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  1. The fire danger is insane right now but it's spotty, disguising just how bad it is. There is a surprising amount of water in places that are usually dry when it gets like this, creeks are still flowing that typically go dry by this time of year but many small ponds and marshes have completely dried up.
  2. It's so dry here now, that inch last week didn't do squat to alleviate the long term dryness. I poked a hole about 10" deep yesterday and it was sandy and dry all the way down. I guess my joking around about bring back the drought was taken a little too seriously My well isn't doing too well, the pressure is inconsistent now and we are really having to be conservative which is tough with 4 people always home. While I don't really want the huge rains that come with a tropical system I really need it, I just hope it doesn't all come at once causing it to run off rather than getting a chance to soak in and do some good. Damn, 60* and dry felt good this morning
  3. First round slid by about a mile to my south. I could see the rain down the hill. The seco d round nailed me with .01 inches of dampness! Now it's kinda nice, temp is down and there's a nice breeze. Heckuva way to run a storm complex...
  4. You should have told me you were going to be there. I live right down the street. I could have come and played with you and showed you how to really screw it up. That's what I'm the best at. Ooh, ooh, I got enough rain today to wet the ground! FKNA yeah
  5. I always wonder what the borders are when SE NY is mentioned in a forecast. Is it mostly LI and the city or does that reach into Westchester and Putnam counties?
  6. If you put the ruler in upside down 4" will read as 8". That must be how they measure in Nyack to get the numbers they do...
  7. Couldn't ask for a nicer day. Today was another top 10 for the year. I wish I could've gotten out and done something fun... Digital thermometers have taken all the fun out of it.
  8. As more people are putting in weather stations and they're on WU I've gotten a chance to watch the differences and microclimates. I need to go find some of these and see how they're situated because the discrepancies are too wide sometimes and I don't like how they mesh with the local mesonet sites. Microclimates are cool...
  9. Lets see what we can do to move that first frost out to early or even mid November. Thanx. Well, I did get wet but just barely. All of the local stations are down but I don't think it was any more than .1". I guess that keeping the soil in the garden beds moist for days is all I can ask for, the cool temps are a bonus.
  10. Hang on down there. It has been an absolutely beautiful morning up here (so far) but I can see the storm just slightly to my SSW sliding by to the east. That's not going to help me ease the precip deficit I've got going but this has been the typical setup for the last 10 weeks or so, I'm pretty much used to it.
  11. There won't be a Santa Claus visit this year, too many travel restrictions.
  12. You nailed it Walt. The storm cluster early this AM crushed me with the heaviest rain since May. I got 1.3" in less than an hour! It was more than I got in the two tropical storms put together. Good wind, great lightning and gutter overflowing downpours. See what you can do to rustle up a few more of those
  13. I barely squeaked out .02 yesterday but finally got some real rain overnight, looks like 1.3. The station on my street went down when the power went out so I had to blend the next nearest 3 stations that didn't lose power. That's the first really good rain I've had since May! Yep, time is skewed badly this year and doesn't feel real in many aspects. I dont quite know how to straighten that out but I'm pretty sure I dont want to keep going through this nebulous space for much longer.
  14. You do realize how far apart these two places are right? There are also some big mutha rocks in the way too, Mt Whitney is basically a 14,000 foot tall wall on the east side (facing Death Valley) so any weather that makes it over the top boils off as it falls over and meets baking dry air that's rising. It's cool to watch and you can see it over many western mt ranges with radical east or south side drops.
  15. It started misting again around 5. It's not adding up to anything but it's nice that everything stayed wet all day, first time that's happened in quite a while. .23 total for the day.
  16. 64/63/DRZL/E1-2 Ooh ooh, up to .2" but the northern edge does seem to be sinking south and it's barely drizzling now so that may be all she wrote. I'd sure like to see another inch or so but that doesn't appear to be happening
  17. Hopefully the beach won't be elbow to elbow people like when I was there a few weeks ago. I was so uncomfortable I literally sat under our umbrella for almost the whole time we were there other than hopping in the water for like 5 minutes until someone bumped me and swung her head around and whipped me with her hair. The crowd was just overwhelming. This rain is wonderful! It's not adding up to much, .1 so far, but it's at least soaking the surface slowly and actually making things wet. After having my well run dry yesterday for the first time in years I'd be fine with losing an outdoor day if this would continue all day. It takes a heckuva dry spell to drain a 396 foot deep well, I guess 10 weeks with only about 5" was the threshold...
  18. 64/63/RN-/ENE1 This is the first steady rain I've gotten in a while but so far it's only .1". I think that 1mph wind is a bit light, the trees are moving a little bit more than that would suggest.
  19. Looks like it stays along or south of I278 in Westchester (again) and within a few miles of the coast in CT if they hold together that far east.
  20. I had a few hours of fog this morning It's already into the low 80's and climbing fast so further drying is on tap. Yay...
  21. I'm curious to see whose ideas pan out for later today, you or WDrag who seems to feel that the T-storm line will be 20-30 miles south of this. Similar to the differences in winter this "wet" period for much of the Metro Area has been anything but here in Putnam County. For all intents the dry period started in early June and hasn't changed. I did get some rains in July and about an inch so far this month but all told it's about 5" in total since 6/1 which is very light for this area and it's really starting to show. Much of the flora is showing late summer/early fall colors and trees in the usual spots are beginning to turn but this is 2 weeks earlier than even their regular schedule. The forest understory all faded and much of it died off already which is also several weeks early, the stress is evident. On the upside the dryness has allowed the bees and other pollinators to flourish far above the levels of the last couple of years, I have more bees in the garden this year than any other since the early years of this century.
  22. So, another complex that's likely to stay south of me. Dry begets dry...