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  1. Big rainer, even for MA! The year without a winter!
  2. There’s really a lot of chances and close calls starting this Monday, right thru mid Feb!! If most don’t see flakes, I would be shocked! CJ on 4, is dying to hype up a snowstorm since John is gone! Hopefully he gets to soon! I’m a Fox Carolina morning meteorologist kind of person!
  3. Nobody told me how good the 12z GFS was! Snow on snow here! The best run I’ve seen since Feb 2014
  4. That clipper on the 9th tho! 3 chances of snow on GFS for me! Don’t sweat the details! Good to just have cold showing up!
  5. Still a close call, almost a warm rain!
  6. Yeah, still rainstorms every 3-5 days!! Loaded!
  7. Pattern is loaded as we head into February!!☃️
  8. Nice cold chasing moisture! JK Probably one of the best looks all winter and gets going inside of 9 days!
  9. That day 16/17 event on the GFS , looks great! I know it’s a dangerous game to extrapolate the long range GFS op, but wave forming after a big Arctic front passed, $$$
  10. Yeah, the saddest part of the whole thing is, having to sparky weeds in mid January!
  11. Not sure. Have never seen that before. I would just take it back and get a new one! Did you mix it? Maybe the clumps would dissolve? That stuff will give you cancer! Should have used preemergent, I know a guy!