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  1. Ugh. A small, rapidly moving hurricane in the Caribbean…. It maybe used .0001 of the potential energy stored. It’s very difficult to explain in words so I’m not going to go there. If you understand, you understand.
  2. Yep, it’s been traveling over more heat content than most classic storms from the past. Throw that in with rapid movement and relatively small size and there is almost no up welling cooler water temps. It’s hard to up well when your 28c therm is 1000 meters deep.
  3. That oceanic heat content hasn’t been disturbed in a few years: add that to the fast movement and it’s just heat heat heat. Being able to overcome normal factors…..
  4. For the Atlantic absolutely. What I think we need to start considering is the NPAC where waters have always been warmer. Hence the many intense super typhoons over the years.
  5. Yeah definitely dark with rolling thunder but nothing like the other night, we’ll see. At least I’ll take the rain.
  6. Actually pouring finally in lynbrook, after the first storm fell apart. Not severe by any means but decent.
  7. It’s pretty much inevitable this time of year on western long Long Island. Somehow eastern suffers ok does better despite being further into the ocean.
  8. Had to have had over an inch here as the hail core moved through. I have a great video that’s on my social:
  9. Winds were like 40ish, but what Impressed me was the hail.
  10. Best storm in several years in south nassua. Lots of pea sized hail
  11. If this misses the city I’m going to lose it!
  12. Very impressive upwelling event off of New Jersey the last 2 days. Water temps went from 72 to 61! That’s huge, and probably historic. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=44091
  13. It’s really strange. Because even the east end had storms yesterday and today. And currently there is a nice line of storms over Nantucket. One of yhese days I’ll figure it out. But we have gone to flash drought for sure.
  14. Going to be a 00.00” and another 00 for today on the south shore. I guess this was the climo before we started changing the environment 200 years ago. The extreme south shore was an extension from of the pine barrens. For lack of water not lack the of the soil nutrients.
  15. Wow, this sucks, for those of us that care about plants on western Long Island. We totally missed again (yesterday too): the last line in Pa is wreaking as expected.
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