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  1. A heartbreaking bust this morning for the DC/DMV area. DCA only got .1” of snow despite 2-4” being forecasted
  2. The Climate Prediction is not perfect in its forecast, but it doesn’t put these outlooks out recklessly
  3. Dr. Jonathan Wall @_jwall What does NC need for this storm to work out? Example: 1) A low track from TX/OK border thru the SE. 2) A Low anchored in the NE, aka 50/50 low, that helps drive in our cold air given we don’t have a banana High or large HP cold source.
  4. Andrew Markowitz: “This looks like the next potential window for winter weather on the East Coast. Somewhat untraditional pattern with a Rex Block over the Hudson Bay and the jet stream undercutting it to the south. Confluence over New England is a limiting factor, this screams Mid-Atlantic to SE.”
  5. I know how this forum breaks down geography. But DT didn’t post this on this forum. Although it’s hotly debated, many consider NC part of the Mid-Atlantic. It’s even been debated here for years, but that’s not an invitation to revisit that debate.
  6. Why? DT and many other people include North Carolina into the definition of “southern Mid-Atlantic.”
  7. DT ALERT*: ⚠️**ALERT ** MAJOR CHANGES AT 500mb ACROSS NORTH AMERICA WILL END MILD PATTERN MUCH SOONER THAN INTIALLY THOUGHT⚠️ ...as I said in the Tuesday edition of THIS WEEK IN WEEK ... this is called UNDERCUTTING ... rare PAMELA ANDERSON Pattern change ... NEXT WEEK things are looking VERY different than what they appeared only 3-4 days ago. The 12z Models are showing some important changes. …TENN VALLEY southern Mid Atlantic snowstorm FEB 4-5? https://x.com/wxrisksnowstorm/status/1750697773140255145?s=46&t=5ny5bPgiX5Vy3bQMvYTY5g
  8. Eric Webb: I’m still not buying the idea of a “torch” in early Feb over much of the Eastern US. Although we are getting a jet extension here, the southward shift of the Pacific Jet favors undercutting of the Canadian Ridge, keeping temps more seasonable east and south of the Great Lakes…. I still can’t quite figure out where the “true" beginning of spring lies in the longer-term over the Eastern US Even out to near the middle of March, we still might be stuck in this -NAO/east-southeastern US trough-type look. Imho, once we get past next week's Pacific Jet extension, we're in it for the long haul.”
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