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  1. Snowing good now even below 2500 feet here in North GA. Still too warm for accumulation though. I'd guess above 3500-4000 though in this area are subfreezing. Pretty to watch nonetheless. Hopefully temps will be in a better spot for round 2 later tonight.
  2. Nothing like this thread during a good NW flow to make a fella wanna move lol
  3. That's great! Better than me temps wise. Never got lower than 33 because of the warm bubble at 925. About a half inch in areas of the yard that aren't too wet. From what I've heard, Clayton itself has no accumulations.
  4. Tiger, GA. In the furthest Northeast county in GA.
  5. Dropped from 35 to 33 in about 30 minutes. Grassy areas now getting coated good.
  6. Yep and I'm sitting right around the 925 level so my wind occasionally flips south and I get a burst of warm wind. It did drop quite a bit at my last update though so it's getting there.
  7. Heaviest rates yet. 34.9 and refusing to drop, still melting on contact. Rates causing elevated surfaces to slush up a bit.
  8. GFS, CMC, and Euro all agree on a ULL driven system in that same exact timeframe. Obviously a little far out but bears watching.
  9. I don't think the surface is going to cooperate in time before the good moisture is gone IMBY. Shame, these snow rates are incredible but it's pure white rain.
  10. Over 0.25 QPF now waisted to this point.
  11. Very heavy snow now, melting on contact of course...
  12. Can confirm mostly snow/Sleet here now. White rain at this point though, surface temps not budging much for now. Believe it's cause I'm around the elevation of the 925 layer and there was a warm bubble that surged north at that level over North GA this morning.
  13. Just saw a video from one of the high rise buildings in Atlanta with flakes mixed in to the rain. Pretty cool, but also kind of a kick in the face sitting here in the Mtns watching it rain lol
  14. 36.6/34.2 as of 12. Temps and Dew point fell nicely over last 30 minutes but as the rates slacked up temp went up half a degree and dew point went up 2 degrees. Frustrating.
  15. Last 20 minutes or so have changed to more sleet that's starting to build up on the porch, but definitely haven't seen a flake yet.