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  1. Charleston SC nws believes only beach areas will see any tropical force winds / gusts and have chosen to not issue any tropical storm watches for any inland counties they cover. How can you designate a storm a tropical storm and not believe it even has winds of 39mph with it? I understand it will be asymmetrical but surely local (Charleston) Mets follow the lead of the NHC?
  2. Prospero I am a graduate of Poplarville, and PRCC. I used to come down to Waveland on Sunday afternoon after church with a family that went to the church I attended at Picayune. Jumped off their pier and went swimming and such. I loved Gulfport.
  3. I am still looking to the skies. Lost my Voice but not my humor!!
  4. If Elsa hangs in there SHE will defy the computer model odds. Almost every model at some point have said Let Her Go. I have had a model send her directly over me at least 3-4 times already at different runs
  5. Everything is working against the Arctic air continuing in strength and intensity. Days are getting longer and sun angle is changing. The longer it holds back , less chance it will cross the country
  6. I just don’t believe the cold will make it s east of Atlanta. I also do not believe N Ga will see any of the Arctic cold. It will get cold, it is February. But I think the cold will seep Into central mid part of Nation southward and be pushed N East. We in SEast Ga and the state of Florida will remain normal or above normal. Days are already getting longer. The season is heading to spring here in the south
  7. I am in Metter Ga. The last big storm here I know of was Feb 11, 1973. Any hope to see any winter precip?
  8. Those same signals were here on the Gulf coast less than 36 hours ago. That is how far the cold has been shoved back and warmth pushed up per models thinking. How many times will this continue? Models sgnal an Arctic outbreak then poof it is magically gone or shoved so far back north it should be counted as their Normal winters
  9. NWS in Atlanta aint impressed with no Models or ensembles..... They just issued a statement 1, 1.5 inches in the NE Mountains..... Nada anywhere else basically
  10. I am just an observer, no met. But the appearance to me is the models have backed off the cold a good bit. It does not seem to be as strong or far reaching , hence the absence of snow being projected outside the mountains. It looks like the Pacific stream has grabbed control and we have the west to east movement of the La Nina again dominating. The two or three chances between here and the 1st seem to have left the building for anything south and east of the Appl. Somebody is going to see 3-5 inches of rain in N Georgia for sure.
  11. King Euro against American GFS. Sort of like the old country song Cut across Shorty, we want the GFS to win this one!! Faster and more cold on backside.
  12. It is not clearly marked and you know it. The last commented subforum shows in each area, but not by name. Only by last comment Thanks for the sarcasm but I say again. This is the only location in American forum where such happens.
  13. It would be nice to come to a weather forum and see weather chatter. Every time I click on this region( where I once lived and have many friends) to check, I get sent to here because this is all there is to this forum. I know, I can go to main heading and search for Weather, but goodness.. just my thoughts, back to your 220+ pages of politics on the weather forum
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