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  1. It's not about actual amounts it's about soggy, boggy ground and gloomy uncomfortable conditions. I just spent 11 days on the road with a 6 of those in S Florida. As the weather broke last Sunday and the sun came out I felt different. By Monday afternoon in Key West I had been wearing sunglasses and short sleeves for 2 days and I was thinking more clearly and feeling better. Over the course of the week I definitely felt like I was functioning better overall. On the drive up it was clear and sunny and all was still well but waking up to the gloom and mud here yesterday sent me right back. I'm having the hardest time getting back in the game and working again.
  2. Yay for over 12 hours of dense fog I'm so sick of soggy.
  3. The difference a bit further north is significant. It was thigh deep or better at Smuggs this morning.
  4. My friends in northern VT, northern NH and the Daks are lovin' it.
  5. And holy sht what a storm that was. 17" of tree snapping glue! It fell in just a few hours with insane winds and the temp dropped 30 degrees while it was happening. That was one of the most memorable and damaging storms of the last 25 years where I live.
  6. Solid winter going on apparently. It's similar around the Daks and Green Mtn spine up north from pics and reports. Well, I got home just in time. It fizzled for 5 minutes as the temp dropped from 34 to 32 within the last 3 miles of home. 3,489 miles with nothing more than some light rain in the Lower Keys and finishing with heavy flakeage as I pulled above 500 feet coming up the hill. It's snowing nicely here at home and I have a cold beer helping me to wind down after starting the day 700 miles away and having lunch on the beach in Virginia.
  7. I've been there, had friends that were students 35-40 years ago. Is it still populated by mostly rich fk up kids that smoke an inordinate amount of really good weed?
  8. I'm ok with it, we don't need them anyway. So what's it looking like on Sunday? I'm driving back from FL and have summer tires on the car.
  9. Too far, you're kidding right? Why do so many people think that anything outside their regular routine is too far to drive. I know I'm on the other side of that, I'll hop in the car to drive to Burlington to have a beer with friends, I'll go to Ellicotville to go mtn biking and I just drove to The Keys because it's easier than flying and renting and stuff. 2.5-3 hours seems like a nothing little ride...
  10. Ya think? For many the hobby has morphed into modelology rather than meteorology.
  11. Dude you really need to just move. You're NYPD right? Head for the north Bronx or Westchester.
  12. No driving was pretty sketchy and I was kinda busy I have the worst tires on my car for cold slippery roads and this was right at that hairy edge of "oh shit". I've only seen it happen at MUCH lower temps and only when surfaces are already frozen and coated. With everything including the air well above freezing this was so unexpected and awesome to experience. It was right at that fuzzy top edge of the cloud deck and there was nothing at all above or below that thin layer. I obviously didn't have much to do other than cruise in the dark after that so had hours to sit and analyze it and just kept buzzing about how cool it was. I think my wife got a little bit annoyed Woot I'm famous
  13. Nothing other than the rime accumulations that were happening while we drove through.
  14. I'm hoping to set up a snowmaking system at home so this would actually work well for me.
  15. I'm in FL but my kids said it was snowing at home last night.
  16. The Blue Ridge Pkwy and Skyline Drive is one of the best drives in the country. It adds at least a day to the trip and if you have time is absolutely worth it but, not at this time of year. I wanted to add that when we were driving through the riming zone the sky was blue above us and when we'd pop up a few feet above the cloud the temp would jump and we were back on dry ground then would descend back into it again. 12-1500 feet above the clouds it was 5>7° warmer than at that riming point and right below it was dry too but there was a ~300 foot thick zone it was happening in. Cool stuff...
  17. I saw something I don't think I've seen like this before today. On I81 in VA as we got above 1200 feet and reached the upper reaches of the cloud deck the temp dropped to 35 and the rime frost started accumulating. At one point around 1500 feet it was an inch deep. It was so pretty the way everything with any sort of westerly exposure was dusted. I've seen riming before but never accumulating on otherwise bare ground with the air above freezing. I also didn't realize that 81 and 77 run at such high altitude,over 2k for a long time and popping up to 2900 at points.
  18. Well, it looks like I'm getting lucky with a nice weather day for a drive to Florida. I'll be back around the 10th so if it's going to snow this winter this is when it's going to happen. Enjoy the snow guys
  19. Wasn't much of a winter until March of 1888 either.
  20. I think it's more important that it flurries enough to whiten the surface of what frozen stuff didn't get washed away. It also looks like it's snowing fairly hard along the Berkshire Anticline right now.
  21. What's wrong with oatmeal? Meh... It's snowing
  22. It's snowing. Well, more like flurries but yeah it's happening
  23. I go for milk, cookies and beer. Yes it would be devastating if I couldn't have these things, especially the cookies and beer.