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  1. Y'all stay safe overnight.
  2. 0.23" from that morning band. More showers knocking at the door. Mower guy just showed up. I think he's gonna get dripped on.
  3. Well, I thought it was supposed to be less mugly today, but it's currently 86/79 out there at noon.
  4. NOAA's Isaias-specific weather page. https://www.noaa.gov/isaias?fbclid=IwAR2_8Ged75le--PPY3peh2sKz6MFo4bTGDsIX2xLDG6UTtCA3F5k1BBsfRg
  5. Just dumped 1.48" out of the gauge. If we get the expected rains from the TS (models say 2-4", 3-5") it's going to be pretty soggy by mid week around here.
  6. Finally getting a nice storm here too. Somewhere around/over an inch so far. Temp dropped from 90 to 75! Sweet!
  7. RAH Afternoon Disco - wind and rain. The previous discussion noted that the 01/00Z model guidance suggested a slowing of the system, a trend that has continued with the 01/12Z model guidance and the 11am NHC forecast. It is now appearing that rain is more likely to linger into Tuesday. In addition, storm total rainfall now appears to be in the range of 2-5 inches, with the greatest amounts along and west of the I-95 corridor. Strongest winds are still currently expected near and east of I-95, although the track of stronger winds has shifted slightly inland/to the west.
  8. 7PM, the HI was still hanging at 105. Down to 103 now at 7:40. It's a 'suck your breath away' evening out there.
  9. Not far behind ya, yota --- 91/79. A shower or storm would be nice.
  10. Still a pretty ragged mess. Once it gets off the shredder islands, it may become more interesting. Definitely not vertically stacked at the moment.
  11. Maxed out at 95/73 = 105 again today. A few sprinkles this evening with an outflow.
  12. Had a quick afternoon shower (0.15"). Temp dropped down to 79, then rebounded quickly back to a sultry 90/79 = 104. Yuck!
  13. Ended up with 0.45". South of Garner, someone picked up 3.27" from that storm! A comfortable 66 degrees to start the day..
  14. Yeah, it back built bigtime. Now it's warned, and a FFA with it. Got about 0.25 so far.
  15. Thundershower about to graze us. Dewpoint just jumped up to 79. Currently 88/79 = 103 HI ---- the most uncomfortable day so far of the current warmth.
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