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  1. Had about 20” above 2k at Stratton. About 16” of wet snow at my house at 1600’. Power is out with lots of tree damage
  2. Exactly. We are also missing true arctic air. It’s just one big blah of continental polar air.
  3. Remember Alberta clippers??? They were fun back in the 90s. Occasionally one would drop 3 or 4” inches of powder followed by real cold...
  4. Here’s my lineup. The John Deer is far and above the most practical and best machine
  5. Would you rather it be -5 for the month with no snow? Personally I’ll take the nice afternoons. Any one indicator doesn’t make for a good pattern.
  6. I always wondered what our winter temps would be like if we just sat in our own airmass. No injections of cold from the north or warmth from the south. I think this is just slightly cooler then what you would get as we do have a little northerly component to the flow.
  7. Rain snow mix currently on the far uws
  8. Had a few sleet pellets but mostly rain on the south shore. Heading to the uws later today for snow removal standby (not going to turn down the OT despite the fact that it will likely be a non event)
  9. Ummm 2/5-6/10???????? We watched you get smoked! I could see the heavy snow bands over the ocean but only managed a couple inches of wind blown pixie dust
  10. Getting that very distinctive roar through the trees you get with gusts over 50 now on the south shore. Not sure if I’m going to stay up or set an alarm for the beach drive
  11. It’s not often you can stand in 40-50 sustained gusts in the 60s (70?) right on the beach front. I have done it a few times, the last being March 2010. I was at work on the uws during Isaias and sandy was too dangerous to get near a beach.
  12. Hanging on to the last patches of snow in north Lynbrook. Very apparent now that significantly more frozen precip occurred here then at my Dads in south wantagh. Winds are still pedestrian. Going to do a drive to the beach during peak winds