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  1. Looks like a flash flooder forming over queens. I can see the towers from the uws
  2. Have some incredible hail damage on the UWS from last night. Trees are shredded, based on videos I saw from coworkers that were here last night the hail was golf ball size and accumulated. I wish I was here to see it. Now on to the cleanup.
  3. There should be some big winners in the rain department with slow moving convection. Any storms that setup and air could produce flash flooding. Now to get one to setup on the uws!
  4. Par for the course. I think allot of it has to do with the extremely dry soil conditions near the coast as well.
  5. Seems like our best threat in a while. Damaging winds are a real possibility. Maybe even the D word. I’ll take anything, as long as it comes with heavy rain.
  6. Exactly. What we need is an actual low to track slowly over us, with onshore flow and stratiform rains. A summer nor’easter type deal where it rains light to moderate for a couple days. When the ground gets super dry it hardens up and runs off very easily
  7. Another day without rain? Not a good way to start the summer. As we have seen in the past drought often leads to more drought.
  8. Offshore water temps are finally making their way through the 60s, that should help make precip easier to come by for the coast. Something about water temps between 50-70 are very stabilizing
  9. I’m really hoping for a switch to wet, starting the warm season already in dry state is going to be a nightmare for me watering.
  10. They weren’t anything special at Jones beach. They both had minor roll clouds, but very little lighting or wind.
  11. Some incredible super cells currently in Pa. behind the discrete cells is a solid MCS. I think we have a very interesting night on the way
  12. That would be excellent. Soil moisture really takes a hit this time of year with out frequent rain due to peak insulation.
  13. Agreed. I wonder if it has something to do with the orientation of the Great Lakes. The only one I have experienced on LI, the infamous sept 98 one came straight from the west, counter to the normal NW MCs source
  14. You can tell that’s a true derecho now as it heads out to sea and is barely influenced by the cooler ocean. Should be interesting obs from the hotel buoy shortly
  15. Turning into a mini derecho. Let’s see if there are any interesting coastal effects. There is a situation we’re a tsunami can from from the water being pushed out sloshing back