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  1. Back over to moderate snow svt. Ended up being a much more frozen event then expected here. I wonder if it has to do with the strong lift and greens
  2. Moderate rain snow mix at 1200’ in SVT. Looks like heavy snow on the cams at Stratton. Doubt it lasts long
  3. I do not think a change in track is what we need, temps are just too warm. What we need is a stronger low with stronger dynamics. At this lead time that’s still on the table. But the airmass isn’t going to cut it at the coast without a bomb.
  4. That’s allot of white rain for the coast. Verbatim this is a big hit inland and elevated, more like something you see early or late season where you need some elevation to gets temps to workout. We would want to see this really bomb to draw in colder air and create its own cold pool. Plenty of time to get things to work, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic outside of our NW guys
  5. 2.5” Uws. Shooting for 3” and it’s going to be close
  6. Where were you the last 10 years? 14/15 started on 1/20 as the foremost example. Patterns like to lock in our current climate and a change to cold is on the way. Find the cold find the snow... Even last years disaster had a nice 10 day blitz. This is not 01-02 or 11-12.
  7. Huh? For all intents and purposes it hasn’t started. Wall to wall winters are super rare here and will be even more so moving forward. Be happy with a solid 30-45 day period on the way
  8. Still waiting on that storm track change. Other then that this one can still produce our first low end plowable event if it comes in like a wall. Feb 14 showed us what a wall of snow can do even right at the coast. It will be more of a now cast to see just how much lift we can get at the onset. A quick 2-4” more north less south scenario seems reasonable right now
  9. This screams last March to me right along the coast. (I’m talking immediate south shore and jersey shore) where East winds are the kiss of death and you scratch an inch of slush and 10 miles inland it’s another world. We really need to speed things up.
  10. Looks like those posts were made just before the winds swung around to ESE and really went off the scale. Up until that point (to a novice) it looked like we dodged a bullet. The tide posts I do not get, high tide hadn’t occurred and he was claiming victory. Either was that was the most epic bust on this forum of all time. He was like the captain on the titanic saying we can still make it when the ship was up in the air.
  11. No one and I mean no one wants this more then me. Anything plowable (3”+) would be a dream come true as I just took the head role on the snow removal. I would consider this a bonus if it happens before we see a full scale pattern change.
  12. Way too much time to be locking in solutions. This is thread the needle. Allot has to go right.
  13. Anything that early would be a bonus, I would like to be inland and elevated for that. Once the pattern fully changes let’s see if we can rearrange the storm track. The last thing we want to see is, going from cutters and huggers to suppression depression.
  14. Just follow the trends of the last few years, even decade. Post 1/20 has been the sweet spot. Starting with Jan 15