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  1. Or we could go full 01/02,11/12 if the polar vortex stays strong. We will need a major disruption to drop the AO. This winter could easily be a full ratter for us.
  2. You know things are dismal on the winter weather front when the entire main thread is dominated by snowman.
  3. Which means nothing when there are no systems to take advantage. Cold and dry is the worst. Some of the most boring weather possible for this time of year. We can’t even get a strong cutter
  4. Actually had a few flakes mixed in with a rain shower on the uws About 2 hours ago. So first flakes in nyc
  5. I’ll take the accumulations in BC mountains please. Looks like strong winds Friday night with gusts to 50 possible. That should take care of the rest of the leaves in the city.
  6. The park hit 32 between hours. My annuals on campus are still alive though. So I wouldn’t call it a true freeze at least on the uws
  7. Thanks for posting this! I have always been fascinated with west Hampton. Sometimes it almost seems unbelievable. Almost like a mini chinook.
  8. 29 in wantagh for the coldest of the season. Still only managed 35 at the Park. So the growing season continues on the uws. I just started potting my elephant ears here on campus for the winter.
  9. Exactly. The only way the coast is seeing snow anytime soon is with a perfectly placed powerful low. Think post Sandy storm. Water temps are ridiculously warm for this time of year. The flow has to be straight north. Any east at all and it’s torch city.
  10. Growing season still going strong on the uws. I still have tropicals out on campus
  11. Anyone looking for coastal snow in November needs to understand climatology. It happens, but it’s rare, even in the past during a colder climate.
  12. That’s exactly what happened during the February 1899 beast. Look into that storm if your interested in all kinds of crazy snow in the south. It just missed us up here but gave 30”+ to cape may.
  13. Just had some very strong winds on the uws, estimating gusts over 40. This area does really well with se winds as we are up on morning side heights, so we naturally Stick 150-200’ above the rest of the city to our Se.
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