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  1. Question though -- PW shows 0" for me on its 10:1 and Kuchera snow maps. But snow depth has me over 2". Does snow depth count sleet?
  2. Yeah I know its 9 days out... but there's just enough of a warm nose at 800mb that DCA mainly sits with sleet for the "event". Rest of the column is fine lol
  3. Nevertheless... its a frozen event for most Sunday afternoon into early Monday morning. Unfortunately it's mainly sleet and freezing rain, but we all will take what we can get ETA -- Pivotal suggests N MD near the M/D line sees some decent snow with a BRUTAL cutoff... 0" for me, 3" in DC... 8" in BWI FWIW
  4. h5 energy is pretty much going over us at 234. SLP in W PA. dryslot for most of us. Transfer off Ocean City by 240
  5. The HP is weakening slowly and moving north by 225. Sleety mess through 225 ETA -- Sleet storm still at 228... 1040 HP way up in N Quebec. EZF dancing with FRZ RN but RN is close by. 998mb SLP in OH
  6. 18z GFS is taking too long with developing the storm for next weekend. Stout HP is right where we need it going into the weekend in a perfect place though
  7. Mmmm yes Suarez... cry some more for me
  8. 12z GGEM has some arctic cold at the end of its run west of the Mississippi River behind what looks to be a future cutter at 240 looking at h5 I think with a 1034 HP up in Canada but I don't think that will save us... granted I am probably wrong lol This run of the GFS takes away our Dec 8-10 threat as the SLP manages to sneak through between one HP leaving and one incoming. Onto the ensembles though
  9. I know @CAPE doesn't like me doing this but I found this from the great @donsutherland1 in the NYC forum. Not sure where exactly he found it from... but still looks very nice
  10. I know this isn't exactly what you are asking for... but found this
  11. Alright, I will admit I have no idea who that is
  12. I think he has to go through @dendrite
  13. What do you mean? I see who likes/weenies/laughs at posts
  14. From the 06z GFS? Looked decent for the Dec 8-10 time frame. Very nice strong HP in Quebec at the same time, so not too concerned with precip type as shown
  15. BWI: 16.9"DCA: 12.2”IAD: 21.1"RIC: 9.8"Tiebreaker (SBY): 6.3"
  16. Awesome read for severe weather enthusiasts
  17. Like the book the Reaper is reading there
  18. Mexico bounced from the WC
  19. I am hoping that the EPS is as awesome for us since NYC and SNE are calling it weenie run
  20. I remember when Dec 5th snow used to be like clockwork
  21. Well it was nice knowing you this winter lol
  22. Still have the wide swath warning BULLETIN - IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED Severe Thunderstorm Warning National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC 115 PM EST Wed Nov 30 2022 The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Warning for... North central Washington County in north central Maryland... Shenandoah County in northwestern Virginia... Frederick County in northwestern Virginia... Northwestern Warren County in northwestern Virginia... Northwestern Clarke County in northwestern Virginia... The City of Winchester in northwestern Virginia... Northwestern Jefferson County in the Panhandle of West Virginia... Central Morgan County in the Panhandle of West Virginia... Southeastern Hardy County in eastern West Virginia... Berkeley County in the Panhandle of West Virginia... Southeastern Hampshire County in eastern West Virginia... * Until 200 PM EST. * At 115 PM EST, severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from 7 miles southeast of Berkeley Springs to near Star Tannery to near Mathias, moving east at 45 mph. HAZARD...60 mph wind gusts. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...Damaging winds will cause some trees and large branches to fall. This could injure those outdoors, as well as damage homes and vehicles. Roadways may become blocked by downed trees. Localized power outages are possible. Unsecured light objects may become projectiles. * Locations impacted include... Hagerstown, Winchester, Martinsburg, Strasburg, Woodstock, Millwood Pike, Fountainhead-Orchard Hills, Inwood, Paramount-Long Meadow, Wilson-Conococheague, Williamsport, Stephens City, Wardensville, Mathias, Star Tannery, Long Meadow, Basye-Bryce Mountain, Saint James, Berkeley and Halfway.
  23. Hello stranger. Nice article by the way
  24. It's going to be that way for all the WC games from now on. Expect at least 5 minutes of added time to the end of games... it's what FIFA wants
  25. Netherlands on Saturday... going to be another tough test
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