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  1. Well done good sir https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30954145/ravens-coach-john-harbaugh-pays-bill-entire-seafood-restaurant-baltimore-charity-event
  2. Mmm... so nice to beat the Caps AGAIN... 3-2 OT victory
  3. lol https://sports.yahoo.com/the-washington-football-team-wont-pick-a-new-name-until-2022-164216540.html
  4. Welp... guess Tiger is done https://sports.yahoo.com/tiger-woods-injured-in-one-car-rollover-accident-193504493.html
  5. This is pretty cool... thought I'd share it soon here with you all... h/t @dendrite
  6. 3 inches for me... yeah sure
  7. of what? ice? they just had a 1/4" ice last week
  8. Pure snow here.. it will be all snow soon
  9. hodl the line guys... snow is coming
  10. It already busted. Sleet in Leesburg no sleet here... all snow
  11. 06z PARA GFS going down with the ship with its snow accums of 6-10 i95 and west
  12. 06z PARA is enthused for the snow around 12z... then to ice for most by 18z to 06z... part 2 sort of but not all the way like parent GFS has though
  13. Almost lights out ice accumulation in certain areas through 36 hours: BWI -- 0.39" DCA -- 0.59" EZF -- 0.61"
  14. 06z GFS has part 2... but its siggy ice for i95 corridor Thursday night into Friday
  15. Pretty much done with precip after 00z... coastal close but no cigar
  16. Euro going with the break after major thump... no precip around at 00z or 06z FRI for most part
  17. I'll take my 5 to 6 in Fairfax City lol
  18. At least it was in the right thread for once
  19. Hopefully its snow and not freezing rain
  20. Don't have work tomorrow... so I'll be up all night watching and waiting for my wall of snow
  21. There's a Para Euro? Or did you mean Para GFS?
  22. @Weather Will those are 12z yesterday