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  1. Good thing this snow fell at night. With this August 4th sun angle it never would have stuck anywhere.
  2. Hoping this spring doesn't shape up to be like 2003 around here. If memory serves, it was the last week of June before the damp / cold bite was out of the air for good.
  3. Not sure if any of you follow 'LOCKITIN' on Twitter which posts extreme model runs, just for fun. The one on the left in this one from April 5th wasn't too far off..
  4. Interesting that the 'Blizzard of 88' was followed by the least-snowiest-through-Feb-21st winter on record, and that stood apparently for 30 years, remaining in the top 3 in that category for over 100 years.
  5. Well done.This is almost too well written and poetic for the internet in 2020.
  6. I agree. He is absolutely not controversial from what I've seen. He publishes incredibly insightful maps on a regular basis. He has opinons for sure (who doesn't), and goes about defending them in quite the personable way that encourages discussion and debate. 'Happy warrior' is an apt description I'd say.
  7. One reason why not to give up on ‘winter’, from a non-expert to the non-experts. Allow me to pompously and condescendingly use a sports analogy lol. The Baltimore Orioles were horrific last year, correctly forecast by the experts. Multiple times though the Orioles had lopsided victories due to a unique confluence of events on a given random day even though the forecast for a lousy season was right on. Likewise, although we’ve seen winters turn on a dime in a generally unexpected way, that may not turn out to be the case tbis year. It may end the same way it’s been going - lousy for snow lovers. But there’s always a chance that a big snowstorm will pop up out of nowhere - looking like not this weekend, but maybe in 3 weeks or a month. So keep expectations low but don’t give up hope, and let’s see how things work out.
  8. To see these pics one would think that 5+' of snow had fallen, but reading that it was 'only' 27", my first thought was heck various parts of the tri-state area have seen amounts like this in the past 10 years, much of which occurred in blizzard conditions, yet I don't recall pics or videos quite like this,. Even accounting for the fact that cameras and social media are even more prevalent now than say 5 years ago, what's the difference between this storm and ours? Was this different because the the wind was waaayyy stronger?
  9. Starting to think that there really is something to the idea that people forget how to drive in wintry conditions when they don't happen for awhile. For a few hours today driving was a little rough, but nothing we haven't seen 50 times in the last 20 years. Still people were driving like idiots today. Spinouts up and down Wantagh Parkway. The last time we had anything rough on driving must have been in the 17/18 season.
  10. A big volcanic eruption but not a giant meteor? Nevermind now we're being ridiculous lol. The wives of the posters here should probably form a support group. Heck maybe that should be a forum on here where they could vent. I bet that would be a hilarious read.
  11. I sadly was around for them too, and I"m starting to sound like my father too. My father (maybe yours too) had the late 50s/60s as his frame of reference though, so for me growing up in the 80s, when he would blah-blah every storm except specifically the blizzard of 83, in hindsight I can understand why. I'd never trade the ~2002-2018 run, but it spoiled us. 3-6 used to be cool, and 6-12 felt like once in a blue moon, which it was. 12-18 is the new 3-6. Kind of like as a Yankees or Giants fan anything short of a world series is a disappointment, vs a Mets or Jets fan who is happy to get anything. The other thing that ruins everything is being able to see out 14+ days, which unless one lives in the arctic is going to include some warmup. It's led to 'sure it's going to snow 4" and we'll have some nice crisp cold below normal weather this fine Christmas time week, but it's going to warm up in 14 days around Christmas so what's the point of it all anyway???' Or being in the midst of a blizzard and hearing 'yeah but look out for that torch in 9 days.'
  12. Anyone post about the Christmas Day afternoon 2002 rain to heavy pasting 6-8''+ snow event? At least that was the timing on LI. What a great event. That stands out for me as one of at most a handful of times that a rain storm actually flipped to significant snow on the backend, despite being held out as a possibility dozens of times before and since. That snow was flying horizontal and put a more than just a coating on street signs fences and everything else. Next morning (26th) reminded me of Christmas morning in 'A Christmas Story.'
  13. On vacation with some leisure time to scroll through the channels. Stopped at TWC's AMHQ. Listening to the hosts talk about travel conditions across the country, region by region, for minutes on end, reminds me of a kid stretching 50 words of content into a 250 word essay.
  14. I have family up in NWNJ who probably get similar snowfall outcomes to you on storms that get too close for comfort..During that 80s early 90s stretch as kids I always knew that every big winter storm would bring them tons of fun and snow and sleet to rain and school for me. Wow did I hate that.
  15. Sign of the times emerging from the snow drought of the 80s, I remember WINS talking about this storm days out saying that a FOOT could fall. As we know, N&W were crushed, and LI was changed over just as it was getting fun, even as Al Roker then on local NBC still had maps up talking about feet of snow for most - I'll never forget that. But thinking back at the way everyone was talking about a FOOT as if a FOOT was cataclysmic reflected the lack of real snow for the better part of the decade leading up to it. It's been a little while since our great run of blizzards here, but when I hear a foot now I still think 'ho-hum, not impressed', whereas in the late 80s seeing LI painted in 3-6 felt like Christmas eve.
  16. 93-94 was awesome for many reasons. First, the cold and the snowpack. Snowcover seemed to last forever that year. As you said, there was a winter event or two every week. One week in February we were in the middle of an 8 inch storm on a Tuesday while the radio was talking about another one coming that Friday. Fresh snowpack on top of frozen old snowpack. Cold as far as the eye could see on the long range forecasts on TV. Colleges on LI that hadn't cancelled a day in 18 years cancelling school. And this wasn't in the middle of a run of snowy winters. The big storm of any consequence was 11 years prior (Blizzard of 93 was a changeover event for most of us on LI), and during a time where I believe only one or two 10" storms had occurred in the previous decade. To me not 95/96 with its crazy snow totals on LI and snowfalls into April, nor any of the winters with seemingly annual record breaking blizzards top 93/94, which felt arctic for months on end.
  17. It's as if there's an inverse relationship between November temperatures compared to December temperatures over the past 25 years, especially considering that two noteworthy cold Dec/January winters (93/94 and 2010/2011) aren't listed and therefore apparently did not have cold Novembers.
  18. CPC's monthly outlooks as far as the eye can see are depressing, temperature wise, for the northeast. headlines have below for overall Oct-Dec 2019 (albeit month by month Dec is above normal.) These opposite views I assume mean that there's big disagreement among the trusted models, even just a few weeks out from the start of this timeframe?
  19. Looking at the latest cone for Dorian, wondering if anyone is thinking it may come up this way. Day 5 has it about 50 miles off the NC/SC coast. As I always preface everything I ask here, just an enthusiast/hobbyist, but we've seen this before, right? Thinking that day 5 looks Gloria-ish?
  20. I know someone in West Bab with all sorts of tree damage and heavy heavy tables tossed around. Think you might have had a small brief tornado there?
  21. Based on those radars I jackpotted. I thought I was going to lose my trees. Then my next thought was to check out
  22. Someone's probably already asked and answered this already, but has anyone happened to confirm whether we've ever had a 12 month stretch like the one which just ended (4/1/2018-3/31/2019), in which Long Island (and possibly NYC) received more snow in the April-November timeframe than the subsequent December-March?
  23. Hi all - I'm from the NYC metro subforum but wanted to drop in to mention something, just in case somehow you aren't already aware. I was watching a story about Mike Trout on either MLB Network or ESPN, and they were talking about how close he is with his family, how he calls back to his folks in south jersey all the time talking about snowstorms, sending them screenshots of weather forecasts, radar, etc.. Sounds like a lot of us on this board. Wondering if anyone's tried reaching out to him, maybe over twitter, to let him know about this place. Being a south jersey guy I figured this would be the subforum for him. Guessing you all/he may be way ahead of me on this but had to drop in and mention it.
  24. Hey just curious because I've been around a lot of middle school earth science material lately.. Why would 95 feel more unbearable in Alaska, and why would sunburn be greater? Long duration of insolation but relatively low angle, at least compared to the lower 48. Is it generally particularly humid when it gets that warm? Or is it just that its all relative and the 90s are harder to take after very low lows in the winter? Tried to get all the earth science I could into that response lol.