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  1. Enjoyed the cold wet stretch here in Iowa a few days ago! Heard it was the earliest stretch of 3 days in the 50s on record. Beating the old record by about 2 weeks, and that was from about 80years ago! I’m in Dubuque
  2. JB going +3 to +4 above normal, for basically the whole E coast, on his preliminary winter forecast. A La Niña looks likely, I’m guessing the winter can’t be worse than the previous 2?
  3. I think they average only 30” of precip a year, iirc, so it’ll be like living in Shetleys backyard, only more snow!
  4. I know! I’ve always wanted an ‘88 redux, this looks like the perfect winter for that!
  5. They have a lot of wind , too! I won’t be dissatisfied with lack of snow up there!
  6. The garage might be a problem
  7. Thanks! I think I will end up right on 20 in DBQ, not too far from the arboretum
  8. I hope y’all get the snowiest winter ever! Y’all deserve it ! DBQ only averages 37” of snow a year, last year sucked for them! Here’s to a raging Nina!
  9. Thanks! Can I still post in the SE forums?
  10. Thanks Met! I still won’t see as much snow as you!
  11. Yeah, Dubuque is awesome! I love all that outdoor stuff! Only 2 hours to Chicago, I’m excited!
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