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  1. I go for milk, cookies and beer. Yes it would be devastating if I couldn't have these things, especially the cookies and beer.
  2. Sorta. The disparity between warm and cold air is greater so storms continue to hold their strength long enough to unload before finally moving out. At least that's the way my simple brain sees it.
  3. That much closer to the cold air source.
  4. I love when I'm in the jackpot zone a week out
  5. It makes me think of cookies. A lot of things make me think of cookies 35* windy and wet. Ooh boy fun.
  6. Avoiding DC was my thinking too that's why 81. I guess to avoid the cities that's the way the trucks go. Bummer. Yeah it's obviously colder but that's really the question, is it too cold and is that where the wintry weather will be happening if it's going to happen with this. I was figuring on leaving myself nearly a full extra day (need to be there Sat morning) by leaving here early Thursday. Should I leave before that?
  7. Hey all, yeah I know don't ask for imby predictions but... I need to drive down to FL on Thursday/Friday and this storm coming up looks like it might make that difficult. How far inland will it be mostly rain, IOW will I95 or I81 be wet or white? My road trip car isn't the greatest winter storm car but will be fine if it's just wet. WWAWWD? (What would a weather weenie do) is the storm going to be a dud, am I overthinking this, don't worry about it dude just keep those margaritas in focus and all will be well...?
  8. I got so thoroughly hosed on that storm. I think I was right about 6". Meh...
  9. Yeah the sun was surprisingly comforting today wasn't it. I was standing on the south side of a wall and it was truly warm and pleasant, much more so than the calendar date would have implied. I got to 51 at home but saw 55 near KDXR.
  10. No but every week it doesn't snow 5" or so I fall that much further behind average from here on out. This would get me pretty close to 20" on the season which is just about right for the beginning of Feb, a little short but not bad.
  11. Of course it will happen because I'll be in Florida for a Bar Mitzvah. As long as this isn't a coastal storm that runs all the way up the few days before so I have good weather for the drive down leaving here Thursday the 30th.
  12. So in the last three days I've rolled through every significant mountain range within 100 miles of home, The high country of the Taconics and Berks look the most like they should look this time of year but the only snow on the ground is from the storm last weekend so it's thin. Northerly slopes in CT look surprisingly good, I think because the last storm finished with some wet stuff so like by me the snow is packed down better and not all sugary. It's too bad it's about to go away because it's almost there... You know it has been warm though because there is ongoing construction just about everywhere and below 1k you're hard pressed to find fully frozen bodies of water and real winter really is above 1500 other than in select spots especially in the Catskills.
  13. 27* here on the hill but all around it's 8-10 lower and at KDXR it's 10*.
  14. Yeah time to get the golf clubs cleaned and the tennis racket restrung.
  15. Was it the first or second storm that month that destroyed my area. We got 8-10 of soggy heavy crap that came down hard and fast then got windy and brought down thousands of trees. The power was out for 5 1/2 days then came on just a few hours before it started snowing again and went out for two more. No heat or running water during the winter sucks ass. Now I have a generator but can't run the well pump with it, at least we can run the heat, fridge and most other stuff. I made a run around the southern Catskills and over the southern end of Shawangunk Ridge. It looks like real winter above about 1k feet and looking north, at the south faces of the high peaks are, it really looks great all snowcapped and heavily rimed. As you get further west past Liberty it's winter for sure rather than the barely winter it is here east of the river at the same elevation.
  16. I know it's too far out for accuracy but I need to drive down to FL on 1/30-31 and don't really want to buy new winter tires for the car. Are the chances I have at least above freezing temps for the drive pretty good? I'm good with rain but snow kind of leaves my car parked without the right shoes. I'll worry about the home trip on 2/10 when the time comes.
  17. Might this also explain the strong early seasons we see in marginal patterns?
  18. I ended up with a touch over 3" after the sleet and rain but it was just shy of 5" of beautiful fluff before the compaction. So sad that we can't get an all snow storm anymore
  19. I expected 3, got 5 but it changed to rain Im pretty sure there was 20 minutes of sleet but we were at dinner with friends so I only saw it out the window. There's a very wet, very dense 3-3 1/2 on the ground now and it's 31°.
  20. Damn its comin' down. I just drove down into Somers, the roads are pretty bad but there's nobody out and the old Durango is a beast in the snow.
  21. Funny you say that, it's been heavy snow with big flakes for about an hour now and the temp has been climbing but it's still down at 22. 22/22/S6-9/SN+
  22. Considering that I'm at about where I figured I'd finish if it snows like this for another 90 minutes I'm going to end up over 5" rather than the 3 I'm at now. Fingers crossed I avoid the changeover and get to 5". Temp is creeping up though, I'm at 20 now still on a very light SE wind so yeah, we'll see.
  23. 2" 18/16/S-E-SE 3-5/SN+ In the process of changing from all small flakes to grainy.