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  1. This was a nice call. GFS immediately delivered a big dog fantasy run within just a few hours lol.
  2. Had a little sleet earlier. Now 34.5 and all rain.
  3. And finishes putting the nail in the coffin for the SW mountains.
  4. It looked absolutely fantastic for the SW mountains all afternoon until it suddenly didn't. So believe it at your own peril I'd say.
  5. HRRR just cut QPF by half or more for a lot of the SW mtns in NC and GA. Dry slot becoming a problem?
  6. GSP pouring water on my fire before it even gets startedHRRR looks great for North GA, NAM doesn't. Clear to see which one they favor.
  7. Dang, jealous right now. Still not a thing reaching the ground up here and 39.7, temp even went up a bit on that last update. Heavier rates just keep dying before they can get here making evap. cooling very inefficient.
  8. Got a friend all the way down in Gwinnette County that had wet snow mixed in with the rain earlier. Said temp fell to like 35.7 under that heavy band earlier.
  9. Man I hope so. Still so unsure about this one as its moved back and forth so many times. Still worried about that potential dry slot and of course the marginal temps and how much mixing could cut our totals.
  10. Hearing some wet snow reports in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. MPING has a few mix reports as well.
  11. Just speaking to what I'm seeing trying to compare the two in NE GA the NAM initialized way too warm with its 3pm temps. Showed mid 40s when ground truth is 39. Don't know if that's what's causing the changes with outcomes though.
  12. GSP just upped totals significantly down here. It was under a half inch before this.
  13. Still holding in the upper 20s here in North GA with a thick cloud deck right now. Was supposed to be in the upper 30s by now. I don't wanna read any signicance into it but I am curious.
  14. We're definitely not at warning criteria here in Rabun, GSP just issued the warning in cooperation with the Atlanta office to avoid confusion. So I am under a WSW with a forecast of less than a half inch