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  1. I feel if you're west of a line from say Richmond to Raleigh, we're pretty much done unless we get some big trends the next 48 hours. This thing is looking flat and weak until it's off the coast. Lots of energy being left behind.
  2. Not a good sign for us* Looking like a huge cave-job to the iNfErIoR GFS. Congrats, E NC you guys deserve one.
  3. Well at this range it's the proven best model in the biz.
  4. 1.5" and still snowing moderately. Breezy and COLD just across the border northwest of Martinsville.
  5. Guess the old adage about the blind squirrel. I am happy to see over the past 24 hours the trend for more sleet and less zr for the foothills. I never got my hands on a generator before last winter's ice storm and I doubt I could get one this weekend either.
  6. That's a shame. A local met around here said he used the FV3 for the December 2018 storm and it was almost spot-on with snow totals. He called it his "secret weapon" lol.
  7. How much credence do we lend to the FV3? Because that's about the snowiest, less sleety/icy modelk for southern VA into norther NC. Isn't it a NAM upgrade?
  8. You think we have a chance to hold on to sleet rather than freezing rain down towards Franklin and Patrick counties?
  9. So maybe no snow into VA? Talk about going from talks of 1-2 feet of snow to all sleet and ice that's wild.
  10. Wow, what an absolute dumpster fire train wreck the Euro is...unreal. holy trucking buckets it's bad.
  11. Of course we finally get the GFS to lay down now the Euro is gonna amp up.
  12. Actually, I...I think it is...what in the world lol cuts totals drastically.
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