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  1. At this point it’s looking like the the majority of the metro gets through this with .00”. So yes thats a bust. During the time of year with the highest insulation, if we do not start seeing rain soon then we will be headed into a drought.
  2. It’s been storm after storm running just offshore of the south shore heading east. And they even intensify over the ocean. Pretty much the opposite of what you usually see. Meanwhile we can buy rain from western Long Island west
  3. Sprinkles, but some nice strikes out over the ocean at Jones beach
  4. It’s still early. As we speak there is a training storm on the north shore of Suffolk that’s definitely producing flooding
  5. The south shore can get very hot on the right wind direction, but you know this having grown up there. I swear the hottest I have ever felt is at the beach with a strong Nw flow. The sand radiating has I cause near surface temps to exceed 110
  6. Starting to get pretty dry on the uws, we missed out on the good rains the other day only recording .30” at the meso.
  7. Definitely, though this trough has come with lower fees which allows highs to soar when we have full sun and anything but onshore flow.
  8. It’s been dry so that helps the park with less transpiration from the vegetation. Just another point of proof that the numbers are off being in a virtual forest.
  9. About damn time, we kept missing out. The shower tonight actually contained some very heavy Bursts much heavier then would appear on radar
  10. Starting to get very dry on the uws as we have missed the last few rain events to the west and to the east. I almost find it amazing that given the trough it has been so dry.
  11. Excessive precip and tropical systems are definitely on the horizon. We are loosing that cool water buffer more and more. Those strong SW flow heat events actually do more to upwell cool water. It’s the constant onshore flow that allows out coastal water temps to soar.
  12. That 86 for the park is ridiculous. It’s easily low 90s on the uws
  13. Ended up being correct. As we know the marine influence negatively effects all but strong warm fronts. I should have factored that in. Our convection season is coming, when water temps get above the mid 70s
  14. And right on schedule the radar is lit up! Bring on some heavy rain!
  15. Landcane? 995….. that would be truly impressive if true
  16. Seems like we can do it early and late before the predominant high humidity pattern sets in for the heart of the summer. Almost monsoon like
  17. I always wondered how these backdoor fronts do not create convection
  18. Long Island will crush records today with offshore flow. It’s baking on the beach at Jones beach right now
  19. The wind is strong out of the nw at Jones Beach right now so record temps for the coast should be crushed today. Looking forward to that BDCF
  20. Haven’t seen any yet on the uws or the island. They were just starting to show up at the end of the last growing season.
  21. They aren’t cold relative to normal for this time of year. They can fluctuate tremendously this time of year relative to other times of year as well. With insular radiation near peak a couple sunny days with light winds and surface temps shoot up. Inversely with a strong offshore flow upwelling can drop temps up to 20 degrees in a day. (Right on the beaches, further offshore where the buoy obs are taken there is less variability)
  22. It’s amazing how the line has a gap headed for most of our area
  23. Let’s start pumping water temps too
  24. If we get .10” on the uws I would be surprised. It takes everything to wrong for that to occur with the kind of dynamics we have today
  25. Can’t buy rain on the uws. Everything is training just to my east and messing up instability for later.
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