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  1. Thanks! I've been around some just not posting much! Heck not really been anything to post about. lol
  2. Pathetic! If any of the GFS models get it right, it will absolutely be by a accident. It's really just like always in NC, If you're outside the Mountains you won't know until about 24 hours out.
  3. It's always way overdone on totals! currently 29.7/27
  4. Hey Brandon, Are you going to do a winter forecast? (hope so) Hope you are doing well!!!
  5. At least we getting to the time of year that the pretty colors are showing up!
  6. Nice big rain event! Davis Vantage Vue- 3.49" WeatherFlow- 3.23"
  7. You just might be in the prime spot this time Shag!
  8. Hope you're right, But I need to see some maps they say so! lol
  9. Seems every model looks very anemic with moisture here in the N.Foothills! And even more pronounced as we get closer to start time.............