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  1. Caught a little blurb on the local weather at noontime. Less air traffic is leading to less data for model input, which in turn is leading to less accurate long range model output. . On another note, I'm curious what, if any impact (short or long range), will drastically lower vehicle traffic, closed factories, emissions, etc. have on the weather?
  2. 0.08" from morning showers, and a surprising 0.25" last night around 9:00PM.
  3. Turned ours on to move the air around. Too much pine pollen out there to open the windows.
  4. 0.12" just before dawn. Topped out at 81/63 this afternoon. Pollen is insane!
  5. Missed here too. This morning's tenth to a quarter inch possible dumped 0.02". Hopefully there's a little more with this next batch. At least enough to rinse some pine pollen out of the trees.
  6. Last night's tenth to a quarter inch yielded barely a trace. Things are currently dry. 52/41
  7. 0.03" Friday, a trace on Thursday. The week long period of 'unsettled weather' did little to knock the pine pollen out of the trees. Everything is starting to turn green - the wrong kind of green.
  8. Picked up 0.10" in a quick hitting shower Tuesday afternoon. Currently a comfortable 73/55 outside.
  9. I was an EMT in Kill Devil Hills at the time. Half of our staff had gone to see the circus at Scope, and were snowed in up there for 2 days, and couldn't get back to the OBX for another day. Our skeleton crew (5 of us) had to pull an 96 hour shift, sleeping on the clinic beds/examining tables at Outer Banks Medical Center. We got hit pretty good with the snow as well... 10-12" with incredible drifts. There was a period there in the late 70s and early 80s when there was a coastal snowstorm every single time Barnum & Bailey's was in town up in Norfolk.
  10. 55/14 !!!! Humidity just 19%
  11. Sunday 06z GFS is now showing 0.12" rain for this week's super-saturation event at RDU!
  12. Monthly total 6.54" Snow 2.7"