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  1. Yup I'm a fan of riding in 65* weather in January so that's what I did.
  2. Yup, I grilled last night and probably will again tomorrow. It's kinda nice out there right now and looking like it's just gonna get better. What should today's outdoor activity be?
  3. I dunno, I thought it was a much nicer snow than the squall in December. I only got .5" but it wasn't very windy and the rates were insane.
  4. That's a crazy bright full moon tonight.
  5. I love that stuff. It's gotta be fun skiing under the lights tonight. Looks like it's pretty much over down here, everything is drying up as it downslopes off the Catskills. I got a few more short bursts that didn't add up to anything but it whitened the ground slightly. It's cold and windy and it feels very wintry now.
  6. When you get 10-12"/hr for 5 hours straight and the snowbank outside your window goes from sill level to over the eave and it gets dark in the living room at 1pm it really sinks in how awesome and terrible heavy snow really is. 16 hours of shoveling the next day totally brought it home. Thankfully the 7-11 across the street didn't run out of beer
  7. Was it NYE or NY day we had thunderstorms? Damn I can't remember a week ago... I'm so fkd That was pretty amazing, thunder and lightning with heavy rain, dime sized hail and frozen goop at about 45*.
  8. Are you saying that it's not over, there may be another round of squalls? It kind of has that feel...
  9. That was pretty intense. .5" ought to do it.
  10. The frost is more noticeable than the 7 flakes that fell.
  11. Nope not here. I'm at about 10" of frozen precip with about 2" of that being snow and the rest ice and sleet. 3 ice storms in a row to start the year kinda sux.
  12. It's definitely not what it's supposed to be like around here. Ah well, enjoy the low heating bills.
  13. I think I'm still at or under 10". It almost felt like winter for a few weeks there, a few days sure did, but it really doesn't feel any different than November or March.
  14. Sorta, I had a fair amount of pellets and graupel with that. Calling this an event was more sarcasm than reality I barely have more than a coating but I'll call it a dusting because it sounds better.
  15. Nice dusting on everything. I hope this isn't the only all snow, no ice event of the season.
  16. Of course that was the second year for the ski shop I had just moved into a new building. It didn't snow and things were worse than touch and go until a friend helped me out and we turned it into a mt bike shop in March. I think the local ski area, Thunder Ridge, had a season total of about 15" and that included 2 sleet storms.
  17. My p&c added some snow in before the precip pulls out tonight.
  18. I was hoping someone would get it. LOL.
  19. I'd take another December '15 any day. We hardly had the heat running and I was mountain biking in shorts and t-shirts right through Christmas, 65* on Christmas eve at 8pm in the woods was awesome. If it's not going to be truly wintery spring is just fine. Give me snow or give me warmth, this in between garbage we've had this year is annoying.
  20. .04" yesterday and nothing today, 44°. Not much of a storm... It is super thick fog with a few random raindrops falling now though so everything is soggy.
  21. Well that was the shortest winter in a while. The forest is starting to wake up with new greenery and even some flowers popping. Here's an odd observation - When the early month cold snapped last month most of the ponds and reservoirs had little to no ice other than in shallow coves but over the last 2 weeks that ice has expanded and in a lot of cases is nearly complete on the more sheltered ponds. This ice growth happened while we stayed above freezing for 8 days! I'll be curious to see how the warmth and rain today and tomorrow affects it but the last one had no effect at all, the ice kept growing.
  22. I could definitely see a big storm or two, it's all about the timing, that could get most of the area close to normal before that window shuts in late March but I also don't think the rubber band is going to snap like that either. Quickie little cold shots making people remember that it is actually winter will stick out in their minds and make it seem different than the numbers will prove out. If I don't have to worry about heating oil bills for a few weeks I'm good with it Dec 15 was great, I don't think we even used 30 gallons that month so about a third of normal.