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  1. Yes he is! Saying he's expecting winter storms to start showing up around here in 6-8 weeks!! Good times ahead! F the backloaded winters, let's rock!
  2. Kind of a dud here. 1.1" , models were forecasting 3-4"! Nice warm up for our winter storms!
  3. Same general area as last outbreak!
  4. That's what he read somewhere! His gut tells him!? Im in the line, not even a rumble of thunder here!
  6. Meh, looking at current radar, convection is robbing moisture transport, tomorrow looks to be uneventful in our area, IMO . May not even here thunder!
  7. Panthers back to there normal selves today ! #SUCK
  8. Yeah, tired of wearing my birthday suit under my Halloween mask!
  9. MBY- January 5th
  10. 42
  11. March is our snowiest months, is a quote we throw around when March 1 rolls around and we have a sucky winter. Don't think it's necessarily true, it's a last ditch effort to make us feel better and keeps hope alive! It's our mantra, the last few winters!
  12. Meh, 43
  13. 47
  14. It's the 18z GFS , we toss
  15. Showery