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  1. So cloudy and damp but no rain for the next few hours, right?
  2. Much ado about nothing... A little wind, no thunder, .5" in less than 10 minutes and it was over.
  3. Put 'em back up. They look much better on the trees.
  4. I wear jeans and a very thin long sleeve so the skeeters and other stingy things aren't a problem. If your allergies are so bad that you have to spray poisons you should probably move. Maybe somewhere like the desert. You'll get all the extreme temps and shit that's you can take.
  5. I dunno I kinda like this. Working outside, doing stuff and being comfortable isn't a bad thing and with the price of oil heading north I'd rather not use any if I don't have to.
  6. Hmm, I'll be up that way tomorrow but only have time to drive through because I'll be working. Gonna have to stop and absorb the scene. It also creates the longest traffic jams ever. They tend to start somewhere around I84 lately. We were at Woodbury Commons a few Sundays ago and to come home through Bear Mt was 4 hours on Google Maps so I had to go north and over on 84 so it was only 2:45. It's usually 45 minutes or so. That sucked. Then last weekend we were at a fair in Rhinebeck and it would have been 3 hours on the Taconic/84 or Rt 9/9G so I took back roads through the hills so it was an hour faster. It usually only takes 1:10. Fk Sundays...
  7. @donsutherland1is that praying mantis in the picture native? I don't think I've ever seen one that big. I need one like that to take care of all the cabbage worms in my garden.
  8. He's from Brooklyn, they like it crowded
  9. It got bright a few times this morning but not actually sunny, more like through a thin to medium thick cloud layer and it's warm and humid. It doesn't really feel like fall but it looks like it as the color is getting good on most plants now.
  10. I drain ours 4 or 5 times a day, could probably do it more if I checked more often.
  11. @sn0w what's up man? We must be getting closer to winter for you to be back I dunno, mid 60's are comfy enough and it feels less like summer so that means it's fall, right? Close enough anyway, I don't need it cool enough to run the heat at night for a few more weeks.
  12. There's a late blight that seems to have gotten a hold of some maples and chokeberry trees. One of our maples has been brown and dropping for 2 weeks now and the pos berry tree went gold in early August, dropped a couple million half rotted berries and is now almost bare. The thing ruined 1/3 of my beds and made a purple mess of that end of the patio. Fukker is coming down soon
  13. Yep, color is getting good. ~.85 here yesterday.
  14. And I'm wearing a flannel because 60 and mist is unpleasant. If it gets too much cooler here in the house I may have to turn the heat on even if just to dry it out some.
  15. We're here today too. The distilleries and wineries still have free samples
  16. I'm at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds at the handmade fair, my wife has a booth here. There are a bunch of wineries and distilleries from NY with free tastings (and sales). I just tried a kickass potato bourbon that they have to call vodka because it's not made with corn or grain. It was soo good @Juliancolton this is pretty much your backyard, come visit.
  17. Color is gettin' good around the state. This is my favorite time to travel around, great colors, dry(er) air for long views and farm stands with tasty stuff all over the place.
  18. I was northeast in the Taconics and western Berks and barely saw a drop yesterday. My wife said it rained all day, we got ~.35".
  19. I just got back from a soggy lap of upstate NY, spent a few minutes along the Niagara river, saw lots of corn and went to a few good breweries. I'll be good if I don't have to drive in the rain again for a while. Up to ~.9 already this morning and that's on top of ~.1 yesterday. That's nothing compared to some spots I went through along the Southern Tier that were 3 feet under. Agriculture season is wrapping up in a big hurry, the leaves are changing and I saw two pickups with brand new snowblowers pulling into their driveways. It's coming...
  20. .02 again makes it .04 for the week. Shaded areas are still wet but sunny areas are hardpan on the surface and dry a few inches down. The garden is definitely winding itself down now, most things just don't seem to want to be growing anymore do I'm pretty much letting it fade. Still pulling tomatoes and peppers and the late planted potatoes are doing really well but the rabbits made short work of turnip greens and peas.
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