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  1. Saw where there were 2 hour delays today around Raleigh
  2. 3.81" storm total
  3. All this soil moisture will probably keep the 130s away , for atleast a month! The heatwave looks short lived at the end of the week!
  4. Closing in on 4"! A very awesome event for April, which is usually one of GSPs driest months! Hope this continues through the summer! Under a flood advisory! Guess that's like a flood warning light!?
  5. You mean raining cacti and tumble weeds! He's about to dry slot!
  6. Shetley in the dry slot, between two massive rain bands !!! LMAO 50 currently
  7. Cold and rainy! 2+", and counting!
  8. Well now, that's a gamechanger!
  9. #NERDS im not coming unless Shetley is giving a presentation !
  10. Yeah, it hurts to be wrong all the time, just ask JB! looks a little toasty this weekend! Not 125 yet, but upper 80s on Saturday
  11. 1"+ since midnight! Currently 57
  12. Lol at the dry bubble over the upstate!! It's ok, you don't want to be in the bullseye 3 days out anyway!
  13. No, he'll find away to see it through drought colored glasses!
  14. CFSV2 , looks well below normal for east and south, this is the 45 day outlook!
  15. I'm only at a 1.07" so far, this drought/ non rain events suck!