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  1. Nope, just look at latest runs! It’s going to be Hallowarm or Hotoween! The cold look is gone and SE ridge is back! Welcome to winter!
  2. It’s sad we can’t get that look in January! I also love that at the end of the loop, there is absolutely no WAR at all!!
  3. NW trend, or this thing is useless for drought relief! No real chance of flooding, due to forwarding speed! Maybe Tuesday front will bring the goods?
  4. Looked promising! Rain fail! All models show me getting .10-.25 total! What might have been!!
  5. Hot, mid 80s today! Nice summer day!
  6. Hot and muggy today! Feels like August, not a drop of rain yet, and this is our best chance out of next 10-15 days! Drought begets drought!
  7. Peak probably Nov 1st or so. For the majority of the mountains! Drought and heat really hurting things this year
  8. The cool down is going to be amazeballs and all, but now let’s get some moisture on this parched earth! GSP total rainfall for September was .16, 3rd driest on record! With about 26 days out of 30, seeing highs of 90-98, a very brutal month!
  9. Insert favorite Madea gif: if I hear damn Midoki El Niño one mo’ ‘gin...