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  1. The funny thing about late season warm weather is, it has zero effect on the fashionistas on my campus, they are wearing the cute dresses and tights regardless if it’s 80 something. I’m all for it, but I’m still sweating.
  2. American dream mall in New Jersey. I did an august sesh for shits and giggles. It’s exactly what you expect.
  3. I’ll take it, gross out today, I think I must have started acclimatizing back to cool.
  4. Pretty amazing naked swirl ejected from the convection currently. One of the best examples of shear you will see!
  5. I think we lost more beach in the last month than the last several years combined. Major long period hurricane energy followed by endless easterly flow and resulting higher tides. If we get a big one this year it could set us back to sandy levels.
  6. Definitely some haze in the air in wantagh, still at my dads finishing cleaning up from the storm. The current issue is the water table is up so much it’s causing water to continue to trickle into the basement. Another heavy rain event soon would be very bad.
  7. Me too, moved out of Lb in June 2012, I had 6” of water in the apartment during Irene, so likely several feet during sandy. with this current event the handicap women who lives below me in lynbrook had 5’ of water. I lost most of my pride and joy veggie garden, which is trivial in comparison. I’m currently at my dads in wantagh dealing with his basement as he’s in Spain. Not a fun 2 days for me, after dealing with flooding for 12 hours at work on the uws yesterday. Unfortunately this is our new normal.
  8. What an absolute shit End to the day. My landlord blamed my vegetable garden for the basement flood. I have donated 100’s of eggplant from this garden. I can’t stand people who can’t understand our new normal.
  9. Really wonderful night, coming home to the elderly women who lives in the basement apartment bellow me. Her stuff is all the over my patio, I feel so bad… there’s nothing I can do, it all happened while I was at work. So sad….
  10. Just got word from my sis my dads basement is flooded. Going to tackle it in the morning. Just finished a 12 hour day dealing with floods at work.
  11. I’m worried about going home. If that line continues east I’ll have to head to my dads in wantagh to pump his basement. He’s in Spain currently. So two places to worry about.
  12. The jfk area is going to end up the jackpot. Not that you really want to be in this type of situation. Luckily for me I live on the first floor of a house in lynbrook, the basement which is almost the same size as my apartment was also available at the time for half what I pay, I looked at it, and thought, yeah no floods. Having lived in Long Beach during my 20s that’s an important lesson.
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