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  1. Currently 73/72 and overcast 0.61" rain in the bucket today high was 85 before the rain came in @ noon - then temp plummeted to 73-74 and stayed there for the remainder of the day low 73
  2. Day 22 90+ High 93. Low 73 Should be the end of the streak Currently 75/73
  3. Day # 21 90+ high 93 low 70 - avg dew point 74 currently 77/75
  4. July Stats - MBY edit 27 days over 90 15 days lows over 70 30 days dewpoint averaged over 70
  5. 80/76 now- dark clouds have entered the picture. no rain yet day 21 of 90+ -- although technically it was 89.8 today - so not sure if that counts as a 90
  6. is that considered impressive for down here? I was just checking on the obs back where i used to live (long island) and even out where i was in the deep suburbs, they had a low of 80 which never happened pre-2016 but has happened quite frequently (lows upper 70s-80) since the super nino of 2015-2016 due to the SSTs that are really way above normal up there
  7. Day 19 of 90+ high - 96 low this AM - 70 storms missing me again today The lows have not really been too impressive but that's probably because i'm too far away from the coast
  8. 95 high today. Day 18 in a row of 90+ as usual, storms fired up around me but managed to miss.
  9. 68/92 low/high today. Day 16 in a row of 90+
  10. 82/78. Radar shows big red Dbz over me but nothing is falling from the sky
  11. In Myrtle .Beach today. Amazing how the sea breeze keeps the sun blaring here all day by pushing the clouds inland. Went into the Ocean. Water is like bath water.
  12. another very humid day- 88/78 here with the typical cumulus starting to pop up
  13. 90/81 here & party sunny, spent an hour outside reinstalling my PWS that the landscapers knocked down! - and took a shower and sitting in the AC an hour later, i'm still roasting hoping for a passing shower- there are a few cells to my NW
  14. Yes. Allowed me to get down to 63 this morning. High today 92
  15. 1.69" yesterday 1.62" in 40 minutes when the severe warned t-storm came thru. High yesterday 96 , low yesterday 70 today- mostly sunny - 92/67 now - high so far - 92 ; low this AM - 69