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  1. Nice weather is open to debate. All get ridiculously hot. Florida has cat 5 potential and Texas ef5
  2. About time. Last nights rains were definitely beneficial. Soil moisture has really been dropping as new plantings I have done we’re starting to wilt with irrigation not on yet for the season.
  3. That April 1923 reading of 12 is extremely suspect. That has to be in the .0001% return rate and most likely the most extreme low ever recorded in NYC if true
  4. There was softball 4” size hail in new Hyde park Long Island with an isolated pop up sea breeze front storm about ten summers ago. Lots of legit damage.
  5. I tend to agree with this. I remember several MCS as a kid that were damaging across the whole area. There was one in particular in April late 90s that had some good hail.
  6. At lease we got some blocking this winter. The worst is when it’s warm all winter and we flip to a cool dreary spring with a mega -NAO.
  7. The timing is incredible and concerning. Without recon we will never know for sure what these WPAC beasts are really obtaining. Once you start maxing out T it’s hard to differentiate between 175kts and 200 and 900 and 870.
  8. Already snowing nicely on the summit. Too bad they are closed for the season! (Just saw you’re other post) https://www.stratton.com/the-mountain/webcams
  9. Rode Sunday river on Sunday and sugar loaf on Monday. First time at both mountains. Sunday River was a mess and really struggling, lots and lots of mud and walking. Not a speck of natural snow. Sugar loaf was a whole other world. Tons of natural snow above 3k and had a great time. What an epic mountain. Definitely going back mid winter next season!
  10. 1997. Huge hit for New England. Temps were just too warm for the city and the island with lots of white rain and a few inches of slush
  11. He’s got some elevation so that helps allot this time of year. Mt. Pocono at over 2,000’ will do real well.
  12. Decent day out there today given the circumstances. Early from mid mountain up was firm and fast. Below 2500 never locked up so spring conditions continued. By noon the whole mountain softened up to spring conditions which got a little moguled with a Saturday crowed. Planning on heading up to sugarloaf the weekend of the 11/12 as SVT may be finished relatively soon. Over all a decent winter for SVT.
  13. I was surprised to find a decent amount of snow left at my house in SVT. Being tucked in a gorge and north facing really helps with retention.
  14. Hopefully we do not see another 2015/16 anytime soon. The worst part about that season was the incredibly warm early season which left only brief windows for snow making. So your entering prime season with very little base. That further complicates things anytime you have a warm up or cutter. 2008 early April was another incredible warm up and rapid melt out. 100% open with deep snow to almost closed in less then a week. High 70s at the summit of Killington. Got the worst sunburn of my life!
  15. They are all crowded. The limited loading of chairs and Gondi at Stratton have been an issue. I haven’t been to Mt snow or Okemo this season but I would expect the same. I’m heading up tomorrow for what hopefully isn’t the last weekend