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  1. It's not bad at all so far today, there's some and it's hazy with a light breeze making 83° quite comfortable.
  2. It was terrible in central Mass and CT where it banked against N/S ridges. You could see it swirling. My wife said it smelled like burning peat.
  3. I got nuthin last night, well, enough to wet the ground and one local wunderground station had .01. Meh...
  4. I got some drizzle with one steady heavy rain for 5 minutes. I think the total was .03 or so. For the most part it slid by just north of me. I got a bit more wetness last night too.
  5. A strangely wet .03 this morning. I guess that it has been so wet that it doesn't take much at all to be soggy.
  6. That northern one got me about 2 minutes after I put dinner on the grill. That sucked. .22" in just a few minutes.
  7. I found a shell today and a live one two days ago. The live one was hanging out with some Japanese Beetles on my blackberry bush so I drowned them all.
  8. Looks like I did go below 60 but only a half degree below. It's still 65 which is nice. I watered some of the garden this morning for the first time in a while, it probably didn't need it but I had to get the fertilizer in. A bunch of plants were weakening and I think it was because all that rain washed the good stuff in the soil down or diluted it and the plants were struggling.
  9. Yuck. The air has a yellow tinge to it this morning. I can't imagine living in a place with terrible air quality like this, places in China and India come to mind. Looks like the next few days are gonna be pretty nice though.
  10. You can see it blowing and billowing through open fields. The visibility is still better than some of the days last year but this is a whiter smoke that is more cohesive and forms clouds.
  11. Once that last shower went thru around 2 it cleared up, dried out and got kinda nice.
  12. It has been in and out drizzle all day here, the last shower went through around 2.
  13. So hot on the beach at Misquamicut yesterday and it's melty warm in Westerly today. Sea breeze? Meh...
  14. Feels like summer outside Quite the improvement over the last few days but this is warm enough. lol
  15. Hey @wdrag I know you have some New England experience so... Do you think this makes it to the RI coast as strong as it could be here? We have a two day outdoor festival that we've paid for the booth space and it's rain or shine so I need to know how to prepare. Thanks
  16. My potatoes were doing better than I've ever had and then the wet... I can't even dig them up to try and save them, it's so wet the skins will just rip. I'm so bummed. So far the tomatoes are ok but my expectations for that to continue are pretty low. Lettuce is gone, peppers are pretty much useless and not producing, beans are slooow and brassiccas are also on their way out prematurely. I hope we get a chance at a second season.
  17. I stayed in the low to mid 70s. It's 71 now.
  18. Just start the winter cancel thread around Halloween and save the frustration.
  19. Yeah I'll send you some 4 legged critters that like tomatoes if you feel like you have too many. You can keep them when they're done so they can help you next time too.
  20. Man oh man, we were already having one of the most lush and heavy growth years in I can't even remember how long with plants growing that I've never seen around here and some that are going through a flower and seed cycle that haven't in 20 years or more. This recent wet cycle has put everything into overdrive! This may actually be a bad thing as the deer have unlimited food right now and they're stronger and healthier looking than they've been in quite some time. I've also seen way more babies than I have in a long time, bears too. I already have a few friends needing new cars due to them...
  21. That's our thing now too. I need to make it sale ready because we've pretty much had it with living here. 2 years and the kid should be graduating from grad school so we need to maintain this place to keep the in state rates until at least then. Her twin will hopefully start grad school in January so that puts us at 2.5 years until we can leave. I'd rather not have to do all of this stuff under duress though as old systems fail, I kind of want to make things nice rather than just fixed. FlexSeal works pretty good in chimney leaks. Looks like 1.6" will about do it for this morning wetness, we'll see what happens with that back edge line rolling eastward if it stays together and gets us wet this afternoon. The wells ought to be refreshed now so #bringbackthedrought
  22. Yeah the last year and a half has put this old house through the wringer. 4 of us here almost all the time have overused every system in the house. I've had hvac, electrical and plumbing issues, we had to replace the septic tank and pipe from the house a few weeks ago, the washer and dryer are worn out, the tub rusted out around the drain closer thing and 2 more trees have come down wrecking the fence in the yard. That's the second tank replacement in just a few years. We got rooked by a lying, thieving, slimeball of a septic guy who did shitty work then lied to us and made it worse over the ensuing time. Don't ever use Evan's Septic for anything, Charlie is a waste of oxygen. The gutter is overflowing because the wood behind the fascia is rotting so it's sagging a little. Old... damn.
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