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  1. Eric Webb: We really need to stop w/ these big East Coast Rex blocks before September comes around.
  2. Looks like Wall-to-wall heat for the next two weeks.
  3. The Triad has not hit 90 degrees this year yet. That will likely change tomorrow.
  4. The Triad has not hit 90 degrees yet this year. The first 90 will Occur in July this year.
  5. Which model is NBC Washington using? They have us roasting around 100 by the end of the 10-day. They have been constantly predicting big heat waves in the longrange over the last three weeks.
  6. Actually, it’s been nice and no big or sustained heat in sight. low dewpoints now
  7. Cutoff lows in July is our destiny
  8. What happened to predictions of opening July with heat?
  9. Oooh, it’s so nice today! Dewpoints in the 50s make me happy
  10. When is the earliest fall high in the 50s?
  11. Clip of the tornado just south of Conway, NC at 3:35 pm. With chase partner @Drewshearer444. Was on the ground for at least 5 minutes. @NWSWakefieldVA #ncwx
  12. Today was the coldest summer day in 53 years in #Charlotte. It's also the 6th coldest summer day on record (1878-2020) #cltwx #ncwx