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  1. NWS Fort Worh asked them for a verification, like @*IndyMeso* did. But this is not the biggest ever confirmed, the Texas state record is 6.4 inches near Hondo in April 2022, Burkburnette had 6 inch hail in 2020.
  2. Iowa is at the Triple Point again, highest forcing & could get yet ANOTHER Moderate risk there if the Mesoscale models keep going like the 12z HRRR did to Iowa
  3. Japan has Ocean-effect snow, they get a LOT of snowfall every winter
  4. Maybe Winter is acting like "Snow to start, dry in the middle, & then end with a BANG!"
  5. Wednesday does highly depend on the northward extent of the severe weather threat because some models have a MCV developing into the Ohio Valley on Tuesday.
  6. Yes, the Pink area matches the SPC's High Risk area, Ventrice's experimental automated forecast uses the colors for the SPC's Convective Outlook. (Thunderstorms, Marginal, Slight, Enhanced, Moderate, & High (Could not find the Pink))
  7. NWS-Radar, Local TV Radar (That might be very difficult for some), Satellite, Observations, Watches, & Archived SPC outlooks.
  8. April 10th looks to be likely Capped out, & April 14th currently has too much uncertainty.
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