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  1. Some of mine too, everyone's forecasts fails at some point every year. I'm now the Family Forecaster, & apparently that my accuracy is higher than the TV forecasts & it's not needed anymore, if my family wants to know the forecasts, they rely on me. (No, I'm not kidding.)
  2. This is the 2nd run in a row from the GFS to feature this at around Christmas Week
  3. Same at my place, fell to 35 with the wind chill in the 20s
  4. I don't like Pepperoni, even though I do LOVE Cheese Pizza though.
  5. The PV is also starting to look more unstable by Christmas week as well.
  6. Especially forthcoming from what happened this past Winter. I had 18 inches from 2 Storm systems in a 72 hour span!
  7. The +EPO is not letting the snow try to fall east of the Mississippi, I've seen this case before, December 1990 is a strong analog. Wait until the 2nd half of the month.
  8. No snow, even from the NAM, I'm back to the waiting game again -_-
  9. You don't need to smash the Refresh button, it updates by itself on TT
  10. I'm only seeing a WWA across New England at best with the upcoming storm system.
  11. Oklahoma is in the Western US Forum, & it's mostly dead! (Where else should I go if that forum is dead?) Either way, I was born in CT
  12. I still remember it, it dumped 4 inches of snow across Oklahoma & Texas. (I measured it too) Winter 2014-2015 was mostly mild in Oklahoma until March 2015
  13. @George001Winter 2014-2015 was not good until the March 2015 Snowstorm
  14. A Positive EPO features a Alaska Trough & the extreme cold stays in Alaska, while a Negative EPO features a Alaska Ridge, & the cold starts to come our way. https://www.daculaweather.com/4_epo_index.php
  15. There is one right now . . . The EPO is extremely positive & has been Positive for 3-4 Months now.
  16. @Mr. KevinIt's extremely difficult for Teleconnections to be one sided for an entire season, it must flip at SOME POINT!
  17. That's the new area of the possible Cold Wave for now.
  18. The Models have severely underestimated the +EPO, there was models hinting a cold wave in long range but the ++EPO would not let it even happen, don't count out the end of December yet.
  19. The +EPO is refusing to go away, the cold wave may never happen . . .
  20. No, it's more like a Glancing blow, there is snow still expected for Pennsylvania, but not as much compared to New York & Massachusetts
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