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  1. I'm passing 2" now. 18/16/SN+ It's been mostly small flakes but it's changing now.It sounds like it's getting grainy.
  2. Hey Walt. I've never been any good at figuring out storm movement speeds and when they get to different places. When do you think that line makes it to the I684 corridor?
  3. 18/15. It just started snowing heavily again and the temp dropped a degree instantly.
  4. North of I90 and above 1500 feet isn't doing terribly so far this year and from about that high point on Rt 7 by Manchester (VT) above 2k it's been pretty good. K is looking good and by late Feb will be typical midwinter conditions. You're good to go. Very few of them really are. Even in the great winters people whine. I wasn't here in 96 but I bet everyone bugged out when the greatness got washed away before it got even better. Give it another 20 years. You start wearing a sweater around the house when it's 40* outside
  5. 18/15 winds are variable around the area but most have an E or N aspect and they're light at 0-5mph. There's only about 2/3" so far and the roads went to poop pretty quickly due to cold pavement. If you don't have to go out and drive don't. All of the rookies with summer tires are out there struggling.
  6. I had to run over to Ridgefield CT and we took my BRZ. It's unfortunately still running the 3 season tires so that was a "challenging" drive home. My wife wasn't enjoying it nearly as much as I was In all seriousness those first 2/3" really made a mess of the roads because it was so cold.
  7. As a side note that doesn't really belong in an obs thread but, in a more general sense when forecasts are made it would be cool if a distinction was made based on east and west of the River. I know it's hard to forecast for microclimates.
  8. How far north? North and east or...? Sorry I just never really know what metro area mets mean when they say that so I thought I'd see what you're thinking. There has always seemed to be more focus on N&W but that's almost always wrong for me and I'm ~55 miles due north of the Whitestone Bridge.
  9. 19/4 Radar shows I'm under a virga flizzard. Most stations in my area are now either S or SW but really light.
  10. Hey Rob or SNY is it snowing over there yet?
  11. It's one of those winters where that PV spins and occasionally a cold lobe rolls over and the cold enough part of it reaches this far south. If it happens to be placed right and finds some moisture at the right moment we get snow. I think it's about a 50/50 chance whether it's timed right and we go white or it's off slightly and we get wet.
  12. You'd be right. Usually it's because she's overwhelmed with my brilliance and patience but sometimes...
  13. I've been saying that since Pinatubo. Every time there's a decent eruption in an out of the way place I root for it to get bigger and my wife gives me s**t for it. I say I want it to snow more and she just shakes her head
  14. My twins just turned 21 last week. It's been a long haul Congrats NJwx. Haha now we get to call Rob gramps!
  15. I spent most of the warm hours on Sunday cleaning and prepping the garden. I'm going to go pick up soil and mulch this afternoon. How's that for optimism
  16. The modelologists are having a meltdown. What do we have to do to get a night that's not foggy and misty? This is 3 in a row now that it's just miserable and thoroughly soaking everything. If I wanted to live in a rainforest I'd already be there.
  17. It's here early, I've got very dense fog now. This sux because it keeps everything wet and zaps most outdoor fun things even though temps are reasonable.
  18. It's ugly out there today, cold with light mist. I was hoping for a nicer day than this.
  19. Those tornadoes in May '18 wrecked a lot of the best mountain bike trails around here. The majority of those are still blocked and starting to fade away. Unfortunately there's very little hope of getting them cut out and the trails reopened because the state and county won't give permission. It sux.
  20. I can't remember the last time it stayed so muggy that the streets stayed wet all day and never even tried to dry.