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  1. Fantom X

    Attribution Report for the July 2019 Heat in Europe

    That feeds into the skepticism. Quick to label an extreme weather event as a result of AGW. Take the NYC record of straight 90 degree days from August 24th to Sept 4th 1953. That is an astonishing record for the area - and - time of year. If that record TIED today, I have a feeling the science community will be quick to label it as a result of AGW.
  2. Fantom X

    August 2019 Obs

    95/64 here. summatime
  3. Fantom X

    August 2019 Obs

    81/74- overcast here with thunderstorms missing me in every direction
  4. Fantom X

    Occasional Thoughts on Climate Change

    My personal opinion is that there are forces at work from both sides of the coin. AGW doing it's thing on warming (3.7 w/m² for doubling of CO2) but the "sun" and "GSM" doing it's thing on trying to cool the planet (decrease TSI (very minor), cosmic rays and the relationship to cloud cover and rain and increased volcanic activity). Question is though, by how much? If there was no AGW warming at all, what would the average global temperature be at this point in time? On the flip side, whatever the issue is, we still have to shy away from fossil fuels. For the simple reasons of pollution and dependency. Even if AWG did not exist, fossil fuels will run out and that in itself would be catastrophic if we do not start our process of going to renewable energy sources now.
  5. I think that is it. I noticed once it is dry for few days and especially if it is windy, the DP seems to match up with the airport obs
  6. Fantom X


    so according to the data, the first reported Tornado in NYC is 1985? So no tornadoes were ever reported in NYC prior to 1985? I find that hard to believe.
  7. Fantom X


    actually - i figured it out - thanks again!
  8. Fantom X


    Thanks- that page is super confusing but haven't been able to locate the exact page to look it up. If you don't mind-i do appreciate it
  9. Fantom X


    Hi All- can anyone present a link in NYC tornado trends in the last 50-100 years? I'm debating with someone who claims NYC never had tornadoes until recently (which I know is not true) but it is hard to find data out there.
  10. Fantom X

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Greenland was very close to be entirely above freezing - wonder if that's ever happened before (in modern times)
  11. Fantom X

    May 2019 Observations

    Sunny and 90/69 here.
  12. Salisbury NC- which is about 30-45 minutes drive northeast of Charlotte
  13. It has it's pro's and con's. Much more things to do up on LI although I cannot argue with the cheap cost of living down here, which was my primary reason for moving off the Island. I'd still be living there if it was not so expensive. It's been very wet here since I got here with the exception of the last 8 days or so, complete turnaround to bone dry. Even the current dew points in the 60s feels dry. 87/62 now Hoping you guys get a good summer up there.
  14. Not looking forward to it. I'm missing the Long Island sea breeze!
  15. Fantom X

    May 2019 Observations

    p sunny & 84/70 currently