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  1. New Norman sounding has a MUCH weaker Cap & Stronger Thermodynamics for Supercell development
  2. Tom Pastrano is getting a good view as well . . . And Val Castor is starting is get a really good view as well
  3. May have initiation right now near Altus or Hollis, OK
  4. This is probably just shy of a PDS Tornado Watch. O_O
  5. This link would be EXTREMELY useful for tracking Supercells in Central Oklahoma, trust me . . . https://www.news9.com/nextgen-live-radar
  6. Moderate Risk bigger & farther North, also includes Tulsa, Bartlesville, & Stillwater
  7. It's really Windy outside, & my gut is telling me that today is going to be really bad News 9 said that they would not be surprised if there is a PDS TORNADO WATCH from the NWS
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