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  1. Looks like some more returns trying to form to the SW. Are you in Stuart for the storm or do you live there? I just left from there in that heavy band.
  2. 31F / TD 28 Heavy snow the last hour, already a good coating of 1/2"
  3. Anyone have access to the 6z EURO? @griteater ?
  4. Thanks for the reply! (And wait a sec, are you with NWS Blacksburg?!) I may have to chase to Roanoke or Vinton for this one! Also, the EURO is in and it's bone dry. Cuts a lot of totals almost in half. 3k NAM is dry, 0z GFS was dry, now 0z EURO is dry. Lot of local news outlets with some big 5-10" and 6-12" numbers. I'm afraid they may be in trouble. Hate these "dropping out of the Rockies" systems. Rather have the bowling ball coming out of Baja and into the Gulf.
  5. Beautiful run by the Canadian, but isn't it usually too cold/snowy? Especially in the upper levels?
  6. Yeah I fear some may see .25-.50" of ice somewhere, perhaps even here.
  7. Wow, the GFS is really, really dry.
  8. Curious to see your and @Disc thoughts for SWVA on this. Gonna be a headache to find the SN/IP/ZR lines between Roanoke and southside. On another note, the 12k NAM takes the foothills from snow to ice, then back to snow as the coastal takes over. Is that scenario even plausible?
  9. I give up on anything coming down and out of the Rockies. Unless it's a baja low that traverses the waters of the GOM, I'm not interested.
  10. Flickenger? lol
  11. Where have you gotten the 18z (or even the 12z) FV3? TT and PW are both stuck at 6z for the FV3.
  12. Don't you put that voodoo on us, grit! Hopefully not too far north with the 50/50 and a 1040+ (?) HP dropping in!
  13. The ICON HAS to be too warm with a 1040-1041 HP in a beautiful spot. 32F line runs right along the VA/NC border. It has this problem with the December storm too, IIRC.
  14. Brandon do you think north of I-40 has a decent shot to stay all snow or do we mix? Would really love to see another Miller A but a B/hybrid would mix a lot of folks. Also, both GFS models continue bringing the goods with southern storm after southern storm and big Canadian HPs dropping down every few days. Fun times ahead?