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  1. Other than a very quick spit of drizzle that you could feel but not see, we've been shut out in the rain department again, as we watch the radar returns fade away into oblivion.
  2. Made it up to 90/72 today --- another almost shower ----- 0.01"
  3. Missed out on everything today. Severe storm warning, Flash Flood warning, 60% precip chance. Only thing beneficial was the temps cooling down from all the outflows.
  4. Thunder, no rain a while ago. Outflow boundaries galore around Johnston County. 5 or 6 of them from all directions. Humidity is up considerably today. Duepoint currently 73.Temp was 91, then 84, back up to 88.
  5. 95/63 on Saturday with another 0.02" passing sprinkle. 0.26" for the week. Could use a good soaking.
  6. 93/61 today with one brief passing cloud.
  7. Warm and less humid today. 90/68
  8. Maxed out at 90/72 on Wednesday. Picked up a bonus 0.01" from a nearby cloud cluster.
  9. A steamy 86/75 out there this afternoon.
  10. 0.12" on Tuesday - A morning shower and some evening sprinkles. Peaked out at 88/72. 3.99" total for June from 10 days with precipitation.
  11. It was another 90/72 dry day here in Clayton. Looks like a better chance of showers/storms today, at least.
  12. 0.11" Sunday from a brief shower.
  13. Seems strange to have a Slight Risk yet only a 20% chance of showers/storms. Currently 88/70 with haze.
  14. A somewhat comfortable 88/59 on Friday. Just 0.02" in the last 7 days. Today looks to be dry as well.
  15. Picked up about 0.02" this morning. The expected afternoon/evening storms have failed to materialize again.