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  1. coastalplainsnowman

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    CPC's monthly outlooks as far as the eye can see are depressing, temperature wise, for the northeast. Weather.com headlines have below for overall Oct-Dec 2019 (albeit month by month Dec is above normal.) These opposite views I assume mean that there's big disagreement among the trusted models, even just a few weeks out from the start of this timeframe?
  2. coastalplainsnowman

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    Looking at the latest cone for Dorian, wondering if anyone is thinking it may come up this way. Day 5 has it about 50 miles off the NC/SC coast. As I always preface everything I ask here, just an enthusiast/hobbyist, but we've seen this before, right? Thinking that day 5 looks Gloria-ish?
  3. coastalplainsnowman

    August 2019 General Discussions & Observations Thread

    I know someone in West Bab with all sorts of tree damage and heavy heavy tables tossed around. Think you might have had a small brief tornado there?
  4. coastalplainsnowman

    August 2019 General Discussions & Observations Thread

    Based on those radars I jackpotted. I thought I was going to lose my trees. Then my next thought was to check out americanwx.com.
  5. coastalplainsnowman

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    Someone's probably already asked and answered this already, but has anyone happened to confirm whether we've ever had a 12 month stretch like the one which just ended (4/1/2018-3/31/2019), in which Long Island (and possibly NYC) received more snow in the April-November timeframe than the subsequent December-March?
  6. coastalplainsnowman

    Winter 2018-19 Banter Thread

    Hi all - I'm from the NYC metro subforum but wanted to drop in to mention something, just in case somehow you aren't already aware. I was watching a story about Mike Trout on either MLB Network or ESPN, and they were talking about how close he is with his family, how he calls back to his folks in south jersey all the time talking about snowstorms, sending them screenshots of weather forecasts, radar, etc.. Sounds like a lot of us on this board. Wondering if anyone's tried reaching out to him, maybe over twitter, to let him know about this place. Being a south jersey guy I figured this would be the subforum for him. Guessing you all/he may be way ahead of me on this but had to drop in and mention it.
  7. coastalplainsnowman

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Hey just curious because I've been around a lot of middle school earth science material lately.. Why would 95 feel more unbearable in Alaska, and why would sunburn be greater? Long duration of insolation but relatively low angle, at least compared to the lower 48. Is it generally particularly humid when it gets that warm? Or is it just that its all relative and the 90s are harder to take after very low lows in the winter? Tried to get all the earth science I could into that response lol.
  8. Southeast Nassau - projected rain/snow line and intensity potential being discussed reminds me of 12/30/2000, perhaps a tad warmer tho?
  9. coastalplainsnowman

    February 2019 General Discussion and Observation Thread

    91-92 if I'm not mistaken ended with some back to back moderate snowfalls right around the start of Spring. It helped out the totals for the season, but December-March were abysmal.
  10. coastalplainsnowman

    February 2019 General Discussion and Observation Thread

    This This is how I still know I haven't shaken my instinctive love of snow. Though I'm no different now than when I was a kid when we're talking snow in December or January, this time of year, increasingly I am honestly just fine with it starting to warm up. But.. I still peek in here every few days to see if the last update has been within the last 3 minutes - a sure sign that something's brewing. And if we're talking about anything over 6 inches, then I'm right back to rooting hard for snow. But enough about me.
  11. coastalplainsnowman

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    General layman question about cold outbreaks like the one hitting Chicago. Why do such cold airmasses not hit the Northeast directly? Is it more than a matter of luck that the airmasses bullseye in the midwest rather than 800-1000 miles to the east? I realize that the ocean would help moderate temps somewhat, but even that aside, seems that that bulge of frigid air always hits to the west. Thinking back to 1994 and I think Dec. 83 before that, we got into some seriously low numbers here but never close to the intensity of what Chicago is getting.
  12. coastalplainsnowman

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Saw this on New York Metro Weather twitter feed today. I'm assuming this was labelled this way at least partly tongue-in-cheek:
  13. coastalplainsnowman

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Weather the last 10 years is like going to a baseball game. Something new happens every time. The odds of me witnessing another lunar eclipse in < 10 degree below windchill are probably pretty low. Down to 6 in the past hour here. The disparity between the temps here and the temps N&W seems less than I'm used to.
  14. coastalplainsnowman

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    On LI, even putting snow aside for a minute, the total liquid precip up to this point (which I assume this is) is only what, .40" for Nassau eastward to the Sagtikos. and quarter inch eastward from there?