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  1. Allan Huffman: right now, I am not too optimistic on wintry weather late next week, Of course could change. I am more interested in the 12/17-19 time frame. The storm late next week could move into SE Canada, creating upper level convergence over Lakes decently cold HP moving in with
  2. Eric Webb @webberweather · 1h High-latitude N Pacific blocking, SE Canada vortex, & an active southern stream are the basic large-scale ingredients that favor wintry wx in the southern US & they might be in place next week. However, timing will ultimately determine if a there's a threat to begin with #ncwx
  3. World Climate Service @WorldClimateSvc I'm sure others have noted that the November pattern from North America to Europe was very similar to the historical precursor for strongly negative NAO winters
  4. WARNING: Depiction may appear SNOWIER and LESS ICY than verification.
  5. The mood on WX Twitter today is very chipper and buzzy for those in the Eastern half of the U.S. Let's hope it holds.
  6. What a difference a day makes. Suddenly, everyone is starting to honk about an upcoming mid month snow and ice chance for the Carolinas northward.
  7. Judah Cohen: the possibility of a significant #PolarVortex displacement increasing for mid-December, I believe one analog for winter 2019/20 moves to the head of the class. Read which one and my reasoning in the latest blog:
  8. Tony Pann @TonyPannWBAL · 53m It's 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. So what is a good way to do a long range guess at the weather around the Holiday? Answer: MJO. Both the Euro and GFS ensembles have the MJO going into Phase 8 by the 27th-28th. That usually means colder than normal temps for the Mid Atlantic.
  9. Bret Walts @BretWaltsWx · 3m GEFS is going full steam ahead for big cold again towards the end of November. This is likely in part driven by MJO propagation into colder phases 8-1-2. Some of our top tropical analogs support the GEFS idea. Better get used to the cold. #Energy #NatGas
  10. Eric Webb: Fwiw, also notice at the end of the this 12z HRRR loop there are lake effect rain/snow showers emanating off of Kerr & Falls Lake in the northern piedmont near Raleigh-Durham, a testament to the intensity of this arctic air mass that'll be arriving in the Carolinas tomorrow #ncwx Something you won't see everyday: lake effect snow in central NC! A lake effect snow band coming off of Lake Kerr (located near the VA border) is producing snow across parts of the central coastal plain this evening w/ a few light snow reports in Johnston Co! #ncwx @NWSRaleigh