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  1. Last night was firefly central here. Well, across the street in the neighbors yard but close enough In the last two weeks I've also had an explosion of different bee species and dragonflies. I can still do 200-300 mile days in the car and only have one or two bug splatters on the windshield so the insect die off is definitely real
  2. If ya hadn't noticed this is kind of a bad place to have a tornado. Too many trees, too many overhead utility lines and an awful lot of dumb people that would go out to watch. I dunno, maybe your town is different...
  3. 75/74 and showery. Up to .15" on the day, the most in one day since Fay.
  4. 75/74 we had a couple of good showers and up to .15 now, that's the most I've had in one episode since Fay.
  5. This time it's drizzling with big enough drops that if one lands in just the right place I might register .001 lol.
  6. I've got plenty of cicadas but almost no fireflies.
  7. I've been dry too, 47 seconds of very light, immeasurable, drizzle. 74/71 now. I'm kinda psyched, someone on my street got a nice weather station and it's on WU so I don't have to patch together reports from around the hill and town to get decent data.
  8. The shore break at Robert Moses was pretty intense also but it was relatively easily managed. So far this morning I've had less than 1 minute of very light drizzle. Since about 7:30 I can see the rain to my north but I'm dry. I have no need for severe but an inch of rain would be nice.
  9. 10 miles east of there it's as dry as it gets but it looks like we're gonna get doused in a few minutes.
  10. I got .04, that makes .05 for the week. I should sit down and add it up but I doubt I'm over 3". It's so dry, SO DRY, in the woods near me right now, it's hardpan and dusty and the leaf carpet is crackly. Fire danger is coming up quickly now.
  11. Yes but will the water be closed? It's a waste of a day if we can't go in the water.
  12. Does anyone know if the sharks have moved away from the coast on LI? The wife wants to go to the beach again and it looks like tomorrow morning ought to be ok but I don't want to drive an hour and a half if we can't go in the water.
  13. Man, these crazy storms where I get a few hundredths of an inch are awesome Maybe we'll get a hurricane and actually soak the forest for a change rather than just dampen the surface. The fire danger is starting to get scary.
  14. I got more last night than last time, .04"! Useless...
  15. My experience is that it's always north and east of the center that gets the most dramatic effects of an east coast cyclone. As it runs up the coast it drives the wind and moisture into that upper right quadrant then over the top. In Floyd I got over 14" of rain in just a few hours as the storm ran into LI. My memories of Glorian are a little bit muddy but in Oceanside I don't remember it having much impact at all and we were just a few miles west of the center as it came onshore. For Irene I got absolutely drenched here in southern Putnam, we lost a tree that fell on the house and had no power for a week after, Vermont got thoroughly devastated with a foot of rain as did parts of the Catskills and I'm pretty much due north of where it made landfall. Of course these are anecdotal but I tend to remember the big ones pretty clearly.
  16. It was rumbly south and north of me. I got some drizzle that wasn't even measurable because none of the stations within 5 miles of me reported anything. It did drop the temp 15 degrees which is nice, it's 74 now and was 89 earlier.
  17. It's pretty cloudy so it's not that searing heat but it's more like an all encompassing energy zapper. Blech...
  18. At this point I'm rooting for a warmer than normal September and first half of October. I planted a second crop in the garden that should mature by mid to late September so a few weeks leeway will be good.
  19. I'm always glad when it gets dry that our well is 400 feet deep. The only time we've had a problem in the last 24 years was when the pump actually went bad because of other problems with the system. The downside to a deep well is when you have to replace the pump it's a big hassle and big $$. I was up in the western Berkshires this afternoon and coming home I could see the storms down in the Bronx from north of Hillsdale NY, about 100 miles north of them. I was guessing the tops were over 40k and the color was great with cloud to cloud lightning highlighted by the sun setting and turning the clouds pink and purple. Here in eastern/central Putnam and northern Westchester it has also been very dry this month other than Fay and even that wasn't the big numbers seen elsewhere. There was a nice wet period where things stayed soggy for a week or so but it wasn't due to big numbers just persistent wetness. Now the forests have dried out again back to where they were during the mini drought and the fire danger is creeping back up.
  20. It was still 80 here at midnight, that pretty much never happens. The 75 low is also really high for here.
  21. Is it wearing a mask? 75/72 with the morning low of 72.
  22. I'm 5 minutes from KDXR, it's a comfortable 88/62 here with a nice breeze. The shade is much nicer
  23. We touched on 72 dewpoint but it was only 75* at the time and the sun was barely reaching the treetops so it was still reasonable. It's hot now but still sort of ok 90/65.
  24. Wow, you guys are talking about high minimums and here it was one of the nicest mornings in a while. Just beautiful.