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  1. Massive vertical relief does it every time. From Denver up to the tunnel is nearly 7k feet and the ridges are another ~2k up from there. It's even more dramatic in California, try from Death Valley up to the ridge along Mt Whitney where it's over 14k or from Weed (on I5) looking up to the top of Shasta where it's over 12k. I think the best I've seen is from the water to the top of Mt St Elias in AK where you're looking up over 19k but it's over a much longer distance.
  2. I was in Denver one day in August 1997 and it was 109* near downtown. A little over an hour later and about 60 miles away it was 26* and snowing heavily as a cold front was dropping into the area. I left the city wearing shorts, no shirt and barefoot with the sunroof out of the car. As I drove along I had to close the windows and turn the heat on, then it was time to put on some shoes but all I had with me was sandals. When the snow turned from spits and fits to heavy snow I stopped next to an overhanging rock to put the roof back in and grab a jacket out of the trunk and there was 3" of snow on the ground. Another 15 miles west and it was 85* again and I was way overdressed. I love that place
  3. It drizzled for a minute here, not even enough to wet the ground under the trees.
  4. It's hard to know what I actually got overnight, local stations range from .08 on my street to ~.6 at a station within 2 miles. Now there are a whole bunch of them within a couple of miles, some just a block or two apart and they all have different numbers. I know that it was a steady rain for a while, it seemed like it should have been more than a tenth but not more than a quarter. Anyway, yeah, damp but plants that were stressed aren't anymore and are progressing on a more normal autumn course.
  5. With how challenging life has been this year I'd be fine with this. I sure won't mind if my garden keeps producing for another two and a half months.
  6. I posted earlier in this thread about being in the vicinity of this cell and watching it get its act together. This was one of the most impressive cells I've seen in this area for a while, I'm not surprised it blew up like this.
  7. It didn't miss completely, I got another .04 bringing it to .31 for the day. Weekly total of 1.14", add that to the inch and a half the week before and I'm just over 7" since the end of May. Soil moisture is good the first few inches but rock hard and dry below that.
  8. .27 on the day and it looks like I'll split the goalposts on the line sinking south so that's probably it. With the rain at the beginning of the week I barely broke 1". Heckuva way to break an 11 week drought.
  9. Looks like I slid through the lightest rainfall area with the batch this morning but the next round is incoming and is aimed right at me. I guess another inch or so will only do good things for the well so bring it on.
  10. Well that was fun, .25" in 10 minutes. It's lighter again but still coming down at a good clip.
  11. Very heavy rain now, gutters are overflowing and the driveways across the street have water running down them like a waterfall.
  12. I thought today was pretty nice actually. Ehh... @Hitman my 3-4k is probably light, I forgot that I need a new breaker box too. That and the permit which costs $1k and a whole bunch of time from a contractor on the approved list that the town building dept keeps. My neighbor got a pretty nice whole house Generac that cost him $3k. The whole job cost a bit over $10k! This town is so fkd up...
  13. I was in Danbury and Brookfield as that cell slid by to the north. That was one of the more dramatic storms I've watched this year, it was black and the clouds were bubbling and rolling and the wall of rain falling out of it was impressive. Where I was barely even got wet until later so I could sit and watch the show.
  14. Wow. I had almost no wind at all but there's quite a bit of reported wind damage right in my area. I forgot to report the small hail I got yesterday, it only went for about 5 minutes and the stones were not even dime sized but the put a hurt on some of the broad leaf plants in my garden.
  15. I'm curious what the estimate was. The $3-4,000 it would cost me for just a plug is outrageous so I backfeed.
  16. .84 total for the day including the morning line of rain, highest wind gust was under 20mph.
  17. I'm at .52 after two rounds of heavy rain.
  18. Had another 5 minute downpour that put down another tenth so I'm at .52 on the day (so far). No wind with the second round.
  19. I got a very quick .4", very little wind a fair bit of thunder and a little bit of lightning. Sun is coming back out. Radar looks like I'll get another storm in a little while but it may slide just south of me as the line is sinking pretty fast.
  20. I'm in Brookfield CT right now and that cell is sliding by to the north and east. It's ugly, roiling clouds, black as could be and with a kickass outflow boundary that's stirring things up pretty good here.
  21. I'm in Danbury and the cell that's sliding by to the northeast is for real. It's black and roiling with a very refreshing outflow boundary.
  22. Yeah I really have no need for severe weather but do need multiple days with significant rain. The pressure coming out of our well is pretty inconsistent, that's when pumps get damaged and to replace ours is well over $3k because of how deep it is
  23. Well, lets see if the little bit of rain I got this morning opens the soil up so it accepts the rain later rather than rejecting it and causing it to run off (at least initially).
  24. This morning has been wet and cool but only .05 (so far). Curious to see how things play out later today.