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  1. Let’s start pumping water temps too
  2. If we get .10” on the uws I would be surprised. It takes everything to wrong for that to occur with the kind of dynamics we have today
  3. Can’t buy rain on the uws. Everything is training just to my east and messing up instability for later.
  4. We should see a nice old school wide spread wind event later today. I’m not saying the D word but a nice MCS with locally damaging winds. I think most places city west will see gusts to at least 40mph which should blow the pollen around!
  5. It’s theoretically possible given the right circumstances for one to last forever. Lows do not just “fill” as long as there is moisture transport from the ocean.
  6. For some reason that has been the theme lately. It’s like a boost from the Gulf Stream and then fizzle. 50/60 degree water temps are very stable. Once you get into the 70/80 range convection fires
  7. At least we will still get a descent soaking. I just installed 40k worth of plants on campus and haven’t turned on the irrigation yet
  8. It’s gotta be snowing in the poconos over 2,000’. I wonder if there are any accumulations anywhere
  9. Too bad there aren’t any higher mountains at our latitude. The Catskills have lots of peaks over 3,000 and a couple 4,000 that would definitely be snow.
  10. Exactly what I thought when I saw that forecast. Another hyper active season and it’s hard for us to not at least be effected.
  11. I’m thinking more off the grid places. Maybe even somewhere in British Columbia
  12. Precip fail yesterday as we head into another quick dry up. Feast or famine rain patterns are the new normal.
  13. Other then 33 and rain my least favorite type of weather. For some reason these types of data always feel cooler then the actual air temp, it’s like the opposite of humidity at a higher temp
  14. That’s a great arboretum. Amazing that those trees survived 38 and carol.
  15. My uncle had 10” in Susquehanna county about 30 miles south of Binghamton. He’s at 1900’ so definitely maximized snow fall. Where did you see those big numbers?
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