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  1. ~1" give or take a few hundredths from S>N. Looks like it's gonna be a wet overnight.
  2. Yup the color is popping big time but the leaves are falling like snow, a little more wind and some heavier rain and it will be more than half over pretty quickly. A couple of hours of light rain today softened the ground up nicely so when the heavier rains come it should mostly soak in.
  3. Yesterday my wife said the color is already better than at any point last year.
  4. Run that with 5/27 as the start date. The departure in SE NY should be much more significant.
  5. I can't believe all of the whining over a September that feels like September used to be rather than the last few that were just summer extensions.
  6. At this point I'm only using the sunny spots and letting the others go down for the season. I'll rework the layout for next year soon because a few of those plants are still flowering and drawing bees. I didn't hit freezing through this stretch so the things that were growing slowed but didn't stop and the root veggies and potatoes seemed to love it, so did the broccoli that had bolted and gone to seed because it started forming new heads which really took off in the sun yesterday afternoon. I thought those plants were long gone but left them because the bees like the flowers and now it looks like I might get a third round of food out of them. Garlic gets planted this week.
  7. Yeah I think my tender stuff made it, the peppers weren't looking too thrilled with the situation this morning but they perked up this afternoon. Hopefully the late planted tomatoes set some fruit with this incoming warmup and the basil fully recovers, all of the other herbs are happy and the root veggies are too.
  8. Yup it's 5781 now, we made a quantum leap. Phew, that's gotta be a relief. Now you just have to hope the theory that you can't catch it again is for real. Eek on the stone! Good luck with that.
  9. Brrr, 60 in the house. Yeah the no craft show thing has completely wrecked my wife's business. Between my business being in the dumps because road tripping sucks and the engine in my car blew up a month ago and her not having any shows to go to and sell her stuff things are extra tight here. 2020 sucks.
  10. I see a mention of frost in the forecast this morning. I need to scramble and figure out how to cover the parts of my garden that are still producing now. The two warmish days we just had got the late planted tomatoes to pop a bunch of flowers, same with the string beans. We've been enjoying the things that are still happening and I'd hate to lose them now knowing that we really have a few more good weeks ahead.
  11. The place I was mountain biking today was changed dramatically by Floyd. One section of trail in particular I named Floyd. 21 years later you can still see how 15" of rain in just a few hours ripped 4 feet of topsoil off and rolled 2 foot boulders down the hill. On the other side of the hill there's another spot where the creek that's usually 2-3 feet deep went to 15 in spots and shredded the canyon walls. I was out driving during the heaviest part of the storm and it was intense! I'm glad I did it and saw it rain that hard but I dont think I need to see that again.
  12. I saw a really cool smoke effect this afternoon when we were out riding. The contrails from a jet had crystallized in the smoke layer and there was a dark stripe across the sky with waves emanating out from it like the wake behind a boat. It was hard to see with the naked eye but put on a smoke lens sunglass and it was awesome.
  13. Looks like some serious rip currents for the S shore of LI.
  14. I may just barely break 60 today, it's still mid 50's now.
  15. Looks like 43 here, it's still 41 over at KDXR. What about that smoke... yech
  16. I noticed that last week. You have been able to see it above the clouds since last Thursday. As I started to type this Janice Huff was doing a smoke forecast.
  17. That's off a little bit here. It has me at .75>1.5" and my total was .64.
  18. While I didn't get the big totals being seen elsewhere around the region here's my obs from the local stations that I posted in another thread - "Nice little slug of rain here today but again, I seem to have missed the big numbers. Several stations within a mile are at .64 but 2 miles south it's 1.3 and 3 miles north it's 1-1.2 so there's a pocket where it was considerably less. It's pretty awesome how many stations are on WU in this area now, last year there were only 3 or 4 but now there's a dozen within 5 miles. Pretty cool."
  19. I'm also of the mind that activity helps recovery. I've been known to push those limits often to the dismay of doctors but, so far, it has worked in my favor most times. IMO busted ribs are mostly just uncomfortable as long as it's not the kind of break where a bump might puncture a lung. Nice little slug of rain here today but again, I seem to have missed the big numbers. Several stations within a mile are at .64 but 2 miles south it's 1.3 and 3 miles north it's 1-1.2 so there's a pocket where it was considerably less. It's pretty awesome how many stations are on WU in this area now, last year there were only 3 or 4 but now there's a dozen within 5 miles. Pretty cool.
  20. .01 here, .03 2 miles south and nothing 3 miles north. It's been wet though with thick fog yesterday and this morning mixed with unmeasurable mist and light drizzle so it's wet but not really, it's dry under the trees still. Another miss...
  21. Yeah I try not to ride when it's wet because when I do I seem to wreck and it never ends up good. After 2 1/2 wet years there is a lot of moss and lichen covering the rocks and it gets super slippery when it's even just a little bit wet. When I have a chance to think about it my risk tolerance is way down lately, unfortunately I seem to still ride like I used to when I'm in that brain shut down mode when I'm in the thick of it. Heal up quick. Nice and wet out there this morning but the ground is nearly dry under the trees again so part of my garden has been nicely watered this week but the other half is dry and dusty, so strange that it's so different 20 feet apart. I harvested turnips today after planting them 5 weeks ago and they were huge, what should have taken 60 days took less than 40. String beans are doing well, peppers are doing great, lettuce is slow as are carrots but herbs are going nuts and tomatoes I planted from seed at the beginning of August are 2 feet tall and starting to flower. It also looks like I'll end up with a nice second potato harvest. All in all a successful second round out of the garden so I think I"m going to try planting some more stuff just to see what happens (seeds are cheap), if the real cold holds off until mid November I may even get a third round in which would be really cool after getting such a late start.
  22. I don't know if there are more of them but they are more aggressive this year than they used to be. I can't go out in the driveway wearing shorts after the sun goes behind the trees in the late afternoon without getting thoroughly chowed on and my wife has been getting so bitten up when we do things that we both have taken to wearing jeans from about 4pm on no matter what the temps are.
  23. I could see significantly denser clouds to my north from those showers. They did spill over somewhat and were pushing quite cooler air as that happened but it was momentary and fleeting. If you're more sensitive to the details in times of more passive weather it can still be plenty active, this was one of those times.
  24. Heh. I was just thinking the other day that some people have their lives documented in photos after a couple of posts on Fb and I realized I went years where nobody took my picture unless I was visiting my parents. I had a nice camera for a while and mostly took scenics, the few pics I took when I was doing things were in the bag when the thing melted in a house fire. There's a 13 year period that I have almost no pictures of. Yup, nearly perfect day. Looks like we have a few more coming up.
  25. Oops, I just realized that's 10 years off, it was 1987. Sloppy thumb typing