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  1. Some of mine too, everyone's forecasts fails at some point every year. I'm now the Family Forecaster, & apparently that my accuracy is higher than the TV forecasts & it's not needed anymore, if my family wants to know the forecasts, they rely on me. (No, I'm not kidding.)
  2. This is the 2nd run in a row from the GFS to feature this at around Christmas Week
  3. Same at my place, fell to 35 with the wind chill in the 20s
  4. I don't like Pepperoni, even though I do LOVE Cheese Pizza though.
  5. The PV is also starting to look more unstable by Christmas week as well.
  6. Especially forthcoming from what happened this past Winter. I had 18 inches from 2 Storm systems in a 72 hour span!
  7. The +EPO is not letting the snow try to fall east of the Mississippi, I've seen this case before, December 1990 is a strong analog. Wait until the 2nd half of the month.
  8. No snow, even from the NAM, I'm back to the waiting game again -_-
  9. You don't need to smash the Refresh button, it updates by itself on TT
  10. I'm only seeing a WWA across New England at best with the upcoming storm system.
  11. Oklahoma is in the Western US Forum, & it's mostly dead! (Where else should I go if that forum is dead?) Either way, I was born in CT
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