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  1. Long range 10 days plus: AN temps, BN precip! The heavy "rain" events and "wet" periods forecasted the last month or so, have not materialized imby
  2. A CR sighting! Winter fail must be close!? I'm seriously thinking about staring at the whole eclipse and burning my retinas out! So I can't look at models or read pbp's on here this winter! The last few have sucked way too badly! Except for my Mid-March snowpocalypse!
  3. If it's showing clear/pc, and no rain, lock it in! In regards to your camera phone, can you take a picture of the eclipse covering the camera hole with the eclipse glasses lens??
  4. JB has been spewing garbage about it being like winter of 13/14! Was that good for us?
  5. A lot of long range models are still looking unsettled around the eclipse day! That was probably Brick asking to move the eclipse, it was interfering with his little league schedule !
  6. Meh, remember the cool down and drier air we had 2 weeks ago ? Then they said the next weekend, last weekend, was going to be even cooler than that? It was dead wrong, the models just suck year round
  7. I'm going to stare straight at it, before totality! That way I never have to watch another 850 0 line dance over my house or watch another NW trend on a winter storm!
  8. It's looked like " wet" patterns were setting up a few times the last month,only to not pan out. Hopefully we score in this projected pattern, looks good now. We desperately need it in the upstate.
  9. Lots of fish storms in the making! With all these strong troughs in the east, gonna be hard to score any far west penetration into the gulf. May could get a deep southern slider that ends up in S Tx or Mexico!
  10. I'm ready! When's all the rain gonna start?
  11. That's good , unless your name starts with J and ends in Shetley! Does look like a wetter pattern coming up, hope we don't screw it up!
  12. Picked up less than1" in July ! And the stretch of 96-99 degree days, took a toll on my yard and plants! The cool temps and 25% humidity are fantastic, as long as you don't need rain!
  13. Welcome to the Carolinas ! If you think DC winters suck, your in for a treat!
  14. Upper 50s ! Yesssss!