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  1. Oh man, high minimums, high max's and high humidity. Weee it's an air conditioning party We should all buy stock in ConEd, etc.
  2. Oh noooo, I'll certainly miss your regular input. Still full coverage but that's totally aspect dependent. In the bigger picture I'd call it 75% but there are some southerly aspects that are completely snow free so it really is a zonal thing. Even at 25* today there is melting happening and the ice sheets from this morning are gone and the pavement is drying up. Winters back is definitely broken. I'll be fine if it doesn't snow again, moving my wife around with the broken ankle is a hassle even when it's dry and I need to move my 94 year old father in law out of his place on Friday and into a new place but with dementia he's no help so it's all me.
  3. We popped 40* for a little bit this afternoon but then the wind came up and it dropped right back down. It's really windy out there now, garbage is blowing out of melting snowbanks and blowing all over Rt 6. The roads are super wet in a lot of places as the snow is melting back, when that freezes later it's gonna be sketchy! 38/25/W10G18/Partly cloudy
  4. Great. Thanx. Still at 99% snowpack on undisturbed areas but anything with any southerly aspect to it is thin or clear as are the areas that blew clean during that first big storm especially on the south side of big trees and dark backdrops. Let's get this cold front in here to lock this stuff up. How cold are we gonna get tonight, 10*? Lower?
  5. 39/38/W3-VRBL/Fog The gloom is starting to lift, I can see pretty far down the hill but only 2 blocks up. The temp is creeping down along with the dp so it should improve.
  6. Yuck, pounding sleet. It's melting on exposed surfaces immediately but accumulating on old snow and shaded spots where the ground is a bit cooler.
  7. Yup it looks like it's gonna make it. Danbury is at or under 50% coverage other than northerly aspects but as you come west and uphill we're in pretty good shape.
  8. My half inch is a tenth high according to Walt's graphics. My eyes are old so it's ok
  9. ...and here comes the fog with rain Now it's a race against the clock to see if the snowpack can hold out until tomorrow night to give me a wall to wall month with no grass showing, the only bare spot on my property is on the south side of one of my big trees.
  10. It was a touch over .5" when it stopped, now it's raining lightly.
  11. I dont know if it's winding down but it's very light now with small flakes. I'm glad I got up and saw it, maybe there will still be some out there when the sun comes up but, back to bed now.
  12. Yup, it's happening here now. Big flakes, no wind - looks great.
  13. Yeah like he said, it's not everywhere on this side. I'm in the high 50's for annual and 40+ for February. It's usually the opposite but I cashed in this month.
  14. ^^ Hmmph. Does this snowpack that seemed so dense and durable make it to the end of the month?
  15. What i thought was a really durable snowpack isn't. This 50° sunny day is killing it. There's water running down the streets like it's a summer thunderstorm. I havent measured but I bet I've lost 8-9" in two days.
  16. Just a slushy coating on branches and existing snow but it whitened the edges of the street banks a bit so I'll take it. It just flaked for 2 or 3 minutes as the back end went through and now the sun is coming out. Yay sun
  17. Just a wee slushy coating on leaves and existing snow today but that makes it something like 17 or 18 days with snow this month. My p&c says sunny for the next 3 days, I don't believe it. Nope. Rob + PUI = Color me surprised
  18. It's snowing nicely now. 40/33/SE3/SN- I'm so glad that a couple of people that report on COCORahs in Westchester get it or I'd look like a slantsticker.
  19. Will you come help pump my basement out as it floods when that happens? Yeah, I didn't think so. We need a slow melt...