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  1. Anyone else just feel a minor earthquake?
  2. Speaking of lake effect the Ontario band tonight is bonkers. Perfect fetch for the tug hill they have to be have 4”+ hour rates
  3. Just had light snow on the UWS, any standing water is going to flash freeze
  4. The water is warm enough but the air really isn’t. You need true arctic air and a perfect wind setup. The fetch just isn’t long enough
  5. For sure. Best banding kind of parked over the southern greens today. Magic will be epic tomorrow. That place is a hidden jem after a good dump. Their snowmaking sucks so you gotta hit it with the natural goods.
  6. I’ll be up there Thursday night. At 1600’. Then Stratton Friday-Sunday. Looks like they jackpot with this one and may even wind up with a foot. Fine with me!!
  7. How is the long range a lock? The models have been all over the place. We could just as easily see a reversal again. i don’t get the modelogy
  8. Could be the much talked about ice melt cold water. Supposed to lead to a colder Western Europe
  9. Unfortunilty i remember that one well. My ex gf was living on the Ues at the time and I remember taking the train in and seeing the snow from mid Queens on
  10. No way the southern Vermont mountains are getting one to three.
  11. Ha! Wantagh, hence heading west from Wantagh... just messing with you. The most snow was at my destination 120th and Broadway. However there was noticeably more snow from about central queens on. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come this winter for us
  12. Yeah, well be right where we want to be in the battle zone!!
  13. On the train into the city and the amount of leftover snow increases steadily as you head west from wantagh. So there was definitly less snow in eastern Nassau. Even though numbers weren’t that dissimilar a good portion of the snow in eastern Nassau fell durning the final band when ratios were highest and thus melt the fastest
  14. Going with 3.5” for south wantagh. Only because I went with 5” for the UWS and there was visibly more snow there
  15. Yeah mid town is like Broadway up here at 120th street. Never accumulated. But about 5” on the colder surfaces. Solid event here