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  1. RAH thoughts at this time... Cyclogenesis will then occur from the GOM to the Sern and middle Atlantic coast later Fri into the weekend. While precipitation chances will consequently increase, the preceding Arctic high will have retreated by that time, given an unfavorably configured mid-upr flow pattern for maintaining a cold high for wintry precipitation in cntl NC. As such, any p-type concerns would be brief and limited to onset over the nw Piedmont early Fri, if at all. It should be noted that the 06Z and 12Z deterministic GFS solutions that depict a much stronger, lead srn stream perturbation --and cyclogenesis off the sern US coast centered around Thu-Thu night-- has little deterministic or ensemble support and is consequently considered an outlier/low probability solution at this time. Such a solution, however, would be an icy one owing to the maximized presence of Arctic high pressure that will otherwise be in place during that time.
  2. Made it up to 54 this afternoon (forecast 51). It must have been chilly 9 years ago. Me on Twitter... December 7, 2010 at 3:54 PM · Seems strange saying "I really miss 40° temperatures".
  3. 28 this morning. Can see a few patches of virga ribbons in the cloud deck this afternoon.
  4. I'm having a hard time with the GFS lately in even the mid range. Yesterday, it showed us getting 1.90" for next Mon-Wed rain event. Today, it's down to just 0.18".
  5. Glenn Burns 12 mins · Who’s ready for an ice storm ? It’s showing up in the European model run today. Temps in the 20s and between 1.25 to 1.50 inches of freezing rain. This would be a week from tomorrow. I HIGHLY suggest you stay tuned and begin getting prepared. This COULD be a major ice event. 597
  6. Well, everyone always says you need a good snowpack to sustain the cold air... Top GIF is the more recent.
  7. 0.56" on Sunday, 1.05" total for the weekend.
  8. Brad Panovich Meteorologist · Winter Storm Warnings for the TN line and the Smokies with Winter Weather Advisories for the NC mountains. 1-3" but with 3-6" above 3500' near the TN line. #wncwx #snOMG #tnwx #ncwx 116
  9. It's pretty wet out there for a "mainly after 4PM" forecast.
  10. Just a trace sprinkle this morning, with nothing after they upped the chance to 60%. Didn't have any of the breezy to windy conditions mentioned in the discussions, either. A pleasant 64 out this evening at 8:23PM
  11. Just a sprinkle over this way. Looking at radar, I don't see this happening, though. Rain likely, mainly between 1pm and 4pm. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.
  12. 48 and rain. We've picked up 0.30" since the 12PM update added "New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible" to the afternoon grid.