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  1. 48/42/RN- Pretty uncomfortable out there.
  2. The green out there has nothing to do with food (or environmentally wise aspects), it's lawns, non native landscaping and golf courses.
  3. Sort of but not really. The way they develop out there includes new green areas that were just beige before. These newly landscaped and grassy areas add to the RH and general cooling in the valley bringing the temps down (theoretically).
  4. This morning Al Roker tossed a stat up the Las Vegas minimum is up 7 degrees over the last 30 years or something like that.
  5. Yeah whatever I ended up with ~.8 for the event but it's wetter than that due to persistent dampness for almost three days with low temps and no sun. Nice day today
  6. I'd rather have 70 than 85 (or higher), keep the electric bills down with the AC not running. That said, today's 50 is not 70 and it sux.
  7. In general, people are more likely to complain than to compliment.
  8. Since the dry period began last spring it seems that it just wants to be dry rather than wet. Other than a few weeks this winter and a short stint here and there it's tough to meet expectations for rain events. It's dry out there and this current event looks to me like it may end up with pretty moderate totals (unless you get under a good t-storm), like so many before it, that don't help to bring back the soil moisture levels. If you're on a well like me you may want to consider water intensive projects now rather than waiting, if we do go dry like late last summer you may not have the water resources to draw from. I think I'll do some power washing while it's raining the next few days so I don't have to use as much water to rinse.
  9. I was hoping it would actually rain today, the pollen on the cars is terrible. That blob on the radar is a tease.
  10. What do you sell at craft fairs? My wife's entire business revolves around them and we too lost a year...
  11. .28 Sketchy wind. Big broken trees making ugly noises.
  12. A moist and mild May isn't a bad thing. Gardens appreciate it. See what you can do to keep it just moist and mild as opposed to wet and hot/sticky
  13. Wind is up here on the hill. Most stations are 6-10mph sustained with gusts between 13-20 but with almost full leaf out most of those stations are below treetop level so not fully exposed and giving low numbers. Treetops are bending significantly and you can sense, if not hear, that roar. Branches down in 3, 2, 1...
  14. Wet but not wet, .26 event total. Third wave incoming, let's see if I get one good downpour to bring it to .5.
  15. It has rained enough since this morning to keep things wet but it's not adding up, just another .01 since 8:30 this morning. It's drizzling now though so we'll see, it looks juicy enough upstream.
  16. It's really soggy out there considering only having received .19 so far. Fog. That's ok, it's a good way to give the garden a good soaking without getting a ton of rain.
  17. .14 from that first round.
  18. I'm getting more rain than I expected. The first bit was significant at .07, now it's just light rain/drizzle.
  19. 84° with a nice light breeze. Nice day, a little too warm but I'll take it. Is it going to rain later or just another .2" tease?
  20. Nah you can keep it. On the upside, a day like that will go a long way to warming up the soil.
  21. It's turning into a really nice day. 60/34/WSW5/CLR Of course I have to spend most of the day driving people around
  22. It has been a very windy spring for sure. I'm afraid of what the fire danger could look like when it finally warms up if we don't get a few significant storms. Right now, other than this years new growth, everything is tinder dry.