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  1. Good morning all. It's still snowing here! I obviously slept some but not a lot and not for very long at a time and unless I missed a short no snow falling period it's 21 hours non stop now. It has been light with very small flakes since about 5pm yesterday and has been the slowest accumulating snow I've seen in a very long time, it has only built up about 1.5" since that time bringing the total to ~4.5" for the event. 24/23/NE3/SN-
  2. If not exciting means 16 hours of non stop snow with nearly every type of frozen precip in varying intensities then this qualifies.
  3. It's still snowing, 16 hours straight now. 24/23/NE3/SN-
  4. This has been a great little storm. I've had every type of frozen precip today and it's been coming down non stop for about 12 hours now. Right now it's tiny flakes packing in super dense and laying down a squeaky carpet. I know that the radar says it isn't snowing here but it is, I love that stuff almost as much as the snowglobe heavy fat flakes snow that was faling with the sun out this afternoon. 23/21/ENE Vrbl/SN-
  5. Radar says it's not happening but it is. This is the most persistent light accumulating snow in a while. It just keeps falling. Tiny flakes leaving a super dense coating, it's literally scraping it off the ground to move it. The first few inches early today were beautiful, then a spot of sun with moderate large flake snow, then a crunch layer laid down for a couple of hours and now it's been this stuff for almost 3 hours. I'd call it over 3" total accumulation, while I was expecting more like 6-7 this surely isn't disappointing due to the variety of precip types and duration of non stop precip. I'm passing 12 hours non stop which is always cool.
  6. No the roads get worse as you come south. Even Rt 6 is snow-covered now. I'm still getting frozen precip, sometimes it's falling sideways which is fun. I have over an inch since it restarted but it has been a variety of precip types ranging from freezing mist to fat flakes doing the snowglobe thing.
  7. 25/23/NE3/SN Snow has definitely picked up with good flake size and it's accumulating quickly as would be expected at 25* and unsalted/unplowed today so the streets are totally covered.
  8. Boom. Back to a steady light snow that looks like it's ramping up. Thanks goodness the freezing mist and sleet is over.
  9. Nah that's late 80's/early 90's Tahoe/Mammoth verbiage. Think surf crowd lifted 6k feet. Sorry bro This mist is super fine and encasing everything now. Ick
  10. The redevelopment is happening now here and it's more frozen than white. 2+" of really nice snow down so that puts me over average for the year which is nice but now it's getting crusted again. Does everyone else have a block of white matter after the warmth the other day? This stuff is durable!
  11. 25/21/N3/Freezing mist again After getting a beautiful, fluffy 2+" I went out to move it and it started sleeting and now it's a snow soaking, ice coating disaster unfolding.
  12. Cloud deck is thinning noticeably all of a sudden. Radar makes it look like the northern edge is about to sink south of me. I love when it's snowing fairly hard and the sun comes out.
  13. 23/21/NE1/SN Slow start but once it got going it accumulated right away and pretty quickly. I need to go out and check but it looks like over 2". Even with the very small flake size it's really fluffy and easy to move which is good.
  14. I'm south of 84 and have nothing going on. It started early this morning, I had snow falling at 3:30am but apparently that was just a tease. What I thought was wet is nothing, barely even damp (frozen) but I can see it precipitating south of me because the southernmost ridges are gone and the closer ones are fuzzy. 22/16/NE4/OVC I'll be ok if it doesn't snow at all, my wife's ankle is totally wrecked, multiple fractures and a torn ligament, and I can't carry her down the stairs and out to the car. I started shoveling a path up the front yard yesterday but with the snowpack being frozen solid I only got a few feet and still have 90 more to go plus the frozen 4 foot thick plow pile to get through. I really need someone with a plow blade to come help but nobody seems to want to, the two I spoke to said they're afraid of getting stuck on the hill and they won't even try.
  15. Just woke up, I have nothing falling and the ground looks wet but at 21° it probably isn't.
  16. 22/10/NE2/SN- Flurries falling for a little while here.
  17. Nah at this point we need it to hold through the end of the month. The sun is starting to put a hurt on the snow but we can push it a few more weeks before it's futile so lets see it happen. Things have that stale winter look now and need a refresh. I went out to move the snowbanks back or at least shelf them to make some room for tomorrow's snow but everything is frozen solid and I don't feel like working that hard to break them up. Maybe the sun will soften them somewhat. Yeah I was thinking it's time to plant inside, gotta get that up and running ASAP, headed off to Amazonia now to go get some grow lights.
  18. Nope heavy snow at night when it's cold so it's fluffy and accumulates better due to ratios and you get more. If you want it photogenic just go outside and play in it, who cares what time it is. Don't go gettin' all old guy I gotta stay in at night on us now It made all the difference today. My driveway is 100% ice free. I'll take it. Actually when I was out I noticed that a lot of S-SW faces are melted off so yeah, it's a thing now.
  19. First they need to make people just a little more intuitive. "The whole place is covered in snow it's been cold, the ground might be frozen and it's misting so that might actually be ice not water so maybe I should move cautiously and find out..." But no. Yeah it's like that. @WG yup. Early next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday.
  20. Ankle is broken with possible ligament damage. We'll find out more tomorrow. Everyone including whatever local media she checked downplayed the ice so she thought it was just wet when she went out and BOOM down she went. Looks like I'm down to a 6-9" pack with spots of 15 and bare spots. It should be locking up now, hopefully we top it with the next two storms to insulate it and it ought to be on the ground into next month. For the winter that wasn't supposed to be it might end up hitting my top criteria, long duration snowpack. I'm good with that, it can be warm all it wants as long as I get a month or more with solid snowcover.
  21. I saw 48 on the dashboard on the way home from taking my wife to the doc. Got some really great melting around the area today and the blocked storm drains across the street I was worried about melted out. I got the driveway and around the house done so it shouldn't flood and the roof is completely dry and ready for the next round.If you haven't done the same think about it NOW. I don't think I'm getting the path dug out up the front yard before the lockup tonight which kinda sux. Gonna run to HD or Lowes now and get a few more bags of sand.
  22. 43° and climbing with filtered sun. Ice is gone from the critical spots which is good but the amount of water pouring down the hill that could freeze tonight is worrisome.
  23. The lowest 2-3" of the snowpack are dark grey and slushy. All of this rain has soaked through and this stuff is gonna be here forever after it locks up tonight then gets insulated by a half foot on Thursday.
  24. Thanx WG. 39/39/RN-/Fog-Mist This rain and mist could stop now. The snowpack is thoroughly waterlogged, at the bottom of shovel cuts the lower 2-3" is dark grey and soggy. It looks like I lost 4-5" in most spots and there are some areas that were thin from the wind that are starting to show grass through the snow. This is gonna be a whole bunch of no fun shoveling that path out to the street
  25. Yeah it doesn't appear to have hurt the snowpack too badly and it will surely lock up tight tonight with temps in the teens. My worry is all of the standing water out there right now that has no place to go because of all the snow and ice blocking storm drains and watercourses. Things could get interesting.