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  1. Hell, I got 1.27” by accident today! Just keep winning! LAN Nina summer, FTW
  2. It’s ridiculous! GSP is +20” of normal, since January 1st! This is the most anti-Shetley pattern, I have ever seen! No 130s in sight and we won’t need a tropical system to save us!
  3. Models have moved into two main camps overnight. Out to sea, or pulled in to the mainland by the ULL
  4. Blockbuster winter incoming! Weak La Niña, that will some how act like a raging nino, and -NAO will be non existent, even though modeled to happen at 7-10 days , all winter!
  5. How about the winds Sunday night/Monday
  6. No suprise, but that’s number one at GSP too!
  7. Y’all are too far N Atl bullseye this week!
  8. That’s even a better combo in March and April
  9. That guy is a big he supposedly predicted the 2/8 storm way out, according to him! Good job nostradumass!
  10. Robert going all gloom and doom on flooding threat next week! Comparing it to the early Feb , historic flooding! On FB
  11. Nobody look at the 3/9-10 storm on the GFS! It will shut up the severe weenies for awhile!
  12. That Saturday wave is a little more robust on 0z GFS for NC/SC! All in!
  13. They suck! I only watch Nicole Papay! Right or wrong, it’s still a win!
  14. Winter was over 3 months ago! I’m pretty happy with how winter turned out
  15. We’ve been threading the needle since 2010
  16. Your only allowed to show up when it’s going to snow! See you next January
  17. Why? It’s kind of awesome that Wilmington has had more snow than DCA
  18. Our biggest snows come in March, ask Brick
  19. Saturday still looks interesting on 18z. Looks like something tries to pop off the coast. Very cold atmosphere ! 540 0 degree line, S of Jacksonville FL, and low does pop off the Carolinas, hmm! MYB might end up with more snow than the mountains!?
  20. Now we’re getting desperate, lol! But really, it’s a 2-8-20 redux! Looks very cold too