it.
  11. Doesn't look like a water temp pattern that would promote much for tropical storm development or even movement this far north.
  12. I've had a good soaking rain for a while now and it looks like it's going to continue. This ought to set the growth of pretty much everything on fire!
  13. See and I think you have a problem. Well, maybe more than one but your warm fetish is disturbing
  14. Yeah there was a rapid drying over the last three days, this wind has been very productive at the same time the trees (finally) went to town and greened up. Trails in the hills around Danbury are turning dusty in spots already with almost no mud left (which is nice). Yup the pollen is a thing all of a sudden too. It has been a few degrees warmer here, you should take a ride up to NW CT and go for a hike somewhere like the Norbrook Farms Brewery trails then have a fresh beer.
  15. My mom was 7 months pregnant with me in July 66, they lived on the 8th floor of a building with no AC across the street from Brooklyn College. She complained about that summer for many years...
  16. It's surprisingly dry in the woods all of a sudden.
  17. I still have mud and the ground is wet right to the surface except where it drains well AND gets hours of direct sun. With the super slow leaf out the trees didn't do their usual thing and suck the ground dry.
  18. This is the third or fourth great bird year here. Considering how flying insect and bird populations are decreasing elsewhere I'm seeing exactly the opposite.
  19. Nobody but us knows "what it could have been", all they know is it's not really warm yet and sort of fits the melancholy mood that permeates life in the metro area at the moment. I'm good with no 90's for the whole year if you want the truth, I just don't want another wet one. Wet enough that the garden does well but dry enough to keep the skeeter population in check because there's limited standing water for them to breed in.
  20. Uggh. I'd be ok with a dry year for a change, the last 2 were wet enough to last me a while.
  21. Is it really going to rain 4 out of 5 days next week? Yuck...