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  1. You forgot to mention the mist and drizzle, this is just an extension of the last four dreary days so far. Hopefully it will be really dry with a breeze to dry things out, it's too soggy to even do anything outside in the yard
  2. And another thoroughly dreary morning. This is getting old If I wanted to live in Seattle...
  3. ooh ooh I saw some sun today It was only for a few minutes but it happened.
  4. Well that explains it. I've been under a dense overcast all day and this shows that the edge is literally a few miles north of me.Had I gone a few minutes that direction I would have seen sun today like everyone else.
  5. I hate those days (like today) where everyone is posting happy sunny pictures and I'm sitting here soggy and under a dense overcast all day. I went out and took a look this morning and the slugs have taken over my garden, they wrecked the lettuce I know we need the rain, big time, but this isn't rain just wet and it fks everything up and it sux...
  6. For 25 years I've been saying there should be a national water transport system. Move the excess from wet areas to the dry areas. All I ever hear is that I'm crazy. I'm ok with that.
  7. I usually have my AC covered by now to keep the leaves out but we've needed to run it for an hour or two to dry the house out.
  8. My main reason for wanting one goes back to being a map freak and wanting better details than a sat shot can give me. I also want to film some mountain biking but I don't know that I could afford the follow drones that are good for that kind of use. I have a feeling that I'd rarely post pictures that could be incriminating but stuff like that is easy to say before you have the opportunity. I can't decide if I like it this warm at night this late in October but it is kind of nice out other than being a little soggy.
  9. How do they know if you have one flying over some of the less well monitored areas around here? Do drones have a transponder? Another warm and soggy morning and the garden is loving it. I had tomatoes start to pop last week and they're moving along quickly and my potatoes and carrots are going crazy. Anyone need parsley or cilantro? The plants are nearly three feet tall.
  10. And you were right again, it was a very soggy overnight. It's lifting a bit now but still only about 1/4 mile visibility.
  11. Fog is thicker and everything is now soaked. A half hour ago when I posted the paved surfaces were dry but now it's so thick that it's misting and has wet those down too. It's warm with temp at 57.
  12. 34 for the low here. I think one of our subforum members, DRVETS, has one of the weather stations closest to my house at his office. Maybe he'll chime in and confirm... Have you guys checked out the visual satellite this afternoon? There's so much east to west movement it's amazing. We're in this convergence zone with clouds backing in off the ocean mixing with a cloud bank popping from the S and a cold front cloud bank pushing in from the west. It looks so cool
  13. I don't really trust it if it has been windy at all while it's raining. The house is set really close to and below the street about 30 feet with huge trees right behind it so they put the station at street level on the roof of the house. When it's calm it's right in line with everything else in the area but a bit of wind and it doesn't register correctly. Even though it's on the roof I do think it's actually indicative of temps because it's so close to the street and the hill it sits on is so steep. I've met the woman a few times now and we talked about her maybe moving it so it works better, I know how it's supposed to be located but their property doesn't lend itself to doing it properly which is why I've never gotten one because ours doesn't either. On the upside, I don't think it's likely to get clogged with leaves because of its exposure and there are no trees above it.
  14. Station on my block has .83, ~2 miles south is 1.6 and ~1.5 west has 1.14 and 2 north is .92 so I don't know what I got but it's the second biggest total since May.
  15. I can't be overcome .73" today. One of my biggest one day totals since May.
  16. Ya know that's a good idea. Now I know what I'm doing tomorrow.
  17. On the upside a bit of snow would do wonders for soaking the ground so it can accept more water more quickly although it's not in bad shape at the moment. Nice day today, tomorrow looks good too, should dry the grass out nicely for a final mow for the year although I may have to do one more to mulch the leaves.
  18. Yeah all at once would be useless and a likely disaster. To really do any good it would need to be slow, like over two weeks, but steady. Is that another Halloween cancel snowstorm? That would be cool but not with all the leaves that are still on the trees.
  19. Two day total under a half inch. I was hoping that tropical season would give the drought a kick and do our wells some good but that didn't happen, doesn't look like there's much chance of a 10" slow deluge ahead either. It could be a long winter waiting for those proverbial April showers.
  20. Yeah, we'll see. If HPN gets .25 I won't be surprised but that ~30 miles is going to make all the difference. You mention the parallel with a winter storm, lol, in these cases it's fringe city here. I can usually smell the snow 15 miles south...
  21. I got that extra hundredth, the station on my street is .27 and there's a .31 two miles away.