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  1. Forecast: Rain, mainly after 7pm Disco: expanding into the highway 1 corridor toward midnight. (I'm well East of Hwy 1) I guess any rain after 7pm makes the forecast valid?
  2. 28 at the house 32 over at the airport
  3. Jason Furtado‏ @wxjay 2h2 hours ago No one on @wxtwitter has posted the latest CFSv2 forecast for December for North America? Hmmm. Oh well, here it is.
  4. .28" overnight
  5. And they just upped the forecast to 90% for the afternoon!
  6. Forecast: This afternoon ~ Rain likely (60%) mainly after 4:00PM Radar: No echoes from I 95 to the TN border. Gonna have to fill in quick to verify
  7. Levi Cowan‏ @TropicalTidbits 4m4 minutes ago At 12Z the CMC received a major upgrade. Featured change is model is now ocean-ice coupled. Better med-range skill. http://dd.weather.gc.ca/doc/genots/2017/10/30/NOCN03_CWAO_301922___01740 …
  8. NWS Halloween Humor NWS‏Verified account @NWS 6m6 minutes ago Sometimes, we come up with terrible ideas to latch onto trends. Today is one of those days... #NationalCandyCornDay http://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/qpf/p168i.gif
  9. From a questionable 60mph TS to this in 3 hours... Remnants Of Philippe Discussion Number 9 During the past few hours, strong vertical wind shear in excess of 50 kt, plus merger with a cold front, has taken its toll on Philippe's previously well-defined low-level circulation. The system has become elongated north-to-south within the frontal zone, and a new low-level center may have developed about 150 nmi farther north along the frontal boundary near NOAA buoy 41002. Now that Philippe has lost any tropical or subtropical characteristics due to merger with a synoptic-scale cold front, the system is declared to have dissipated.
  10. Hard to find anything that looks like Phillipe on the wind map. Front is very evident... approaching Chapel Hill/Durham at 2:00. https://www.ventusky.com/
  11. Allan Huffman‏ @RaleighWx 19m19 minutes ago 12z ECMWF shows #TD18 intensifying off the SE coast. Upper 970mbs.
  12. Need to get rid of this... Glenn Burns 30 mins · Big time warming ahead for us...we may see the 80s return! Here is the new 8-14 day outlook just in.
  13. For Sunday 10/29... NWS‏Verified account @NWS 3m3 minutes ago Storm system over the western Great Lakes will strengthen as it pushes east, bringing heavy rain & a chance of flash flooding to the NE Sun
  14. 36 this morning