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  1. Nice to have some sun today. Nothing worse for a already depressed mood then day after day of low clouds and misery mist
  2. I had a light sleet snow accumulation on the uws and non accumulating snow for a good portion of the day. I’m pretty sure you said that was impossible
  3. Actually had a decent little coating of sleet for a bit on the far uws. Still a sleet rain mix. This storm is def colder then I was expecting
  4. Actually have a light sleet coating on the uws currently. Surprised there is still some frozen.
  5. That’s what I’m hoping, I would like to start planting some perennials I have under lights in my shop. So if it’s going to really freeZe let it be with April 82
  6. With the growing season taking off we really could do without that.
  7. Really bummed about the early shutdowns. I was planning on doing a 4 day weekend next week with 2 days Stratton 2 days sugarbush. Both are closed for the season now
  8. The college I work at had canceled everything and sent students home for the semester. Since I’m in charge of horticulture, I can’t imagine what would happen if I was asked not to come to work. And all the damn snow is melting at my Vt house. I’m pretty bummed right now.
  9. Dust on crust. Your going to need a solid dump to fix things. The southern greens look like they are already in trouble. Season looks extra short this year
  10. It would probably mean cold for New England behind the same old gradient
  11. I was just thinking this weekend could be a glacier. Sunday was pure, perfect spring conditions. Had a really great time riding soft, but not too soft conditions.
  12. People are interested in weather in general.
  13. Almost time to grade this disaster winter. Personally it was my least favorite of all time. As some of you know snow for me is more then something I’m passionate about but has major financial implications. There are many out there hurting from two (coastal) duds in a row. Even the 80s as bad as they were had some snow.
  14. It’s actually good for the environment up there as the prolonged cold will help with invasive species. We also rebuilt some sea ice this winter