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  1. Regular composted top soil. Most areas will have there own local brand for a couple bucks a bag. Don’t waste your money on any specialty crap.
  2. Drove straight through the southern greens on the way home today, and the amount of snow between Stratton and mt. Snow in the highest elevations was incredible. Banks on the sides of the rode were over roof hight. Somewhere in that area had to have had 50”+ during the big storm. Mitch land for the win. Whole other world, down here.
  3. 1.5” snow sleet mix. Had some lightning and extremely loud thunder over night with a heavy sleet shower.
  4. Basically full on white out at Stratton currently. SN++++ check the cams if your doubtful. 2” in 30 min
  5. Light snow has finally begun at Stratton SVT. Still have a 2’ glacier at my house. Still no cable or internet after the top of a white pine landed on the roof.
  6. Good luck in lynbrook, way to much light pollution. Why don’t you go to your Poconos house. I’m in Vermont. I should have looked for it last night but fell asleep early early after snowboarding all day
  7. I’m up at my house in Vermont and the damage is incredible. I didn’t go up late weekend due to no power. A huge white pine lost its top and it fell on the roof of the house! Good thing I just rent for the winter. Trees down everywhere. The forest floor is covered in branches. 30” of wet snow with 40”+ at higher elevations. The amazing thing is there is absolutely no tree damage above 1500”. All the damage is in a band between 500’-1500.
  8. 5 post please kick in. Your trolling hard even for you today. I get it people pushed you past your limit. March 2018 of is a hard sell but some wintry weather is a climate score
  9. A average high is actually 67 in January because it’s a water temp as the park is under water.
  10. Delaware had 40”+ last winter. Try Charleston sc
  11. There’s decent snow cover in the southern greens above 1,000’. Though even there it’s below normal for this time of year and going fast
  12. More then likely we will see multiple large events that favor the interior and the city struggles due to the late timing. March/April 18 incoming?
  13. I’m going to say this now, the futility record goes down in flames in March. As much as I would like to forget this non winter and move on to spring there are storms on the way and one if not more will produce
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