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  1. How accurate is the CMC? Isn’t it one that usually paints worse case scenarios for CAD? Could the models be getting better handle on things because the shortwaves are being sampled now?
  2. The strat warming event will save us! Just look at the dive towards negative mid December
  3. Very, very marginal temps. Not good when 32/33 degrees is what is shown verbatim, fine line for liquid/frozen
  4. Next!!! Trending worse and worse, if you want to see frozen precip
  5. Yep, this run was way warmer, by tomorrow, it’s Roxboro special!
  6. Temps look iffy, even in N.C., unless there are very low DPs and those are temps above, before precip arrives?
  7. Euro temps seem off? With that look, it should be quite a bit colder, IMO
  8. At 7-10 days away, they never giveth, only false hopes
  9. 95% chance it ends up a rain event, outside mountains and S of 40