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  1. Enjoyed the cold wet stretch here in Iowa a few days ago! Heard it was the earliest stretch of 3 days in the 50s on record. Beating the old record by about 2 weeks, and that was from about 80years ago! I’m in Dubuque
  2. JB going +3 to +4 above normal, for basically the whole E coast, on his preliminary winter forecast. A La Niña looks likely, I’m guessing the winter can’t be worse than the previous 2?
  3. I think they average only 30” of precip a year, iirc, so it’ll be like living in Shetleys backyard, only more snow!
  4. I know! I’ve always wanted an ‘88 redux, this looks like the perfect winter for that!
  5. They have a lot of wind , too! I won’t be dissatisfied with lack of snow up there!
  6. The garage might be a problem
  7. Thanks! I think I will end up right on 20 in DBQ, not too far from the arboretum
  8. I hope y’all get the snowiest winter ever! Y’all deserve it ! DBQ only averages 37” of snow a year, last year sucked for them! Here’s to a raging Nina!
  9. Thanks! Can I still post in the SE forums?
  10. Thanks Met! I still won’t see as much snow as you!
  11. Yeah, Dubuque is awesome! I love all that outdoor stuff! Only 2 hours to Chicago, I’m excited!
  12. I’ve waited 40 years to be N of 85! Go big or go home!
  13. It will be nice not having to wait years to see the ground turn white, or track another clipper out of desperation
  14. Dead serious! Dubuque so freaking excited!
  15. Moving to Iowa in a few weeks! I know y’all will miss me! You won’t hear me bitch about lack of snow anymore!
  16. Hell, I got 1.27” by accident today! Just keep winning! LAN Nina summer, FTW
  17. It’s ridiculous! GSP is +20” of normal, since January 1st! This is the most anti-Shetley pattern, I have ever seen! No 130s in sight and we won’t need a tropical system to save us!
  18. Models have moved into two main camps overnight. Out to sea, or pulled in to the mainland by the ULL
  19. Blockbuster winter incoming! Weak La Niña, that will some how act like a raging nino, and -NAO will be non existent, even though modeled to happen at 7-10 days , all winter!
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