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  1. Pouring here too. 1.5" since 5am
  2. 26 days for me, sat outside for a bit now and yes, that 71 degree current dewpoint feels dry.
  3. Dew point down to a "dry" 70!
  4. Fantom X

    Aug 1 2011

    This was a Nassau special I believe with decent sized damaging hail..
  5. my rainfall at my station YTD is greater than all of 2016
  6. comon sprinkler, water that dead grass
  7. made it to 54 here as well- lowest July temp also since 2009
  8. dry as a bone here for the past few weeks High 84 / Low 75 - split on the day 78/74 now and mostly cloudy
  9. 71/86 split on the day 83/75 now.
  10. High of 89.2 here. Warmer than all of 2017 81/74 now
  11. 86/75 here. Low was 72 -- cloud debris getting in the way now - coming from the NE
  12. 72/69 overcast here
  13. and the GFS is hinting at a 597
  14. Fantom X

    yeah, everything about the weather is normal these days.

    not to mention that everyone has smart phones these days and events like this can be captured easily by anyone now.
  15. 88 here for a high as well- warmest of 2018