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  1. Juneteenth pattern change? https://x.com/bamwxcom/status/1797356385329455502?s=46&t=5ny5bPgiX5Vy3bQMvYTY5g
  2. Last evening while walking out, I felt that “nip in the air” feeling of October. It will be back to stay in less than four months.
  3. A Historically great end to May weather wise
  4. These dewpoints though https://x.com/seckhardt/status/1796287181662597201?s=46&t=5ny5bPgiX5Vy3bQMvYTY5g
  5. Is a mild summer possible with La Niña? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/GOvuEx-W8AA-7di?format=png&name=900x900
  6. Up to mid June https://x.com/meteomark/status/1795775693139144829?s=46&t=5ny5bPgiX5Vy3bQMvYTY5g
  7. My kind of late spring https://x.com/meteomark/status/1794000825603244317?s=46&t=5ny5bPgiX5Vy3bQMvYTY5g
  8. https://x.com/worldclimatesvc/status/1783839938884374915?s=46&t=5ny5bPgiX5Vy3bQMvYTY5g
  9. A heartbreaking bust this morning for the DC/DMV area. DCA only got .1” of snow despite 2-4” being forecasted
  10. The Climate Prediction is not perfect in its forecast, but it doesn’t put these outlooks out recklessly
  11. Dr. Jonathan Wall @_jwall What does NC need for this storm to work out? Example: 1) A low track from TX/OK border thru the SE. 2) A Low anchored in the NE, aka 50/50 low, that helps drive in our cold air given we don’t have a banana High or large HP cold source.
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