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  1. 60.5 this morning, dry
  2. Lol! I hope Uranus will be visible during the day!
  3. 252 hours out on the Shetley model!
  4. .21
  5. Dry and radar looks like crap for rain my way!
  6. It worked! Currently pouring!
  7. Commence storm collapse!! Weather sucks!
  8. It's going to be cloudy that day!
  9. Falls apart as it gets to GSP as usual! Wont see more than .25 of inch of rain until we get a tropical system. The drought is real!
  10. Sun is out here. Wonder if any storms make it here tonight?
  11. Dry , extremely humid! Waiting on my deluge from Cindy!
  12. We should see 140 degrees by August 1st!
  13. I remember that! Looks like she may be right this time !
  14. What a dud event this is trending to! Me and the Shet, probably .25 or less total today- Friday
  15. Not sure where all the moisture went, but looks a lot dryer for the Carolinas from Cindys moisture! I guess a front is coming through this weekend , so there is still hope!