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  1. Stations around the city are reporting from 6.5 to 12 inches of precipitation...and according to radar, we are not half done yet. https://www.semaforo.mx/articulo/carretera-saltillo-coahuila
  2. Bumped to 80kts in the 4pm advisory, just short of cat 2.
  3. ^ That, with a 20% reduction would translate to ~90kts...Cat 2 very achievable
  4. Two 81 kts and two 80kts SFMR
  5. No minimum extrapolated pressure this pass, but the last one was 972.6 and was 5 observations before the calmest wind. Maybe a drop of ~2mb? We'll have to wait for the dropsonde.
  6. Clearing eye on visible
  7. Flooding chances for MBY are pretty high with the increase of cloud envelope and nudge south of the track. Mountains here really squeeze these systems out of their moisture.
  8. That's for Gonzalo. For Hanna its a bit later 2. TROPICAL STORM HANNA FLIGHT ONE - TEAL 75 A. 25/1730Z B. AFXXX 0708A HANNA C. 25/1530Z D. 27.4N 96.9W E. 25/1700Z TO 25/2030Z F. SFC TO 10,000 FT
  9. Yes, i think so as well, just being a bit cautious. RI up to landfall is a very high probability. We could be looking at a cat 2 at LF.
  10. Infrared is showing a warm spot near the center
  11. A couple of days ago a tornado hit the NE part of the metro area. It was a confirmed EF-2 twister. 3 people died, and there was significant damage. The affected area is more of an industrial zone. It was the first record of a direct hit of a tornado in Monterrey. There have been close calls before, but no direct hits.
  12. 24 hours rainfall, as reported near the airport, 507mm (20 inches)... Slight rain at the moment, and not big accumulations are expected, although the next few 2-3 days we are still expecting precipitation.
  13. "Wimpy" Fernand has dumped 10" IMBY and counting.
  14. Around 14+ hours non stop rain around MBY today. I estimate around 6-7" have fell, and it's raining cats and dogs out there attm.