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  1. Actually, the temp at TTN has dropped from 31 at 3am to 28 at 6am. DP also fell during that time.
  2. especially in March
  3. Fully transitioned to snow now. Was a mix of sleet / snow until about 5 minutes ago. Lambertville, NJ
  4. Today should be day 18 in January that has a T or more of precip at TTN according to the Preliminary Monthly Climate Data. Does anyone know if that's a record and if not, what the record is?
  5. Where do you have it sighted? Near a building w/ sun reflecting off it?
  6. Snowing here as well... just East of Lambertville NJ
  7. link to denver post see this one at a-basin?
  8. A little late was driving up 380 west north of mt pocono this past saturday. Sun was shining while heading through mt pocono but thunderstormy dark clouds on the horizon. About mile 13 on 380 I hit a squall that took dry roads to the picture below in about a mile. That's the fastest I've seen the road conditions detoriorate ever. It was great to witness but holy, going from 80 to 5mph in that time frame was an experience
  9. Maybe similar to grape vines? In the Finger Lakes, when temps dip below -10 below it could harm the buds. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/money/business/2014/02/06/finger-lakes-wine-vine-weather-damage/5264857/
  10. Has your area been in a drought? I'm pretty happy where I'm at water-wise. Need to get ground water re-charged before trees start their uptake?
  11. It's in patches in the lawn here and there. I've tried to dig it up in the past but that just ends up spreading it. It's usually gone by early mid-summer
  12. Does that work on FIg Buttercup? I have an absolute ton of it I'd love to erradicate: http://www.nps.gov/plants/alien/pubs/midatlantic/five.htm
  13. I'm assuming the light blue east central PA northeastward through New England is the 20+ range and not the 4.5-5" range? They couldn't have used different colors?
  14. Sorry to ask this, but I skipped over the earlier posts from this morning, what was the '18z GEFS shift"? I just figured they were further east than earlier runs...